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    Just a male who's loves wetting myself. I really enjoy the feeling of my warm pee soaking into my jeans or leggings and running down my thigh.
    I also enjoy watching women who are desperate to pee and wet themselves. I also quite like seeing men wet themselves. Didn't realise this until recently

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    The warmth of it running down my leg
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    Just peeing myself, still waiting for a golden shower

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  1. Stopped in a lay-by again, stiffened up a bit so I decided to get my phone out and take a few pics while I relieved myself. Thought I'd share the photos for you guys & girls to enjoy
  2. That's good going @Kupar. Good luck with your half. I managed 7 miles last night, slowly building to a half myself
  3. Probably when I went for a bike ride and got soaked when it rained. Didn't see the point in stopping as I was already wet so just pissed myself while still pedalling
  4. I'm the same, my wife doesn't know and it doesn't bother me. We have a good sex life without pee being involved and we have a good marriage. Just because you're married or living with someone doesn't mean you have to share everything with them, this is my thing and I'm fine with that
  5. I have been far too busy with home life recently so having had much fun, so I decided that needed to change, even just a little, so out came my cock and camera and pissed in a lay-by while I had the chance. https://www.erome.com/a/2BFKlmiK
  6. They feel loads better now. Think I'll take it steady over the weekend just to be safe
  7. I did another race last night (5 miles) and now my knees are killing me. I feel old
  8. I think you should mention incase there's a secret pee fan about as I'm sure it will make them smile
  9. What a nice peach
  10. I'm not sure if this is classed as a naughty pee or not so thought I'd post it here anyway. I've seen this dumped sofa a few times now on my travels and thought there would be plenty of fellow peefans on here that would love to piss on it, so today I stopped and decided to pee on it myself. Not my normal thing but I figured there may be some in here that like it https://www.erome.com/a/UghYfGD6
  11. Rode to work today and soaked my cycling shorts, sadly it was by the rain and not me having some fun ☹️☹️
  12. If you've seen any of my pictures you'll see I'm uncut and that's fine by me. I like it this way and have no medical reason for it to be cut so I'm all natural lol
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