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    Just a male who's loves wetting myself. I really enjoy the feeling of my warm pee soaking into my jeans or leggings and running down my thigh.
    I also enjoy watching women who are desperate to pee and wet themselves. I also quite like seeing men wet themselves. Didn't realise this until recently

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    The warmth of it running down my leg
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    Just peeing myself, still waiting for a golden shower

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  1. Welcome. Hope you enjoy your stay
  2. I had a fantastic ride at the weekend, 60 miles. I haven't ridden that far for years. Felt really strong the whole ride.
  3. That's sounds like an amazing experience for you, so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing. Now, where do you ride again? Only joking
  4. That's OK, I was just wondering if it was
  5. I tried a similar video on Sunday while I was out riding but my blood just would go where I wanted it too to make me look half decent 😂😂
  6. I'm changing career, think I'll start driving fire engines from now on
  7. Finally past the half century which wasn't easy in this wind but it was great to do it. Almost felt like my old self so I'm happy.
  8. That's something I'd love to experience
  9. None. I have peed with friends while on a bike ride but we tend to turn away from each other
  10. Lots of times. Mainly when I'm a little hard n horny lol
  11. Some athletes go while they're on the job like this pro cyclist pissing himself in a race.....and if it's good enough for him to pee whole cycling, well it's good enough for me too 😊😊
  12. I did warned her it had been a while lol
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