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    Just a male who's loves wetting myself. I really enjoy the feeling of my warm pee soaking into my jeans or leggings and running down my thigh.
    I also enjoy watching women who are desperate to pee and wet themselves. I also quite like seeing men wet themselves. Didn't realise this until recently

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    The warmth of it running down my leg
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    Just peeing myself, still waiting for a golden shower

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  1. Yes, I also do that with strangers too
  2. Great song. Heard about this this morning, RIP Coolio
  3. It's the only time I have done it, I usually just enjoy wetting when I'm out for a ride
  4. Whilst I was on a bike ride dressed in lycra, I was desperate for a piss so I stopped by a wood and nipped in. I enjoy wetting my lycra shorts so I started off by pissing in my shorts then half way through, I pulled out my dick and pissed all ocer my hands, this got me horny as hell so I decided to have a play too. It felt so good playing with myself in the open right after peeing that my knees started shaking and legs went to jelly. This was the best cum shot I've ever had. The only problem was I had to try and ride home after that with my legs still like jelly lol Peeing and cummi
  5. At work when I've needed a piss I've asked where the toilets are (not very exciting) and on the odd occasion when I been at a scrape yard, they let me piss wherever as that's what they do. My job does have its perks at times
  6. Sounds like a really fun night and 1 I'd love to experience myself....although I'd probably lose on purpose as I enjoy the wetting side of our kink. Just need someone to do it with
  7. I came across this pic and all I could do is imagine her wetting herself and having that warm golden nectar run down her sexy sexy thights. Yes I love women wetting tight lycra
  8. When I've looked on there is usually been quiet for hrs. Guess that's a problem when we're spread all over the globe
  9. That sounds great, that's something I would love to experience but wouldn't dare to even try
  10. I was bored so made this close up pee video https://www.erome.com/a/PjPTctm2
  11. I probably pee in laybys every day while I'm at work. I do have a 50ft truck to hide me so I don't care about peeing in broad daylight. I have had to run to the hedge before while I was in my car. I was stuck in a traffic jam because of an accident and when I ran up the embankment, I was meet with a chorus of "we know what your doing" from all the other car drivers that were stuck. I was too desperate to care and just peed in front of them all but kept my back to them
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