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    Just a male who's loves wetting myself. I really enjoy the feeling of my warm pee soaking into my jeans or leggings and running down my thigh.
    I also enjoy watching women who are desperate to pee and wet themselves. I also quite like seeing men wet themselves. Didn't realise this until recently

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    The warmth of it running down my leg
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    Just peeing myself, still waiting for a golden shower

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  1. I'm a visual person so I usually watch a video or look at photos and imagine myself in those scenarios whilst I masterbate. And that's every time
  2. I usually empty in 1 go but there are times that about to put myself away when I feel there's more left and have to get myself out and finish emptying.
  3. I best think of some targets for February now.... Right, 250 miles on my bike (not going crazy as I keep hearing the weather will be bad) and I'll try 4 runs, so 12 miles.
  4. My January goals were 200miles on the bike and I've done 310, so I'm happy with that but my running haven't gone to plan. I wanted to do 15 miles but only managed 11. Better than nothing but still a little annoying as it was the weather that stopped me. I hope all those that set themselves goals have done well and managed to keep motivated
  5. She's stunning. Thanks for all the pictures of her Sophie
  6. Note to self.... Don't hold your phone too close while filming! My stream hit my phone and it sent the screen crazy (luckily it still works) and stopped filming. I did manage to get a short film and a few pic 1st
  7. You are right there. Sadly I think a threesome will just remain a fantasy of mine
  8. MMF threesome and your sorted. And that's the 2 I'd love to tick off aswell
  9. I'm sure me and plenty of others on here will be more than willing to help you out gaining more points. I'm definitely up for the 3 or more 😉😉 And yes, it was probably made up by someone who's had a boring sex life so far
  10. This is just for fun. How long would you be in jail for? I'd be lock up for 49 years
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