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    Just a male who's loves wetting myself. I really enjoy the feeling of my warm pee soaking into my jeans or leggings and running down my thigh.
    I also enjoy watching women who are desperate to pee and wet themselves. I also quite like seeing men wet themselves. Didn't realise this until recently

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    The warmth of it running down my leg
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    Just peeing myself, still waiting for a golden shower

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  1. I'll be fine, my body will mend. Just hope I'm not too nervous to get back on a bike, it's not very appealing at the mo
  2. Yep, nothing serious. Plenty of lumps, bumps cuts and 1 broken bone
  3. Mine definitely needs sucking
  4. Is anybody else wishing this thread had photographic evidence or is it just me being a pervert lol
  5. Just a 5k run this weekend and a 40mile bike ride. Legs have been stiff from a lovely shirt break at the start of the week which involved a lot of walking. It's was great to get away though so well worth the aches
  6. Welcome to a wonderful open community. Have fun
  7. The person above me is really a duck
  8. I like to pee while I have a wank, it makes a nice lube
  9. My favourite are my tight cycling shorts, they feel amazing and my second favourite are my tight jeans. They both stick to my skin when I start to pee so I can feel them getting wetter as my pee runs down my leg. I've tried looser fitting cloths but they just don't feel the same, not as fun
  10. That was a fun week but my legs are now starting to feel heavy. 140 miles done on the bike plus a 5k run. I haven't had a week like this for a while.
  11. Welcome to the site, I'm sure you'll have fun here. You'll be like most of us, unsure about our kink but are more than happy with it now
  12. The weather is too nice not too enjoy it so I stopped in a layby and let the sun warm my cock while I had a little pee
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