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    Milwaukie, Oregon, USA
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    I'm horny with a big oral appetite.

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    Watching both men and women piss, being pissed on by both, pissing on others, pissing and watching others piss EVERYWHERE especially inside the house. I love it all but hearing about girls who love it gets me hard.
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    Eating my wife's pissing pussy and drinking as much as possible.

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  1. Same exact situation for me too. I piss on myself all the time and the wife only does when she is in the mood. Which isn't very often. We have sex often but not piss play very often. I wish she was as into it as me.
  2. I'd ABSOLUTELY LOVE to have you pissing so close to my face that you would be straight up pissing in my face as I eat the yellow snow...💛 I'd LOVE to eat, suck and lick your beautiful, wet, piss spraying, horny pussy too! Would be very epically, explosively orgasmic if you orgasmed while pissing and being eaten and sucked on. My rock hard horny dick would be spurting hot cum ropes everywhere! You sound very hot! I'd love to see your pictures and videos. 😃
  3. I love pissing in the snow.... and yellow snow cones too! Would be fun to have a big snow pissing party! I'd totally love to watch the girls piss!
  4. Piss in your dresser drawers on your clothes. Then just put them in with the rest of your laundry. You could also piss in your laundry hamper, on your laundry pile or spray it under your bed. Another good one is to piss on the plants that will soak into the soil planter pot.
  5. I'd love to suck the piss out of your hot dick!
  6. Incredibly HOT story! Made my horny dick very hard and begging to spray piss and spurt hot cum all over!
  7. My rock hard, horny dick agrees with every piss loving 💛 post above ☝🏽
  8. I would definitely like to drink straight out of your adorable wet lips 💋!
  9. O. M. G. That's VERY BEAUTIFUL AND HOT! I love how it's slowly trickling out and how soaking wet your beautiful, horny pussy is!
  10. I'm dying to suck on that super hot dick! I'd love for you to spurt your hot sticky spunk into my mouth for me to swallow! Then your hot piss....
  11. Can I please taste your hot sticky cum? I really want to feel your super sexy 🍄 head pumping and spurting out ropes of your hot spunk into my mouth! I'm drooling all over the place here! From both heads!
  12. We can take this to a private conversation if you would be more comfortable but I absolutely love your dick! Any beautiful ladies want to join?
  13. Damn I want to suck your big dick SOOOOO 🥵🤤😮 badly! I bet only your big hot 🍄 head would fit though. You would have to ram it in down my throat so I can really feel your gorgeous hard 🍄 spurting down my throat and into my stomach. Now I'm just dying to feel your hard piss hit my face and attempt to drink as much as I can as I suck the hot piss out of your luscious fat 🍄 head! 🤩
  14. I'm dying to see your fully exposed dick head. I LOVE big mushroom 🍄 dicks. Could you please share a picture with your foreskin pulled back all the way?
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