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    Orally Bi Male otherwise Straight
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    Milwaukie, Oregon, USA
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    I'm horny with a big oral appetite.

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    Watching both men and women piss, being pissed on by both, pissing on others, pissing and watching others piss EVERYWHERE especially inside the house. I love it all but hearing about girls who love it gets me hard.
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    Eating my wife's pissing pussy and drinking as much as possible.

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  1. I'd love to post some more for you. I'm new here so I'm still figuring everything out.
  2. It was a bit cold out. I'm a bit of a grower not a shower. I'd still suck it if I could though. Yes stream patterns definitely make me horny. I have some nice ones. I love big streams that hiss out in different directions but all cum back together for a centered spray. I love piss and I LO💛E getting sprayed with piss all over. 🥵🤤😘
  3. Would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to suck and swallow your hot spunk and piss! Very hot dick, piss and videos!
  4. Would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to suck on and drink from your REALLY HOT dick! Very very beautiful and erotic pissing dick. I LOVE your wide stream almost as much as I LOVE your very well proportional and very very attractive mushroom 🍄 head. I absolutely love these two things about dicks, the piss/cum streams/spurts and the mushroom 🍄 heads.
  5. How about my favorite #69 please. 🙂💛
  6. It was a good time. Just wish I had someone to enjoy pissing on/with/together but most definitely on me! 😘
  7. It's quite stubby this morning but I also just filled the wife's pussy full of hot spunk. I'll share more when he's hanging out more. 😉💛
  8. Oh and I'd also love to enjoy this with a couple that's as into it or more then me. My wife isn't so much into it but does piss on me and let's me eat/drink her once in awhile. I don't go out seeking to cheat on her but I'd really struggle saying no if the opportunity came my way. I really want to enjoy this with someone who loves it too.
  9. Oh definitely! I'm VERY oral and VERY turned on by giving oral to both. Aside from enjoying some dick play and sucking I'm straight. Not interested in men or cuddling them but I'm very affectionate with girls. I have a strong fascination with cum and piss. Regardless of the gender. Oral sex is just so very hot and to add some hot piss and cum is even better. I think of piss and cum like it's an aphrodisiac for me. Just the thought makes me hard and horny.
  10. I also L💛VE watching girls pee ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE. Especially naughty places indoors... 🥵😈
  11. I'd ABSOLUTELY L💛VE to lick, eat and suck on your wet horny pissing pussy. I REALLY enjoy tasting and drinking all the different flavors of you lovely ladies!
  12. This is basically exactly what my first experience was and continued "piss relationship" continues to be with my wife. She stood over me in the tub before we got married and were 18 years old. She was embarrassed though and apologized but I was loving her hot piss on my hard horny dick and belly. Now she let's me eat her wet pussy, drink her piss and pees on me too once in awhile. She doesn't let me pee on her. Sometimes I jokingly threaten to do so though.

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