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    I'm horny with a big oral appetite.

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    Watching both men and women piss, being pissed on by both, pissing on others, pissing and watching others piss EVERYWHERE especially inside the house. I love it all but hearing about girls who love it gets me hard.
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    Eating my wife's pissing pussy and drinking as much as possible.

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  1. Who was so lucky that got to take this picture?
  2. Hello and welcome! I LOVE female standing peeing.
  3. Hello and welcome! Everything you said turns me hard and horny!
  4. You have to make 5 posts before you can send people private messages apparently. I sent you a dm.
  5. You could always try going to Washington Square in your dress or skirt with no underwear. Find the stores with furniture and just simply sit and piss spurts all over. Especially under the covers on the beds. Just pull aside the covers in the department store beds when no one is looking. Sit and act like you're checking out the bed. Let your piss gush out of your wet horny pussy and bounce a little on the bed at the same time (checking how springy it is). Once you're satisfied with a few spurts or your whole bladder just stand up and pull the covers back. Also the Bridgeport movie theater is a
  6. That would be Washington Square Mall which is by iFLY. I was actually just at iFLY this last Friday. I live here in Tigard which is only a few miles from Washington Square Mall and iFLY. Where are you from? I've lived around the Portland metropolitan area most of my 40 years. ;-)
  7. I also frequently go to Cook Park as often as I go to Counsel Crest (I live very close by.....) it is a large woodsy park and has plenty of places to go unnoticed. I would really be immensely turned on to run into someone who also enjoys pissing at the park. I always wonder when I will run into others having a nice piss behind a tree and who might welcome me joining.
  8. I also have struggled with this for a long time. Once with an early girlfriend, I did not have the guts to tell her until after we broke up and had a heartfelt talk and then when I told her she got a smile and kinky look in her eye and said she would piss on me. Unfortunately I already had another girlfriend and didn't want to cheat.
  9. I'd absolutely love to have a like minded piss friend or several. Tbh, I fantasize about group piss play as much as I long for just one piss partner or friend or someone to even have an ongoing relationship with online or in person who we can share our most kinky fetishes together. Oh and believe me, I definitely have a few hot kinky fetishes. I'm a very sexual but sensual and erotic person. I at times am having to pleasure myself 4 or 5 times a day just to keep up with my horny desires. To have someone who understands me would definitely be nice.
  10. Me too and welcome. Your cock and piss look very appetizing.
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