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    Orally Bi Male otherwise Straight
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    Tigard, Oregon, USA
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    I'm horny with a big oral appetite.

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    Watching both men and women piss, being pissed on by both, pissing on others, pissing and watching others piss EVERYWHERE especially inside the house. I love it all but hearing about girls who love it gets me hard.
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    Eating my wife's pissing pussy and drinking as much as possible.

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  1. PissBoner


    Hello Rosita and welcome! Glad to have you joining the group!
  2. Hello! Welcome. Looking forward to reading your stories!
  3. Welcome. Glad to have you!
  4. Welcome. Feel free to peek around and piss whereever or on whomever one of us you want. ;-)
  5. Welcome. Glad to have you join us.
  6. Hello and welcome! I grew up in Portland. I now live just a few miles from Portland but its all basically Portland anyway. Its cool to see others on here that are also nearby. Makes me feel more normal for having this beautiful fetish.
  7. A very golden hot welcome from this horny, kinky, piss spraying firehose right here! Lol! 🤤🚿🍻
  8. A very warm pissy spraying welcome.
  9. Welcome. Fictional pee stories are always welcomed as well. Please make yourself comfortable and like at home, relax and piss where ever you are. 🤤😉
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