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    The first time I pissed all over a hotel room... the first time a woman straddled me and let go of a very full bladder... the first time I got on my knees and let a man unload his very full bladder in my mouth

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  1. Such a hot, long piss on that carpet!! Very nice and yes I did enjoy it very much... I've watched you drain your obviously very full bladder like 5 times now! So hot!!
  2. That's SO HOT! Hope we get to see you soaking that carpet! Enjoy!
  3. Treated myself to a nice carpet piss last night. Felt so good... sounded so hot!
  4. Just last night! Walking on a street with low traffic. I was wearing athletic shorts so I pulled my shorts up so my penis hung out and pissed all over the sidewalk as I walked
  5. Yea its hard to start while I'm walking or moving, but once my piss starts coming out, i can walk around a let it go everywhere!
  6. Great stuff! Love the sound of that piss hitting the floor. Next you should piss on the carpet!
  7. You can do it! Just gotta get up the nerve to do it that first time time, then you'll be enjoying yourself as you spray walls and pee all over the floors!
  8. Love the clothing store changing room peeing! One of the greatest pornhub videosv I've ever seen has a super long, amazing pee under a stool in a carpeted changing room. I'm sure you've seen it, haha! I can't count the number of times I've cum to it. I know we talked about hotels before but one of my favorites is to time my check in so that I am about to EXPLODE with piss... rushing up to the room, dropping my bags, and barely getting my dick out in time to let go a huge puddle of piss. My check in piss is usually right in the middle of the room. After that I'll pick some other fun plac
  9. Oh yes! I def pull my cock out and piss all over the walls and floors of bathrooms for the reasons you suggested and I love it! But, I also love doing it in naughty places with carpets. And the guilt is a little higher there but I USUALLY try to clean up hehe
  10. Yea, I usually feel guilty about it, but indoors is the place I love the most so in order to satisfy my urges that's where it has to go. But, unless it's a dirty public toilet, like you said, I don't leave a mess for people to clean up but my piss has to go indoors!
  11. Do you have any favorite indoor places?
  12. @oliver2 what's your favorite spot(s)?
  13. Yup! I love it too! Watch it every chance I get!
  14. Yup! Same too! I sneak a peak all the time and love it when I notice someone else sneaking a peak too. I'll slightly adjust how I'm standing so he can get a better view. Love it
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