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  1. Oh my yes ! This happens when I fly internationally and for long hours. I would sometimes fall asleep and then wake up with a full bladder and have no choice but to hold it because it would almost be time to land. I would then either make a mad dash to the airport toilets or hold it and pee in the car park later.
  2. it is fun to pee in fun places with a friend haha
  3. Never heard of anyone doing this. Toilets that are out of order are also locked, so just putting a board up won't do anything. Who cares about the bathroom lmaoo. Evenif it's functional, I'll be choosing the car park or the bushes
  4. I am vacationing right now with friends and the air bnb we are staying in has a big and beautiful balcony facing the sea. Last night one of my friends and I were drinking and chatting at night on that balcony. At one point both of us had to pee and apparently she was more desperate to pee than me. Not wanting to walk all over to the toilet downstairs, we decided to pee into the several flower pots on the balcony. I pulled my shirt up and stood over a medium sized pot while she squated low over a small pot and almost immediately let out a noisy stream of pee accompanied with a sigh.
  5. I did this in a hotel lobby quite recently actually. We were asked to wait while they were getting the rooms nice and clean for us. I wasnt desperate but the seat cushions were black and so I thought of emptying myself there. I was wearing a short skirt anyway, so I wiggled onto the seat till I was seated perfectly between the two cushions. I started by releasing spurts and then couple seconds long bigger spurts. Seeing that no one was looking, I slowly started peeing steadily into the crack until I was done.
  6. Shortest is idk about 10 to 15 secs? Longest when I can hold if I want to without leaking, but still peeing just to be safe would be around 40 ish secs
  7. I have used a squat toilet once before and its a strange experience surely. We three had to pee real bad, so all 3 got into the toilet and squatted on 3 corners to pee into the squat toilet. We couldn't have done those in a normal toilet and given how all 3 of us peed for over a minute, the squat toilet was great for that
  8. If you're wearing leggings then it's going to be even easier for you since your leggings will soak it all up and the camera won't pick up anything. But this also means that you'll have to drive home wearing that wet leggings. If you're okay with that then - 1. Buy some stuff from target and also take a huge bag with you, with random stuff in it. 2. Place the target bag, in the front seat while you're still standing outside. Then open the back door of the car to take the bigger bag out and release a couple of spurts. Thats going to help you to get over your nerves and the camera
  9. If I am semi full then I'll probably wait 10 to 15 mins and then give up and pee. I would wait till I feel myself leak but not a complete bladder failure. Nope. If I have to pee then the camera won't reverse my desperation lol, so no point in thinking about that Will do the first option so that I can use that as an excuse incase they catch me mid pee If I am desperate then I will pee evenif I have company. I would apologise and give them a heads up and then turn to a corner to pee. I can pee standing up so that way I won't be flashing my ass at them either haha
  10. Start with places which are public but also private like your garden and the backyard. Then try the parks. Then elsewhere. Itll be gradual but you'll also slowly develop the confidence that you need
  11. The leaking in cashier line is such a struggle tho ! Oh I had tiny leeks throughout my bus ride and then had a nice gushy pee in an alley before heading home
  12. Pretty sure there were cameras but I wasn't wearing blatantly anyway. It did make a puddle but from a distance it looked like I was busy searching for something The floor was tile
  13. It's easier than you think ! The outfit you wear is the most important and always chose a random weekday and odd hours when the shops are mostly empty
  14. I was shopping for some house stuff today for over an hour and decided to have a risky aisle pee. I was wearing a short dress that would ride further up whenever I squatted so it was just perfect. I kneeled closer to the racks, with one knee close to the floor and pretended to look through the very ugly looking bracelets and stuff. After checking that no one was around, I released a short jet of pee and that formed a really small puddle under me. Still seeing no one around, I relaxed my bladder a bit more and let out a steady stream that added onto the puddle. I probably could have
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