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    Don't be shy, just ask / message me if you want to know something. I'm not easily offended.

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    Golden showers, naughty peeing, peeplay, wet sex
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    One of my first GFs was very open about peeing wherever she wanted. So i got some good times peeing with her at parties, in the woods and everywhere you are not supposed to.
    Later we startet to piss on each other and had a lot of fun. Good times.

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  1. My experience shows me that, like so much in life, you shouldn't overthink everything. If you are really in love with your significant other and she is too with you, just discuss it. Simple as that. I know, it's hard and takes a lot of courage to do the first step but it will be worth it in the long run. Either way. I had this exact question in my mind for every relationship I started in the past few decades. How do I tell her that I'm a freaking pervert who likes to get pissed in my mouth? Well, my style was always get together cozy on the couch, maybe drink something to loosen up a
  2. Sounds like paradise to me. Beaches and bars. Palms and pools. Piss and peace. Wonderful.
  3. Sounds like a great night out. Hope to hear more.
  4. Hello Hayley, I hope you enjoy your stay with us! Have fun.
  5. Buonasera and welcome to our little haven. I hope you feel comfortable and share a lot of good memories with us.
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