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  1. With Your kind permission, Paulypeeps, I add here a link to one of Your clubbing experiences. Fits very well to this theme 🙂 Peeing in a leather skirt - Paulypeeps — LiveJournal
  2. Hi, and welcome!😀 To make erotic female peeing photos is something I like, as well.
  3. For those who are interested, here is the link to this story: Conejita86 (u/Conejita86) - Reddit . Just scroll a bit down in the page. And this story is actually a comment for another story about wetting in the club written by another person. This one person has published only this one story, so it might be that story if fake. Link is here: Accident in the bathroom line at the club last night. Humiliated. : TwoXChromosomes (reddit.com)
  4. It would be nice to know, if anyone here has some peeing/wetting experiences from a disco, dance club or even pub. These places usually have a lot of alcohol running, dimmed lighting, spilled drinks and different spots where one for sure can get away with peeing without anyone noticing it . My personal, currently unfulfilled, dream is to be together with a attractive young woman at the dance club where she freely wets herself under her skirt both on the dance floor and on my lap. I can imagine that for a girl it would be very easy to wet under her skirt under these conditions
  5. Yes, once, when I was peeing in the bushes in some German city.
  6. This is actually one of my biggest pee fantasies to be together with the girl at the Eiffel Tower, where she freely pees wherever she finds the courage. Preferably through her panties or just down her legs. And no one would even notice as there is so many people around and all focused on panoramic view from the tower and not the people around them. If I could be the girl I would try it without any doubts, but as a man I know that such peeing is much harder to hide.
  7. Thanks, Peelover56 for a well documented real life experience! Well done! It is always nice when people share their true pee related experiences. And even nicer when people turn from just dreamers to real doers. Just go ahead and plan You next adventure and I will be interested to read about it!
  8. I have not done it myself. But one of my previous girlfriends in her twenties did wet her panties in the cinema seat on two occasions. First time was not a full load through her panties and skirt and second was a full bladder through her panties and stockings, but this time she lifted her skirt away. And it was not like in the last row or something, it was in the middle of the hall, so we waited seated for some time before she got up, as all the cushion was completely wet and wetness was quite visible. I really would love to experience this again 😉
  9. This particular post is about custom pee video. I the past I have ordered several videos from different girls, and mostly videos have been good But take a look from 2.40 min at this video here https://we.tl/t-742tRFyImz Dishonesty, and faking is what I dislike most. I actually ordered the video from her and paid for public panty pee. And in addition she was lying to me that she really peed when I confronted her for fake video. Never got any money back.
  10. I must say that I probably am lucky as I have experienced my girlfriends pee at number 3. on Your list once 6., 7. multiple times. Experiance at nr. 4. is my desire now 🙂
  11. I would say it like this, do not say straight away what You like the most. For two reasons- You are protecting Yourself better in case she things pee is gross and You are not putting Yourself in a position where You could be easily manipulated by her. I would start by asking does she have a kind of sex related kink of fetish first. If she says, yes, You tell her that You like that. And that You would gladly do everything to please her. And if she asks back, tell that You have some dreams about this and that, but are waiting for the right girl to try it out. Mention pee as well, between o
  12. I just wanted to share a couple of my experiences where the girls have been first to mention sex related pee topics. so let's begin. The first was a girl I was dating for a month or so at that time. She was 19-20 years old, and kind of shy, but with beautiful body. She know nothing about my interest in pee, as at that time I was quite shy myself to tell it loudly, and only my previous girlfriend was aware of it. So we were making out at my apartment, when I mentioned that I am thirsty. And all of the sudden she says " I can pee in Your mouth" without any warning, not joking ,
  13. I have done it with two girls only. The first one took the subject up by herself and asked what do I think about peeing in the girls mouth. I said why not and we did it once after sex. I did split with her shortly after, so I do not know much about her after that. The second initiated it by herself, after I had asked her to pee on me. This was nothing I was prepared to, and I was not well hydrated, so she hated it, and have never tried it again. My bad, as I was totally unprepared at the time when the opportunity came .😞 So my teaching would be like follows- always, like re
  14. Sad... But what is the reason You think You do not have the opportunities?
  15. It is my thing! And for All You guys, who still feel a kind of shame about Your interest in pee. Don't! If it is Your real interest, and has been for years, You should not feel any shame nor fear. Life is precious, and it should be enjoyed. Relax, and enjoy Your fetish fully! Who else can say that? Let's vote!
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