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  1. My personal opinion is that fetish sites are to look for men , not women. Most women might find fetish sites too extreme for them. But interest in pee I guess, might be wakened in many women. So try to contact as many girls as possible ordinary way, and when she starts feel comfortable in Your company, open up about Your desires. But in a mild way first, or You can scare her off 😉
  2. Really interesting statistics regarding Norwegian female athletes and bladder control. It turns out in some sport almost a half of girls can not hold it from time to time. Text is in Norwegian, so you have to use google translate or similar. https://www.nrk.no/vestland/halvparten-av-vektloftarar-har-urinlekkasje-pa-trening-1.16750866
  3. It would be interesting to read personal and true experiences from people about the first time they peed in someone's mouth or get peed in own mouth by someone. When did it happen, how did it happen, what happened after, feeling around it ect. Might be even lessons learned, as it comes for my part. I understand that someone has to start, so here is my first story about the real experience I hade some years ago.. I was approx. 30 at that time and had split up with my girfriend and was communicating online with a couple of girls. I did confess to one of them about my liking of gir
  4. Thanks for an exellent story, HarryKane! You look like a real doer not just dreamer, and I like that. Like the subject and have many experiances myself, so I will be waiting more of Your real life experiences very much. Or share mine, if You are interested. Where in Europe are You from, HarryKane?
  5. One of my former girlfriends have peed her panties (and skirt) in a moovie theatre twice. No desperation was involved, she did it for my pleasure. The second time she even let me keep my hand underneath 🙂
  6. Version one. Why just not find a girlfriend? It's the most safe way. Four out of five last girlfriends I have had have let me drink their pee. Version two. Pay a prostitute if You are not afraid to drink from potentially unhealthy person. Version three. Travel abroad to a country where girls are more wiling to experiment and fulfil your wishes. There are many more versions, so just use imagination and good luck!
  7. Here is another account which by detailing seems a plausible tale from a young females: Wetting my pants in public (confessionpost.com)
  8. Hmm..... why would You delete the good site just because it is in a language You do not understand? I think it would be a huge mistake. First even the site is in Russian, it is easely navigable and many of the titlels are in English. Second the situation that someone of us do not understand particular language, does not mean that no one here does not understand it. A lot of people might do. Third, by excluding pee related content in other languages, one makes this site not bigger but smaller and less interesting for all of us. Forths, at least for me, the situation that I
  9. Золотой дождь (pornoslon.me)
  10. Who is interested in real pee stories from real people found on the Internet? I am. So I dedicate this topic to it 🙂 Here is one:
  11. I very much agree on that one! I have made notice that there are to many people just staying at home and dreaming, but NEVER starting to DO something to fulfill their pee related dreams... So people, be brave and determined! And You will see Your dreams come true😍
  12. This makes me remember my experience with a former girlified where she soaked her panties fully at the cinema. I have described this experience before. I was holding my hand between her legs under her skirt but I must say that it was not so easy tell when she was peeing as her pee was equaling her body heat. Nevertheless it was a beautiful experience😍 She totally soaked herself and the seat, even she refused me to buy a drink before the movie.
  13. Very interesting observations.! I can add some two cents from me here. As i like public wetting, I have had some girlfriends wet for me in public. Mostly they have kept their panties on and done the next pee trough the already wet panties. Usually not full amount of pee at once. One has done repeated pees in the same panties even ten times, another eight and one fife times. Usually under skirt or dress. Through pants most times has been three times and never full amount of these three times. However I have heard complaints that the wet fabric makes them sore if carried on constantly.
  14. I think this discussion is taking a wrong turn. First of all I do not agree that reality always is not so good as imagination. In times it can be even better. When it comes to peeing I have experienced it a couple of times myself. It depends only how realistic You are in Your imaginations. One can dream om some creatures from distant planets peeing on you with a thousand people watching - that would be a very unrealistic type of scenario to fulfill in real life. Another can dream to drink pee from his or her girlfriend or boyfriend in the public park or in the cinema, or something l
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