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    Irresistible hot male. Fit and full of humor. Tall and good looking. Totally into watersports.

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    The wetness, the heat, the color and the smell
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    When I crossed pee streams with a random woman after a night clubbing and we ”accidently” peed on each other

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  1. The smell does it for me. Not my own, a sex partners smell of opposite gender. Both fresh and old. It’s so taboo, so kinky so filthy and such a turn on. I don’t know why 😂
  2. You know You’re a pee-fan when when your partner thinks you’re wired and your friends become silent when you pull a joke about going for a group piss together in the shower 😂
  3. I love to keep my tongue over the urethra when a woman pees, play with the beam like a water hose and let it flow all over my chest. So hot, erotic and intimate 😋
  4. I’m sure the parking lot enjoyed your golden showers 😀👌😋 Such a waste, you should have donated your piss to someone in great need of a wet and warm shower 😀
  5. Cool 😀 That’s the beauty of diversity. So in that case I’d love to pee after you’ve peed on a clean carpet
  6. I’ve seen videos on people pissing on stuffed animals and that turns me on big time. The thought of bring the second one pissing on is so hot. To feel the warmth and wetness after another person is hot. Carpets is kind of the same for me. What about you? Would it turn you on to squat over a wet spot in the carpet from a person you were into?
  7. I love turned on people. I get really turned on by seeing another person being turned on. When it comes to pee, I get really turned on by the whole kinky and taboo of playing with piss. Being peed on makes the day for me. At festivals I’ve had many awesome occasions. I’ve had piss from women dripping on my dick as I’ve been next to women sitting on a shelf pissing down on some trees and bushes below. The smell of piss is a huge turn on for me. Love to be with someone who smells alot of piss. So sexy. Having someone pissing in my underwear is also awesome as well as playing with sex toys that s
  8. Do you mean your own pee hitting the carpet or someone else’s pee?
  9. that’s really hot. What’s the most public place you’ve stood up pissing at?
  10. GoGirls are perfect for crossing streams with 😀
  11. Well in a perfect world UTIs don’t exist 😂 But it sure would be a great turn on to play with the piss puddles
  12. What turns you on so much it makes your body tremble, it makes you speechless and you would have difficulties controlling yourself? It could be anything like situations, sights, real encounters, experiences, meeting someone special, scents, basically anything…
  13. I totally agree. Do you prefer any special position to pee in? If I really have to go I always fantasize about peeing inside a pussy. It’s difficult to pee when being hard unless the bladder is super full. I use to pee in my toy-pussy when I really have to go or outside on a tree, bush or in a corner where others go to pee. It’s also fun to pee in a urinal especially when I’m desperate and it’s full of people
  14. Interesting question 😂 I remember seeing my mothers friends pussy as she was changing to Swimsuit when we were out sailing. I was probably 14-15 years old and she was probably like 35 when we were out sailing and stopped at an island to go for a swim. My mother’s friend went inside the boat where I was to change to swimwear. She excused herself and undressed. I looked all the time and I saw her boobs and her hairy pussy.
  15. That’s so hot 🔥 I stay a lot in fancy hotels, 7-8 nights a month in five star hotels all over the world. I’d love to invite you to pee in the bed of a real fancy hotel. No one will ever ask any questions. You could pee in the bed as many times as you like 😋 I’ve peed in beds and on carpets and never had any questions asked about wet and yellow spots 😂
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