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  1. Yes i agree I hate it so much I feel like I’m going to throw up when I am forced to! Even at friends places I find other places to piss.I piss in their showers, closets, sinks washers, even under the bed!! I hate the toilet that much!
  2. I love doing this the warmth of the pee just feels so good. Than I don’t like to wash my hand after and think about the people who shake my hand touch my pee
  3. So as a renter my landlord is a scumbag I have to leave in less than a month . He is gutting the place so I thought I might as well make the best of it I went to a storage place I have access to he has some of his things in there a table chairs extra doors microwave etc . I made sure I drank a lot of water and started my revenge I went to the storage and pissed all over the table and chairs went to the microwave and pissed in it and on it than I went to the extra doors and pissed all over them. I had to refuel. So I went and drank more water went into the closets and pissed all over the carpe
  4. I was traveling tonight stopped at a gas station to pee because I couldn’t hold it, and needed more to drink. Went into the bathroom had 3 stalls 1 was not working so I went into one and saw there was already a big puddle so I decided to add to it! Ahh and i also than went into the other stall and squatted twords the one that was out of order and made sure to spread my piss. Made me so happy to find a mess and add to it
  5. I love doing this one of my fave hot things to do
  6. Yes I have I love it especially when its busy.
  7. So I filled up on some water and took off of course with another big water bottle with me. I went on finding naughty places to pee, it was a cold evening. I had a pair of black leggings on and no undies. First I went to a dunkin donuts and i let loose by the sink the edge of the toilet than walked out. Went down to the gas station and noticed there was already a puddle and piss on the seat so I added to it, than I went to the grocery store, there were 2 stalls so I went on the first one sat on the edge and pissed odd hitting the door I saved some went to the next one squatted and went in front
  8. I do this all the time makes me so horny and I love when i find others peoples messes. I just add to it!
  9. I love peeing anywhere but the toilet. Especially in public. I love being naughty. I've been doing it a while now so the thought of peeing in any toilet makes me nauseous. Does any one else get this way? I pee anywhere but the toilet, on the side of it, closed lid on the floor in the sink... but if i have to, I don't have any other choice but to pre in the toilet I get nauseous, right now even thinking of it has my stomach upside down.
  10. I went to the beach today. First time for the year I of course loaded up on water so when I got there I was ready to burst setting up I almost let it out. I finally got down to the water found a group of people and peed one said out o got a warm spot! I smiled knowing it was my pee. I stayed in for a bit till I had to go again, but o got out, went to my spot others were around so I stood closer to them as I was dripping wet I let out some pre felt so good going down my legs nice and warm. I stopped say down on my towel and sense I was wet already and my bladder was bursting I let go little
  11. well tonight i will be traveling and i will be stopping to use the restroom, floors of course, hate using the toilet! cant wait to see if I find any other messes on the floor! I will let everyone know what happens! to be continued!
  12. I do this all the time ! I love peeing in the sink!
  13. So as I go into bathrooms I constantly see piss on the seats and of corse floors,now tonight in a crowded bathroom the one i went into there was piss all over the seat and some dribble on the floor i was going to put mine on ... buttttt into got this idea the drove me wild. I sat on the seat so I had the one who left it on me. I sat there ands listed to others and I masturbated. Than got up and pissed all over the seat and floor.
  14. I love holding, and being desperate. I try and hold it as long as I possibly can. Sometimes op like wetting myself and sometimes i dash to the toilet and forget to pull down my panties. or sometime I dash for a naughty place to pee.

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