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  1. Would love to see a video of you and your friend directly pissing on that bed. It must feel so liberating going together. Own that bed with your piss! 😈
  2. I need to get a piss buddy from tinder lol. Ive been wanting to do this for a while now with a girl.
  3. Also of course I would let pop a squat piss on my bedroom carpet 🙂 but only if I could join aha. Should we make 2 puddles or one big puddle on the carpet?
  4. Yeah when I was growing up me and my friend would pee together on the carpet all the time. We also peed together in his bedroomand we both peed on this chair he had in his room. I would love to have a girl over and let her piss on my bedroom carpet while I watch.
  5. Always good content. I would love to empty my full bladder in your room and have you watch.
  6. I guess you could try standing or high squat?
  7. Nice stream! The mental image of you and your gf pissing together in unison on the carpet is so hot.
  8. Very nice! Would love to see some photos 🙂 I find couple carpet piss content is rare and almost non existent. Pissing on the carpet or in bed is def taken to the next level when you are doing it with someone else.
  9. honestly the idea of just pissing in a car on the floor sounds super hot! I would def be comfortable if I was driving with someone like you and would def like to be watched by other people in the car. Positive encouragement by others in the car to just it out on the carpet would also increase my comfort level and make it easier to go.
  10. Nice, love watching you pee where you want. It feels great. I would love to join you!
  11. What an amazing piss party! I'd love to stand in the middle of the living room and piss a full bladder in front of everyone. The whole idea of being watched by a group of people who want to see it as I piss a hard full bladder stream across the room on the carpet is such a turn on. Group pissing together on the carpet or against the wall sounds super fun too!
  12. would love to watch both of you piss on the carpet!
  13. Dont forget to take some photos 🙂 I would love to see you piss on that carpet. Are you going to stand, squat or semi squat?
  14. Exactly. Same with girls. The sound and site of someone pissing makes me want to go too. Thats why I want to have a piss party with girls and guys where we just piss on furniture, in bed, against walls and on carpets together.
  15. Nice! I had the house to myself a while back and had a few pees on my bedroom carpet. Watching you pee on your carpet made it really easy for me to go. I wish you were there to join me! 😈
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