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  1. Wish I was there to wet with you, looks like you had fun.
  2. Lets have a competition next time to see who can pee the farthest aha
  3. thank you for giving me a boner puddyls. Thank you for giving me a boner, now I have to masturbate aha.
  4. Wish I was standing in front of you aha
  5. Can I pee on your panties too? extra warm
  6. lol can I pee on those before they go into the washer, I will let you pee on my pile
  7. hello, is there anyone in Ontario who would be willing to meet up with me?
  8. Happy Birthday
  9. Great story, maybe include David next time :wink:
  10. I would just love to have a pee party where guys peed on each other and on girls. Also everyone would be naked and pee on the carpet and on the walls. My dream come true!
  11. Is anyone into this? I started when I was younger and still have not gotten caught. Any personal tips on how to clean up the mess? :P
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