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  1. hibillymayshear


    tastes like valentines day I bet 😛
  2. hibillymayshear


    I just want to get under that and service you with my tongue until you orgasm. Your pussy looks good 😋
  3. if you slept over at my house id let you pee by the bed on the carpet or on some towels. 🙂
  4. would love to whip out my cock and add to that wet spot 😉
  5. Wish I was there to wet with you, looks like you had fun.
  6. Lets have a competition next time to see who can pee the farthest aha
  7. thank you for giving me a boner puddyls. 😊 Thank you for giving me a boner, now I have to masturbate aha. 😊
  8. Wish I was standing in front of you aha
  9. Can I pee on your panties too? extra warm 🙂
  10. lol can I pee on those before they go into the washer, I will let you pee on my pile 🙂
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