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  1. Watching you pee makes me want to pee. I'd love to watch you doing it in person and casually join you 🔥🔥. I wanna piss on that carpet with you so bad!
  2. Nice, we will have to pause the game for potty time. Would you like me to squat or stand while I mark my territory? ☺️ I find standing up is more messy because the pee splatters everywhere once it hits the ground but is still fun and still my preferred position to pee.
  3. Hot! I would love to have a sleep over with you where we watch movies, play video games and use that corner as our potty :). Is that a ps4 controller? We will have to get out the GameCube or n64.
  4. I would love to pee where you have peed. I picked the corner but would happily pee in the other spots as well. One of my fantasies that I want to play out irl is having a girl invite me to her house to spend a day doing naughty peeing or spending time together in a hotel room doing naughty peeing. Solo stuff is fun, But I really want to do it with other people and engage in dirty talk.
  5. That looks hot, wish I was there to join you!
  6. I would like to thank everyone in this thread and on this website for creating a positive environment. You guys make me feel good and make me feel attractive while going through a rough time. I work out 3 days a week trying to be the most attractive version of myself and I still catch myself being down but then I come on here and im met with positive, supportive like minded people. Again I would like to thank everyone for making me feel attractive and for being so inclusive, it means a lot!
  7. Because I drank too much water and wanted to be naughty 😎.
  8. That was fun, happy Friday everyone! I wish lovebugg and pop a squat were able to join me.
  9. I might take a piss on my bedroom carpet tomorrow and post a pic in this forum or another forum. I have a carpet shampooer and I'm feeling naughty. It feels good to piss on the carpet, I want to do it with a girl some day.
  10. Interesting. I may be meeting up with a lady or 2 for some hotel marking fun. For the longest time ive wanted to piss in a naughty place with a girl. I have been hesitant because I dont know how a girl would respond if I asked her. Im thinking we can pee together on the carpet, against the wall, on the bed, on the furniture, etc. I would love to move a dresser out of the way and just spray my piss against the wall and carpet then move the dresser back. That would be so naughty. Having someone watch you pee in a naughty place and watching them do it just adds to the thrill! If I can ill try and get pics of the puddles and mess for you guys.
  11. Wow so hard reading this aha you can come piss on my carpet but only if im allowed to watch 😛
  12. yup, im doing it in my pic. Honestly ive always loved the naughty aspect. Id love to meet up with a girl whos into it and do it with her. I love watching girls do it online but have never done naughty carpet pee with a girl.
  13. Nice! would have loved to be there to add to the puddle 🙂
  14. Id love to see you make that face while you relieve a full bladder on the bed at the adult sleepover in the middle of that movie 😉 you look so comfortable and can tell it feels good 🙂
  15. nice! where do I meet these types of girls irl lol.

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