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  1. Hey frankie, Welcome to peefans! I have also been into pee for a while too. Im a regular gym goer too. Where do you pee at the gym? I always pee in the shower at the gym and like to see how high in the air i can make my stream go.
  2. Nice piss! I recently just had renovations done and would have loved to have you and your family over for some last minute pissing on the carpet and against the walls! we could all have had a pissing competition lmao I can shoot mine pretty far when i push!
  3. very hot! thanks for sharing. Glad you were comfortable enough to go full force even with family in the next room. So naughty!
  4. Ive been wanting to share a hotel room with a couple for some naughty "full pees" on the carpet and in bed. Cant wait to hear where you and your gf pissed 🙂
  5. Yes, love it. I find tena from walmart work good. I love wearing them to bed and then when I wake up needing to pee I just relax n release into the diaper and go back to sleep. I love warm feeling that engulfs your privates and love to sit and stand in my wet diaper. One time I woke up, peed in my diaper, went back to bed then when I woke up in the morning I got out of bed and re wet my diaper with morning pee standing beside my bed. It felt really good and the diaper didn't even leak.
  6. on someone's carpet or against the wall? Diaper pees are cool too.
  7. I really have to pee now after watching you, can I add to the puddle or make my own? 🙂
  8. Nice, Ive been looking into posting an ad on a site like leolist for ladies who have a piss fetish who want to share a hotel room and do naughty pissing together.
  9. Would love to see a video of you and your friend directly pissing on that bed. It must feel so liberating going together. Own that bed with your piss! 😈
  10. I need to get a piss buddy from tinder lol. Ive been wanting to do this for a while now with a girl.
  11. Also of course I would let pop a squat piss on my bedroom carpet 🙂 but only if I could join aha. Should we make 2 puddles or one big puddle on the carpet?
  12. Yeah when I was growing up me and my friend would pee together on the carpet all the time. We also peed together in his bedroomand we both peed on this chair he had in his room. I would love to have a girl over and let her piss on my bedroom carpet while I watch.
  13. Always good content. I would love to empty my full bladder in your room and have you watch.
  14. I guess you could try standing or high squat?
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