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  1. Sounds like so much fun! I also pissed in the shower used it as a urinal. But my favourite was def pissing on the carpet in the closet. Honestly, closets make good toilets.
  2. Nice! I recently stayed in a hotel and peed on the carpet in the closet. I want to piss on a carpet with a girl, haven't done that yet.
  3. hot! I would love to piss in front of you and your parents on the carpet.
  4. Agreed, I would love to go to party party like this! The whole idea of pissing in naughty places in front of like minded people and watching them do the same is such a turn on. My main fantasy is watching a movie while wetting the bed together with 2-3 other people instead of going to the bathroom and pausing the movie. A general piss party also sounds nice where participants piss in front of each other outside of the toilet on the carpet, against the wall, etc. As a guy, I like having open space for my stream to travel. It just feels right and natural to have my piss shoot a distance in front
  5. Nice, I would love to piss on the carpet with a female. I was thinking of asking one. Do you think its a good idea? I feel like she would just get grossed out idk. Ideally I would love to piss against a wall, on the carpet and/or on the bed together with a girl.
  6. Nice pee! Wish I was there to join you. Now I want to piss on that carpet aha
  7. Very hot! In part 2 michai should confess tp her bf that it was her and her friends but instead of getting mad he gets aroused and joins them for the next piss party.
  8. Omg nice! I would love to piss on your carpets while you and your parents watch. What a rush!
  9. Nice piss! I have this fantasy where you invite me over for a sleepover at your parents and we have naughty pee fun. We start the night off by having drinks and watching a long movie. I tell you, your dad and mom that I have to pee. Your dad tells me just to piss on the carpet. Im shy at first but then he gets up and pisses right on the living room carpet. His stream goes pretty far and makes a loud pattering noise on the carpet. Watching him pee makes me have to pee even more. So like him, I stand up and piss on the living room carpet while he's still going. after we are both done, you and yo
  10. This is awesome! I would love to go against the wall or on the carpet in front of you and others. Just piss for a solid minute on the carpet and shoot it far across the room.
  11. Nice story! I want to have a pee sleep over where we are in bed watching a movie and just wet the bed or piss on the bed instead of pausing the movie and going to the bathroom. Nothing better than watching a good movie and a girl semi squating pissing over the bed at the same time aha. It would be fun to do with like 3-5 people.
  12. we are all going to pop a squats house for a piss party! 😎
  13. Sounds like a plan! Sounds like having a sleep over with you and your room mate would be funner than staying at a hotel. We would be watching a movie and instead of pausing it to go to the bathroom we just piss on the carpet together.
  14. Lol I need to find friends like you girls. I've been wanting to piss on a carpet in front of a girl so bad lately. I'd love to have a girl hold my dick while I piss on the carpet and would love to do distance pissing/pissing contest on the carpet.
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