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    I am an UNCUT American male, who will piss outside anytime, anywhere, always looking for a new place or opportunity to answer the call of Mother Nature. I love to watch females, when they are answering nature's call either indoors, but especially in the great outdoors.

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    Being able to answer "Nature's Call" anywhere.
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    Taking a piss with a friend (male) in public at a gasoline (petrol) station.

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  1. @Mary Moon, a lot of guys, including this one, are more turned-on by someone with small breasts rather than large floppy tits. To me, small ones are more sexy to see.
  2. Another shot of beautiful Brianna Nicole .
  3. Some nice young titties...
  4. I usually like to see young tits, but sometimes "senior" titties are nice to see, too.
  5. Uncut guy here. I usually pull the foreskin back just a little if I'm not particularly in a hurry; otherwise, if I need to pee quickly, like if I'm pissing outside (in an alley or elsewhere) I don't take the time to pull it back.
  6. Both are nice. But 7 of 9 definitely has fantastic boobs. Didn’t she pose topless once (not on Star Trek of course).
  7. https://www.reddit.com/r/theactofpiss/s/3pQG6SePcP
  8. Peeing outside on a tree or bush, on a wall and in an alley or driveway are some of my favorite places.
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