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    I am an UNCUT American male, who will piss outside anytime, anywhere, always looking for a new place or opportunity to answer the call of Mother Nature. I love to watch females, when they are answering nature's call either indoors, but especially in the great outdoors.

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    Being able to answer "Nature's Call" anywhere.
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    Taking a piss with a friend (male) in public at a gasoline (petrol) station.

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  1. Welcome @zoe468 to this very friendly community. We're all about pee, in every way, so I know you'll love being here.
  2. That was quite a story, @rick777. Well written. I absolutely love it when females do it in their panties, and you can see the bulge in the panties, especially if they're wearing white. I can do without the #2 in nature, unless it's absolutely. Peeing their panties and pissing in public, well that's entirely different 😉
  3. Hello @Yellowbanana almost forgot about this. Mission accomplished...I waited one night kinda late, until she parked and in her house, and made sure nobody was around, whipped it out and pissed on the backdoor. I had been holding it for a long time. Forgot to take my phone though, but remember seeing that yellow stream running down the door. Had to be very careful of neighbor who sometimes comes out late at night.
  4. Welcome to PeeFans, @nygirl. I know you'll like being here. If you like to see men urinating, there's a forum just for male dicks peeing. Enjoy!
  5. I love the smell of any pee, male or female. However I really enjoy the odor of piss in a place such as an alley, where I am adding my own pee.
  6. Welcome @Curepunts to this friendly family of PeeFans.
  7. Absolutely right! Thank you for caring enough to share.
  8. He really had to piss bad. Almost didn't get his dick out.
  9. I was returning from a short trip, decided I should stop in one of my normal spots to pee, and discovered a young boy, maybe between 8 and 10 years old, standing behind an enclosure evidently peeing. I stood along the wall to do my piss, and when the young man finished I walked over to where he peed, and this is what I found.....
  10. I wonder if these gents used the trough to pee...
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