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    I am an UNCUT American male, who will piss outside anytime, anywhere, always looking for a new place or opportunity to answer the call of Mother Nature. I love to watch females, when they are answering nature's call either indoors, but especially in the great outdoors.

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    Being able to answer "Nature's Call" anywhere.
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    Taking a piss with a friend (male) in public at a gasoline (petrol) station.

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  1. I absolutely love her. Those are the smallest, cutest titties I've ever seen.
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/trashy/s/3B73TUnDuY Pissing at the bar
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/funny/s/3Fw6dxlguj
  4. Rushed or not, that was a beautiful piss. I really enjoyed watching it.
  5. Besides forgetting my bra today, I also forgot to put on panties. I'm really getting forgetful...
  6. This was my first piss of 3 outdoors today. No place like the great outdoors for a piss.
  7. I like them both...but the one in green must have cute nipples. But then, I love girls who wear glasses.
  8. @Liketowatchhim I just took a piss outside in your honour...
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