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    I am an UNCUT American male, who loves to piss outside anytime, anywhere, always looking for a needy tree, bush or alley, or parking lot with lots of open space. I love to watch females, when they are answering nature's call either indoors, but especially in the great outdoors.

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    Being able to answer "Nature's Call" anywhere.
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    Naughty pissing with a friend, while at a gasoline (petrol) station in PA.

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  1. Doing that has been on my "bucket list" for a long time. Maybe someday when I'm in the right place at a good time. I've managed to do a small piss in the street between 2 parked cars.
  2. I've heard or read that the average toilet uses about 1 gallon of fresh water per flush, not sure how accurate that is, and then we pee in it, maybe several ounces (?), flush that down, another gallon fills the tank, and we repeat that several times a day...? What a waste of fresh clean water. If even only the menfolk (or women If they so choose) would begin to do their pissing in the garden or yard, or somewhere else of their choosing, we would be conserving so much of that precious fresh water. All of you who agree, start your own conservation efforts right now. I have.
  3. I love to piss in a "well-scented" area. One of my fav spots is in an alley, and I can always tell when another guy has used it by the odor there.
  4. More, @puddyls please more. I'll admit I am really turned on by seeing females in only panties...sheer see-through panties especially.
  5. I love to hear the sounds my piss makes when it hits another body of water... even when it's the water in a toilet, which isn't too often. I mostly enjoy pissing on the corner of a wall, and watching it form it's own little puddle.
  6. What a waste having urinals. The drain is more convenient to piss in.
  7. Welcome @RainyDay you're in the right place if you're into naughty pee, a lot of members are, including me. And write all the pee stories you can, I'd love to read them.
  8. Yes, she's very understanding of what I need, and knew what she could do to help me. Her deceased father also used the yard a lot, so I was honored to be offered the use of it. I wish I could convince her it's OK for her, too.
  9. I was feeling low and out of sorts over the weekend, then on Sunday while visiting my friend, I had to piss. She took me out to her yard, and told me to go "pee pee" any where I wanted to. I chose to piss on her step, and watched it roll down to the cement. Wow, she knew how to cheer me up.
  10. don't you just love her red hair...and the titties aren't too bad, either.
  11. only one I'd absolutely love to see, and she would have to be topless also...Jeri Ryan (7 of Nine, of Star Trek fame).
  12. Tonight, behind a vacant building. Another guy also came to the same spot to take a piss. Nice having company!
  13. HOW DOES YOUR DICK MEASURE UP? Interesting reading I just found on the Web. https://bestlifeonline.com/penis-size/
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