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    I love anything connected with pee, especially holding, desperation and wetting.

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    The way it fills the bladder and creates an ache for release. Also the fact that the need to pee is so universal and is experienced regardless of gender, sexuality or nationality.
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    Nearly wetting myself on the way home from the local railway station after deliberately holding it in. I barely made it!

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  1. Hi and welcome, Wendy. We're a very friendly bunch and I hope you have a great time here. I look forward to hearing about your experiences and enjoying your contributions.
  2. Tonight I was slightly caught short in red pants yet again. I really must get much better at judging when I need a wee!
  3. It's difficult - in fact impossible - to have a proper scientific evaluation of this, but I suspect men and women are equally as likely to have kinks. However as other people here have put it far more eloquently than I have, there are big differences in societal expectations. Men are almost expected to misbehave whereas women are 'expected to know better' and society judges them needlessly harshly for it. The sort of woman I admire is the kind who is prepared to openly defy societal norms. By this I mean the sort of woman who was prepared to do it in her pants, not because she had no choice, but because that was her choice. She may well have been brought up to believe that "good girls don't do that" but was nevertheless prepared to be deliberately "bad" and do it.
  4. Hi and welcome, mate. It's a pleasure to welcome you from another site!
  5. You're about where I am, in that case. I'm about to brew a mug of tea. Who knows, I might even force a scone down at the same time.
  6. That is certainly a possibility and sounds like a good argument for making the most of it if we can.
  7. Although I'm on a different page to Steve politically, healthwise I'm in a similar situation to him as I'm a Type 2 Diabetic, a factor which increases the risks for me - plus being the wrong side of fifty! Ultimately it will be for the historians to decide how well or badly we dealt with the pandemic as they will have that great thing, the benefit of hindsight, to draw upon. One of the problems with Covid-19 is that we've not had to deal with anything comparable to it for a hundred years. It's sobering to remember than during the Spanish flu epidemic there was no NHS, no state of the art technology or ventilators to assist people, just GPs and hospital consultants trying to do their best with pretty basic kit.
  8. Personally I'm deeply uncomfortable with the idea because I think it's disrespectful and I work hard to try and keep the graves of loved ones in order. Perhaps the only exception I might possibly make, and it would be a one off, might be my aunt and uncle's grave. My only reason then, is because my late aunt certainly had a lot of near misses and was apt to put off going until she was desperate. Although she never had an accident in front of me, I'm pretty sure she would have gone in her pants from time to time. It's a lot easier to believe than that she never had any accidents, something I very much doubt. Using quiet corners of churchyards and yew trees is another matter though. Five years ago I visited the Norfolk village where she grew up and where her father had been the pub landlord. Whilst there I didn't use the pub toilets but I did have a quiet wee in the churchyard which, if I remember rightly, was accessed through a farm yard.
  9. Sophie, out of 10, how badly do you need to pee right now?
  10. I miss her tremendously too and I hope she's okay. She was one of our best contributors and a good friend to me too.
  11. I have applied for a 3 month gold membership just to try it out.
  12. Not on PMs, no. I do get that but only on public posts.
  13. Men sometines wear panties too, This is one of me yesterday.
  14. Here's one of an interview with Jonah Falcon, owner of what is meant to be the world's biggest functioning penis. Just to make you aware it features a masturbation scene (with ejaculation) including male nudity: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph56aa87242e6aa Sadly I'm not aware of a video anywhere on which he's weeing which is a shame as I'm sure it would be an impressive performance.

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