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    I love anything connected with pee, especially holding, desperation and wetting.

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    The way it fills the bladder and creates an ache for release. Also the fact that the need to pee is so universal and is experienced regardless of gender, sexuality or nationality.
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    Nearly wetting myself on the way home from the local railway station after deliberately holding it in. I barely made it!

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  1. It's true that the pee of a healthy person is sterile whereas the same can't be said of poo. However doing either away from a toilet is, in social terms at least, equally taboo.
  2. What I don't understand is why in some places #2 content is considered worse than #1. After all, they're both bodily exretions as are vomiting and perspiring.
  3. Well I was in a public toilet recently and one guy was weeing for England. He was going strong before I started and I think he was still weeing after I'd finished. It was impossible to escape the impression that he was emptying a very full bladder!
  4. Something happened to the screen, I'm not sure what. Many thanks for your lovely, kind reply. Matthew 25 v 35-45 is a good piece of practical theology. I try to put it into practice so far as I am able, although I know that I don't always succeed or get it right by a long way. I'm sure many people of faith try to do the same within the limits of their resources and circumstances.
  5. Dear spywareona. Many thanks for your post above which I have only just spotted and appreciate. Some Christians may indeed consider that membership of this forum and others like was grounds for damnation. There are many other Christians who would take a very different view, especially ones from the liberal or anglo-catholic wing of the Church of England, a body of which I'm a member. Many of them would probably say that an interest in pee was perfectly innocent in the same way that they'd say masturbation was normal and, so long as it took place in socially acceptable contexts, entirely harmless. It is perfectly true that the world's religions don't have an unmixed record, but one has to appreciate that they are essentially part of humankind's muddled attempts to try and understand that reality which many people call God. It is essentially an untidy and messy business and all humankind can do is try its best.
  6. Hi and welcome, Chris. I hope you have a great time here.
  7. Hi and a somewhat belated welcome. I'm sure you'll fit in here very well indeed and I'm looking forward to enjoying your contributions.
  8. Adyguy6970


    Hi and welcome. You'll find plenty of British pee fans here and I'm proud to be one of them.
  9. Yes I like ladies needing to do #2 and actually doing #2 as well. There are, sadly, few places where those of us who like that sort of thing can share our mutual interest. In my case I have a particular interest in ladies who brobably haven't been for two or three days and are a bit backed up, especially if it leads to desperation and close calls or accidents.
  10. That's interesting. My days of early morning glory are now a fond memory. I did find that going to pee - not easy under the circumstances - was the only way to relieve the condition though! I don't remember having but not needing to wee. In my case the two seemed to go together, rather like fish and chips.
  11. Although the site has had some problems, mainly caused by spammers, I still hang on in there at Peesearch and post from time to time when I'm able. I wouldn't bother with peeingcupid though.
  12. Mine is very much at the small end of the scale. However I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who is hung and willing to describe how their penis size relates to their bladder size/retentive capabilities.
  13. I can well imagine it being tricky if you're sharing a house or flat with others. It is I think a case of taking the opportunities when they arise, including when you're out and about. You could always care a spare pair of panties to change into after those 'not so accidental' accidents.
  14. Hi ansd a slightly belated welcome, Amanda.
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