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    I love anything connected with pee, especially holding, desperation and wetting.

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    The way it fills the bladder and creates an ache for release. Also the fact that the need to pee is so universal and is experienced regardless of gender, sexuality or nationality.
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    Nearly wetting myself on the way home from the local railway station after deliberately holding it in. I barely made it!

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  1. Adyguy6970

    Turned on by listening to women wee in the ladies loos

    It depends on where you are. If you're close to a loo or a bathroom with thin walls you may occasionally be lucky!
  2. Adyguy6970

    Jesus Christ, whatever next!

    That's a view to which you are entitled but it's one with which I must necessarily disagree.
  3. Adyguy6970

    Jesus Christ, whatever next!

    As a reasonably devout churchman I happen to believe that Jesus was, and is, the only begotten Son of God. Although I fail miserably, I do try to make an effort to follow His teachings as revealed in the gospels.
  4. Adyguy6970

    New holder

    Hi and welcome, New holder. I think you'll find plenty of desperation enthusiasts here and, in fact, I'm one of them. I look forward to enjoying your contributions.
  5. Adyguy6970

    Hi people!

    Hi and welcome, biboy. I hope you have a great time here,
  6. Adyguy6970

    How large is your bladder?

    Well my todger, unfortunately, is very much on the small size. I'd love an extra few inches.
  7. Adyguy6970

    How large is your bladder?

    I've gone for average, because whilst I haven't got the strongest bladder in the world I can usually go for up to 3 or 4 hours during the day. At lot depends on my health though, the weather and what I've had to drink as well as how much. However I can pretty much depend on having to get up at least once or twice in the night.
  8. Generalisations are always risky because there always exceptions to a general rule. However my observations have led me to a view that in general Brits are more laid back about peeing than their American counterparts. Not quite sure why that should be, especially as the UK has a history of providing public facilities on a much more lavish scale than the US. One would logically have expected the opposite to be true.
  9. Adyguy6970


    Hi and welcome, Mkbigboy. I hope you have a good time here. As a matter of interest how did you choose your name?
  10. Adyguy6970

    Ask me anything!

    Have you had any wet adventures over the weekend? It would be good to know if you have.
  11. Adyguy6970

    Dave from Bound2Burst

    Hi and welcome, David. I think you've contributed one or two in the past to Skymouse and maybe Shar & Ger's Female Desperation - unless I'm mistaken. Anyhow it's good to see a familiar name.
  12. Adyguy6970

    Ask me anything!

    Have you wet today? I'd love to know.
  13. Adyguy6970

    Coming Home From Work

    Fantastic story. Well wriiten and carefully thouht out.
  14. Adyguy6970

    Tumblr no longer allowing Adult content

    I recently learned that tumblr had reviewed their policies and were disallowing adult content. Implementation though will take a period of time and there are still quite a lot of adult blogs up there. It's a shame but at the end of the day I suppose tumblr as a host has a right to decide what it does and doesn't allow.
  15. Adyguy6970


    I like Literotica and have placed quite a bit of content on there over the years. Some people are more responsive to what I do than others, but that's the case everywhere.