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    I love anything connected with pee, especially holding, desperation and wetting.

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    The way it fills the bladder and creates an ache for release. Also the fact that the need to pee is so universal and is experienced regardless of gender, sexuality or nationality.
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    Nearly wetting myself on the way home from the local railway station after deliberately holding it in. I barely made it!

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  1. I had a slight accident this afternoon.
  2. I would certainly go for black. Any wetness will be less noticeable.
  3. Hi and welcome. Do you enjoy wetting?
  4. Hi and welcome, Jack. I think everyone here has their own unique story and set of experiences to share. I look forward to you enjoying your contributions.
  5. Hi and welcome. We're a very friendly bunch and I hope you both have an amazing time here.
  6. Hi and welcome. If you're going to experiment with naughty peeing my advice would be to choose a rural location or somewhere fairly anonymous.
  7. Hi and welcome, Olivia. I hope you have an awesome time here.
  8. Hi and welcome. It's good to see the West Midlands represented. I'm from the East. I hope you have a fantastic time here.
  9. Hi and welcome. You've come to the right place. I'm not a drinker but I do enjoy wetting enormously.
  10. Hi and welcome, Katie. Although I'm on the opposite side of the pond, I enjoy wetting just as you do. I hope you have an awesome time here.
  11. Hi and welcome. Wetting stories are very welcome here.
  12. Hi and welcome. I hope you have a fantastic time here.
  13. Hi and welcome. I hope you have a good time here.
  14. Hi and welcome, Rob. I look forward to hearing about your experiences.
  15. Hi and welcome. I'm glad you've made yourself known after a period of lurking, and look forward to seeing you around.
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