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    I love anything connected with pee, especially holding, desperation and wetting.

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    The way it fills the bladder and creates an ache for release. Also the fact that the need to pee is so universal and is experienced regardless of gender, sexuality or nationality.
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    Nearly wetting myself on the way home from the local railway station after deliberately holding it in. I barely made it!

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  1. It would be really lovely to see more of these beautiful girls weeing!
  2. Adyguy6970


    Hi and welcome. I hope you have a great time here.
  3. Hi and welcome. I'm not sure how best to advise you on the specific question you've raised, but I hope you have a fantastic time here.
  4. Hi and welcome, Goldenman. I hope you have a great time here.
  5. Hi and welcome. We're a very friendly bunch. I look forward to enjoying your contributions.
  6. Hi and welcome back. I look forward to hearing about your experiences.
  7. Some very nice pics here. Personally I think if a t-girl is sitting to pee rather than standing, it's more authentic though.
  8. Hi and welcome, hotwetslut. You've made an excellent choice coming here as it is a pee site of the first order. I hope you have a fantastic time and look forward to your contributions.
  9. Adyguy6970


    Hi and welcome. It's not a hook up site as such but we're a very friendly bunch and if you contribute regularly I'm sure you will make some firm friends.
  10. Everybody's different but I'm about where you are. Hardcore action holds no attraction for me but I'm a definite EFRO lover. Sadly there are very few sites that cater for that at present.
  11. Hi and welcome. We're a very friendly bunch and I hope you have a great time here.
  12. Hi and welcome, aomar golan. I look forward to enjiying your contributions.
  13. Hi and welcome, John. We're a very friendly bunch here and I hope you have a great time.
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