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  1. She seen me do it many times in the car, the park, basement, in public so she gotten used to it
  2. I’ve pee a couple times on the carpet or under the kitchen table my mom has always been open to nudity and peeing since it’s only been me and her. But I mostly pee in the sinks, drains and my basement bed room floor.
  3. Before my mom bought her house we used to live with my Aunt and her daughter my cousin she and me are practically the same age I’m older by two weeks. So one morning we were both getting ready for Highschool but plumbing system was out so the toilets and showers didn’t work so for my morning pisses I used to piss in the driveway once my cousin join she squatted next to me a release a large gush
  4. when I was 18 me and mom where at the park and there was no restrooms I needed to pee so we went to are car my mom open the driver door and passenger door was she sat down facing me so I whip it out and aim it down so she moved her shorts bottoms to the side and started peeing as well are stream crossed a couple times.
  5. Yes my mom would read @beachmom post all the time she was like a role model to my mom it opened her up more
  6. Yes she did she would encourage me to pee in those places
  7. Well ever since I was young my mom has taught me that everything for a male is a urinal you just have to be confident enough
  8. Thanks Beachmom for all the great experiences you posted here and on misterpoll me and my mom use to read them all the time. I once got home from soccer practice and my mom and the neighbor were in basement since there washing machine broke she was a lady in her early 30’s as I said hello I lower my soccer shorts down as pull out my penis aimed away from them and casually started peeing while still talking the neighbor was shocked by actions but even more shocked by size my mom laughed and neighbor said “With a size like that you can be confident and piss anywhere like that”
  9. This would be interesting as a full series of stories
  10. So I sleep in the basement of our house since it has a drain and sink it also has our laundry equipment. One time my mom was doing laundry early in the morning as I woke up with my big morning wood since I sleep naked I’m very comfortable around my mom since we’ve seen each other naked plenty of times. As take the sheets off my lower half and walk to the sink as released my powerful stream as I said good morning to my mom she asked me why I didn’t just pee on the drain that was closer to my bed I said because I didn’t want to splash her. She said she didn’t mind since pee w
  11. Hello everyone this is my first official post on this website. Me and my mom have always been close it’s been me and her my whole life so I have seen her nude many times as well as she has seen me. When it comes to peeing she has always let me piss where I thought convenient. She let me have the basement room as my own since it has a drain and a sink she believes that males should piss where they like. She has joined me many times even encouraged me to pee in places I will share one of my favorite pee experiences I hope to share many more. A couple a years ago I was in a state champion
  12. Hello peefans my name is Jose I’ve been lurking on this website for while and I finally had the guts to join. Here’s a little bit about myself I am 21 years old I’m 6”3” and have a 10 inch cock I was born in Mexico my mother came to the usa when I was a month old and ever since I was able to walk my mom has allowed me to piss where I would like she says guys should be allowed to piss where they like. It’s been me and her my whole life so I got many experiences to share I hope we can all be friends
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