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    I have be turned on by peeing for as long as I can remember. I have a lot of different fantasies, but, without question, my biggest turn on is female desperation! I love to chat to like minded individuals and find out what makes them tick. happy to exchange experiences or fantasies, just drop me a message and say hello!

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  1. Yes, this is a big fantasy of mine. I love the idea of a couple of girls being out together. One in a miniskirt, one in a jumpsuit. They are both absoultely desperate, and the girl in them miniskirt squats behind a bin and finds relief, whilst the girl in the jumper has to hold on as she can't find relief without stripping! Couple that with a busy nightclub and a LONG toilet queue, and we have perfection!
  2. I'm also in the North West. Welcome to the site! I'm more than happy to chat if you want to.
  3. Disney princess would be great! I would love to read a desperation story around one of those! Maybe Rapunzel locked in her tower, and toilet usage is limited...
  4. I would love to read this!
  5. This is great! Would love to read more about Maia and how she managed to get into that state, and more of her desperate exploits throughtout the weekend!
  6. What a drea job for someone with your fetish! makes you wonder what she would have done if you were in the middle of cleaning the toilet in the only unoccupied stall!
  7. Speaking as a desperation enthusiast, I can confirm I was very turned on by the start of your story! Its fantastic, and I can't wait for more of Leah's adventures!
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