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    Into public peeing and golden showers (both giving and receiving)
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    Was walking along the street at night, this black sedan pulled up about 50m in front of me and a hot lady got out (almost rushed out) of the passenger sit, left the door opened, and popped a squat behind the door. I picked up my pace and was greeted to the most beautiful sight of her mid-pee whilst semi-apologising. The stream, the angle, the sound of the piss splashing against the curb was perfect. The driver, presumably her boyfriend/husband was chuckling away as well. This scene will rest in my mind forever.

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  1. I think you could be referring to my favorite videos from the KAGP Pee Everywhere series. Those are amazing! I'm sorry though that I'm not able to answer your question about other ethnicities. As an asian myself, these lovely japanese girls are my eye candy so I'm settling for that. Good luck finding what you're looking for!
  2. A similar incident happened to me while I was in a bar in Japan last year. It's one of those bars with a single bathroom in the back. This bathroom had a main door, and right in there was the sink, a urinal, and a cubicle. However, the light above the cubicle was not working and this is crucial for what comes next. So I walked into the bathroom, closed and locked the door behind me. Then thought to myself "Huh? Why would there be a storeroom in the cubicle?". You see, because the cubicle door was closed and there was no light above it. Hence, I thought it was a storage for cleaning equipm
  3. So this happened over the weekend when I was out with the same girl from before. She was wayyyyyy sluttier than I would have ever imagined. After a multiple beers over the course of the night, we found ourselves walking along the side of the main road. As this was somewhat close to the city centre, there were still a lot of cars on the road at that time (around 2am). I felt the need to pee and decided to try what I did before again. Bearing in mind that she hasn't yet gone to the toilet for just about as long as me. So if I need to pee, she definitely has to pee too. Although she consumed
  4. So this happened a couple of weekends ago with this girl I matched on some dating app. We met up for dinner and a drinks and by the end of the evening, both of us were pretty buzzed after having had more than a few drinks throughout the night without much toilet breaks in between. After exiting the last bar of the night (before heading to a club), I declared that I was absolutely bursting for a pee. The bar had a toilet but the condition of which was pretty questionable given the rowdy state of the bar itself 😅 I thought I then caught a glimmer of excitement in my date's eyes as she
  5. I’m on my second play through of GTA V. One hell of an amazing game….
  6. Hi! Welcome and looking forward to hearing more from you ☺️
  7. So I have a question to the more experienced folks into outdoor peeing/voyeurism. I have experienced on multiple occasions where I see a group of girls, or usually in pairs, darting into alleys from the main streets. And when located along a bar stretch, one can only reasonably assume it’s usually for a quick wee. As far as I am tempted to follow behind, the quietness of these side streets/alleys usually make it very obvious if I am following close behind. If I keep a distance, I would surely lose them ahead (happened once by accident and I was so disappointed but that’s a different story
  8. Never told my ex because she already gave off the vibes that she would kink shame me for it, therefore I took the safe route then. With my current partner who is much more open and cooler, I disclosed this with her and she was willing to oblige, but not particularly into it
  9. Oh this is hot… reminded me of a time when I was playing football at some high school field. The high school was closed/semi-abandoned, but their pitch was still open for use. All the guys (and some of their girlfriends/wives) who needed a piss will head to the adjacent school for that. Needless to say, most people just went outdoors within the school compounds as the toilets were extremely rundown. We’re talking spiderwebs and dust/debris and basically mould everywhere. For me, I was enjoying peeing right in the middle of the classroom , in the canteen and just about every other nau
  10. As a man, I have encountered this issue multiple times as well. When giving a golden shower, stage fright creeps up and I’m simply unable to go, despite having had a few pints or even if I was bursting to go. It just does not come out. What usually helps is going to pee in the toilet bowl, and once the stream comes out, switch target 😉 that kills the joy slightly but hey, whatever works.
  11. Hello and welcome! We share the same fetish!
  12. Both turns me on as they are ultimately related, though I would say that it’s 30% the desperation and 70% the peeing itself. Double the pleasure points when done outdoors in a naughty, thrilling place.
  13. Greetings from the little red dot of Singapore. Just looking to meet like-minded folks out there (or perhaps in the Southeast Asia region as well seeing as to how small this country really is). This forum is a godsend, given how this little country has groomed most of its people in their neat little paths where any extent of crimes/mischief is generally frowned upon. Being into outdoor peeing and voyeurism, I have encountered the extreme end of girls who have held their pee for so long to the point that they get UTI. Then there’s the minority, a very small percentage of girls who are comf
  14. Well done lad! I’m based in Singapore too so I must indeed say that discovering this new place to spot all these hidden gems is definitely a huge win. Thanks for the tips as well, I’m often across the road (Clarke Quay) and have never thought of checking out this park, but perhaps I might drop by after some drinks to hunt while burning off the alcohol from my system. How were your subsequent visits? Any further tips or places that you might be able to share to a fellow bro with the same interests?
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