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  1. In reading the many stories found on this website, or watching voyeur videos from different areas around the world, I've learned that several events and areas are bound to be peeing hot spots, and I'd like to compile a thread here of your thoughts on where people like us might travel to in order to get the best chance of sightings, be they wettings, peeing outdoors, or one gender taking over the other gender's bathrooms. Here's the ones that come to my mind: -Roskilde Music Festival - Denmark -Glastonbury Festival - England -Galician Festivals - Spain -Mardi Gras - U
  2. Thank you all for the encouragement. When the time is right, I will have one of the US Navy Blue Angel Jets fly me directly to Roskilde, and I will land safely using my oversized American Flag parachute. You will know I am close when you hear the guitar solo of Freebird high up in the sky.
  3. I'm one of those people who have never traveled internationally, and only know English as my primary language.. I know, I know, typical American. Even my pet Bald Eagle named Sam and my Chevrolet Silverado 1500 shake their heads at me due to my lack of culture. However, Roskilde is indeed an event I also wish to travel to one day in the future. Would someone like me have a difficult time at this festival? Do I need to download the Duolingo App and have that green owl threaten me everyday as I learn a new language? Or could I fly down there and be ok the way I am now? In watching se
  4. Having to pee while having a boner is the one time in my life where geometry becomes useful.
  5. That's the roughest part of dealing with someone who has an addiction - you can scream, shout, beg, plead, weep, hide their substances, do everything in your power to make them stop, but if they don't want to, then all of your efforts are useless. Making peace with that fact is often the only thing you can do
  6. In a sense, it's like people who are actively trying to get into a relationship - always going to the bar a few weeknights, clubbing every weekend, and on every dating app imaginable, keeping up conversations with multiple people. Yet, despite all this time and effort, many will still struggle to find anything meaningful. They either get into relationships that are doomed to fail, have multiple hook-ups with people who then disappear off the face of the Earth, talk for days to someone who turns out to be a bot, or find people looking for sugar mommas/daddys. It's when you stop maki
  7. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, I'm what you call a straight-edge: I've never drank alcohol, smoked, done drugs, gambled, etc. I've known too many family members and other people I once knew and loved who succumbed to one of these vices, and I decided early on in my life that that isn't how I wanted to live. And she had had one or two beers, but nothing to make her buzzed or intoxicated. I asked her at one point if she was feeling drunk when it started getting a little hot & heavy in that car, because if she had been I was ready to bail. I wasn't about to take advanta
  8. Somebody get one of these AI voice programs and make David Attenborough narrate some of the voyeur clips from Roskilde. "And here, we see two adult females wondering about the grassy plains, in search of some foliage so that they may conceal themselves as they urinate. This species can be timid around others when their bladders are full, though some simply don't care at all. The use of alcohol greatly diminishes feelings of shame and guilt when using the facilities outdoors"
  9. I was honestly pretty hesitant about posting this story at first, because yeah, this just reads like straight up smut. But as the kids would say, no cap, on God, this happened fr fr. I was shocked at how it played out too. I've also decided to go out and experience other concert scenes, like country, rock, pop, metal, etc., (assuming they're being held outdoors), just to see what kinds of pee sightings happen there too
  10. That's exactly what you have to do in order to go out and have a good time. Don't go with the mindset of trying to catch someone peeing - go in the hopes of meeting new people and enjoying new experiences, and if a pee sighting happens, that's just some sweet ice cream on top of an already delicious apple pie. I'm glad I could inspire you, and I hope you get out there into the world and live it up
  11. Good question - I didn't drink a whole lot while I was there, and I don't drink alcohol, so I didn't have to go too many times. I actually did pee on one of my car tires before I left - I guess I should have included that part too. But yes, before she took care of my flagpole at full mast, there was no way I could have peed.
  12. Before I start this story, I wanted to take a moment and thank you all for the wonderful stories I've read on here about catching others desperate to pee, and getting to see them relieve themselves outside. I'm not into wettings, humiliation, diapers, pee drinking, and so on. I just love a good tale about a hot woman needing to pee badly, who either barely makes it to the bathroom or has to squat outside somewhere, and hope no one sees her. Of course, getting to see it in action is an entirely different endeavor, and I'd like to share such a story with you all. A few weeks ago, there w
  13. It looks like there's going to be a two-day EDM Festival coming to my area in a few months. I'm not the biggest fan of electronic music, but there's some of it I do like. Plus, you'll see all kinds of wild and skimpy outfits being worn by all genders. Has anyone here been to an EDM Concert or Festival? I feel like the chance of pee sightings could be high, especially during raves, and I'd like to hear your experiences.
  14. Oh yeah, I know lots of outdoor venues can produce great sightings. I'm surprised that I haven't seen many pee-related pictures and videos come from these two events in particular given how popular they are
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