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  1. That's a damn good idea!!!!
  2. Nice sightings! I would've started pissing beside the car, that way she might've enjoyed the show!
  3. I've done it as a mutual thing, she wanted it done and I was happy to oblige. I aim to please! My preference is the vagina and tits. The sound, watching the stream make contact is a major turn on. Feel free to PM if you'd like to know anything particular!
  4. You could get some plastic and cover the cushion area. I used to love peeing under my desk when at work, but I had a concrete floor so no worries. Like you I just got a new place- with tile floors even so I plan on breaking it in too. Of course I'll post photos! LOL
  5. You could always get a "pee rug" one that you can throw in the washer easily. For the record I've peed on the carpet in several apartments and have always got my security deposit back. The secret is to be well hydrated so your pee is clear and don't do it in the same spot every time. This works good in hotels too!
  6. No but I had I known about it, I'd have made the trip over to see it! I'm in that general area.
  7. Looks like you've pissed there a few times before! I've had a similar piss corner that looked like that 🙂
  8. No pic, the bathroom had one of those blue light bulbs but I stood beside the urinal and pissed on the floor letting it splatter everywhere. Had been drinking coffee & soda all morning so it was a nice puddle. I will be stopping at that gas station more often!
  9. At one time I could fill a 2 liter bottle about 3/4 full if I skipped the morning piss and drank more water & tea. Beer is an instant full bladder and while I'm not a big drinker, I certainly enjoy beer pisses!
  10. It's been a couple years since I've had a golden shower. Unfortunately, the woman who gave me those several showers while we were dating is now married. No joy. Like you I'm craving one as well!
  11. Welcome! You'll find lots of like minded people here.
  12. I was doing my weekly laundry this morning. As I'm sitting outside of the laundry having a smoke, there are two girls in their 20s sitting on the other bench talking. I'm looking at my phone when I heard one of them say "yea last night my mother was in the bathroom and I had to piss so bad I pissed outside in front of the car." Her friend starting giggling and said "I've done that too. The other day I peed on a towel on the floor because I didn't want to stop my game". Needless to say I did my best to make small talk with them while we were all inside folding clothes. I did get a bit exci
  13. I love pissing at the beach, so much I do it weekly! Aside from my story last week that I posted here I've never been lucky enough to see a woman peeing at the beach. 😞 Most go in the water and you can tell what they're doing but no visuals. LOL
  14. Pissed on the boardwalk earlier. Sorry for the not so good pics, it was crowded and I wasn't trying to get caught. LOL
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