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  1. I agree! Probably the finest way to experience sex and naughty pissing
  2. That bar would probably make more money than a multinational corporation...
  3. Probably it will be better pissing the exteriors if you are looking for soft consequences; if you would go for the interiors, on the dash just under the windshield
  4. From a princess as you are they will not be stains on the carpet, but trophies
  5. Sharing with a piss Lady would have been gorgeous... Increasing the amount too! 🤪
  6. Bigger the stain, bigger the feeling... 🤪
  7. It looks like a painting... 😍
  8. I totally agree with you, Friend!!! I think you need to call your girlfriend and let her soak the room wholly... 😍
  9. Welcome Darling! I'm Italian too... 😘
  10. It will look amazing especially over an hotel room desk... Don't you think...? 😍
  11. Sharing a lovely hotel room with a pee fan girl and enjoying together a huge pissing stay... 🥰
  12. On and inside, piss friend! 😜
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