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  1. A superbly well written story @Eliminature, full of lovely detail on the situation and also the activities and reactions of everyone involved. A very sexy experience for you as a time traveller!
  2. Hmm... Perhaps you haven't 'burst my bubble after all, now having mentioned the generally small size of the pools and the huge number of people who are peeing in them. On a cruise ship it must be fun to watch people getting into a pool or a hot tub for just a short time - obviously only in there for a pee! I must say I like your comment, "Also fun to pee there myself whilst others are right next to me." 😉
  3. Wow, a lovely long pee! Please try to hold for a similar time when you next take a swim in a public or hotel pool. I love the thought of so much pee being released into the water for the 'benefit' of other swimmers! 😉
  4. Oops, I missed this one back in February. Very sexy to see him peeing all over his own face - and also into his own mouth!
  5. Thanks for posting this @Alfresco as I've never been on a cruise. When @Spectacle suggested this for the '150 people from here pee in a pool' fantasy I at first thought he'd found the best idea. 🙂 To feed my craving for a pool containing 5% urine I was hoping pools on ships would retain the same water (unchanged) at least from port to port - as on a trans-Atlantic crossing I'd be expecting a very strong 'chlorine' smell from the pool toward the end! 😉 Although you've 'burst my bubble' it's still good to know the reality on most long-distance cruises. By the way, talking about this has
  6. "... going everywhere but in the toilet bowl." Oh I like that!
  7. Oh yes it's pure fantasy, it's never going to happen in real life. 150 people are not going to travel from all over the world simply for the purpose of spending 12 days or so repeatedly peeing in the same hotel pool!! 😃 (For each of us to make sure we never peed anywhere else but in the pool would give limited scope for visiting tourist attractions in the area for example.) I still love the thought of it though.
  8. A nice piss and this also looks like a very good place for Mr Eliminature to relieve himself. 😉 Hopefully inside a building so there's no chance of his pee being washed away by rainfall.
  9. I love the way you describe it as 'the cause'! 😃
  10. Hey it's just as well my hubby is at work and not reading this. Wow, and I mean WOW!
  11. This is a great thread @sillyme. Lovely to see men peeing in naughty places like this. As you say someone will have to clean it up!
  12. Lovely to see your pee going into the water to pollute it @oliver2.
  13. Hey it's OK @ShyPeeMan, I understand now why you asked the question! We all have our 'things' and I always react to any man who mentions peeing in swimming pools. This is a great website for sharing our thoughts so thanks again for explaining. Maggie x
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