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  1. Oops, somehow I failed to see this post almost 3 years ago! 🙂 A lovely set of photos Alfresco, and a great description too. Very sexy to actually see you peeing in such a naughty location, with it initially pooling on the surface of the carpet before steadily soaking right in. I love your idea of sitting on the stairs, instead of standing as usual, to avoid detection while performing your naughty deed! Also sexy to see evidence of the carpet doing its intended job by absorbing your urine as fast as you were peeing on to it. Your urine, retained by the carpet, must have resulted in quite a smell later on within that enclosed area. Excellent work - and I hope that carpet wasn't cleaned for several days at least!
  2. Yeah it's hot to see a guy pissing into a swimming pool from the side. I've only seen this a couple of times but it is HOT for sure!
  3. As Alfresco has said it's quite likely that, having done it once and then probably also used the lazy river as a toilet too, your girlfriend will continue to relieve herself into the water when she needs too. Good luck on that (and I mean it!) as I still get excited when my hubby relieves himself into the pool water, even though he thinks it's no big deal. Hey I'm going to compliment you, firstly on always peeing in pools right from your high school days, and secondly on your visits to toilet facilities to pretend you are using them. I've also done this when with friends who I suspected would take a dim view of pool peeing! 😉
  4. Oops! Please accept my apologies Sweets, as I forgot to tag you after posting 'Part 3' of my story. Must admit I got quite excited while writing it, thinking of myself as Emma in these situations. 'Part 3' is posted and I'm now thinking of a possible 'Part 4'.
  5. On their way to Vince's room the couple stepped into the elevator, with Emma saying "Oh yeah, the smell of your pee, now stale as it hasn't been cleaned out yet!" then adding, "I noticed it on my way to the pool and it's great that the horrible smell will affect anyone who rides in here!" Pleased to receive the compliment Vince thanked her, also mentioning with a grin that that's exactly why he'd peed right here. Holding hands they stepped out at floor 5, with each of them pleased to discover that their rooms were only 3 doors apart. On entering Vince's room Emma immediately noticed a more gentle version of the smell in the elevator. She could see the stains on the carpet, from when he had peed on it, but what she was surprised to see was that Vince had removed the protection from his bed. The whole mattress was exposed, with a large wet stain visible in the middle, and Emma just said "Oh wow!" Seeing her eyes glowing with excitement, Vince explained that he'd removed everything from the mattress so that when he peed it would soak deep down to do the maximum damage. Emma was so excited that she offered no resistance when Vince slipped his fingers into the shoulder straps of her swimsuit, pulling them down, and she was ready to step out of it as it reached her knees. They kissed, deeply and strongly, with Emma touching the tent-like bulge in Vince's speedos as they did so. Slipping her fingers into his waistband she pulled them down, with Vince happily stepping out of them of course. His next move pleased Emma as, after lots of kissing plus mutual touching and feeling, Vince said "Hey, my bed is still wet, is that OK?" With no hesitation she accepted this, allowing herself to be lifted on to the bed. Now, with the wetness of Vince's pee both on her back and her bottom, Emma was more than content to feel the thrust of his penis as he entered her. They made love, each complimenting the other for the naughty things they'd done with peeing, with Emma eventually reaching a point when she climaxed and had orgasm after orgasm. Almost immediately afterwards she felt two strong spurts inside her, with Vince then saying "Oh I love you, you are so naughty Emma!"
  6. On waking the next morning Emma needed to pee and so decided to visit the hotel pool. Having put on her dark green swimsuit she was soon walking through an archway with the pool in view. Discovering she was the only one there at that moment she approached the ladder, ready to climb in, then hearing footsteps behind her. Looking around she could see a nice-looking man in bulging two-tone speedos - and he was none another than the guy she'd seen at the elevator yesterday! 😉 Unable to believe her luck Emma climbed into the pool, turning to face him and waving. He smiled and waved back, with Emma then standing (hip deep in the water) and peeing strongly through her swimsuit. By glancing down she could see that the water around her crotch was visibly yellow, and on looking back she could see the guy gazing at her crotch in clear delight. Pleased by his reaction she continued to pee for as long as possible before beginning to swim, but still keeping an eye on him as she did so. The man climbed down the ladder and then stood facing her, with the pool water around the bulge in his speedos soon turning delightfully yellow. Obviously Emma was excited by this - not only did this guy pee in elevators but also in pools! After finishing his pee the man swam over toward Emma, swimming alongside her until she stopped to rest and then saying "Hi, I'm Vince, and I'm pleased I'm not the only one here this morning." No immediate mentioning of the peeing and Emma liked that. They chatted for a while, during rests between swimming, and then agreed to meet for breakfast. During breakfast the subject of naughty peeing crept in, with Vince admitting that he had peed into the wardrobe in his room and had also stained the carpet. Hearing this made Emma feel confident to admit that she'd also peed on to the carpet in her room, with Vince replying "Oh that's great, lovely and naughty!" After a pause he continued "And I've peed in the elevator too," with Emma replying "Yeah I know!" This conversation continued, with Vince inviting Emma to come into his room after breakfast, which she agreed to as she felt a strong sexual attraction to him. More in Part 3... 😉
  7. This is a story where Emma (into very naughty peeing) meets Vince who's also into it. Peeing in hotel room, elevator, stairwell, pool. This is told from a time when you could still pay cash for a hotel room in England. Emma had booked in, paying cash, so she knew she could probably get away with some naughtiness. Once in her room she pulled down her panties and half squatted to pee on to the carpet. She felt excited as the puddle of urine she was creating gained in size, pausing for a moment to move to a different spot to finish her pee and create another good-sized puddle. When finished she felt happy with what she had done as she could see it all gradually soaking into the carpet. However at this moment Emma realised she'd left her cigarettes in her car and went to retrieve them. Having gone down in the elevator she stepped out, seeing quite a nice-looking guy getting in soon afterwards. After going to her car and picking up the cigarettes she returned to the elevator, waiting a minute or two for it to come back down, but when the door opened she could see wetness! On entering it was obvious that the guy she'd seen getting in had peed. There was a big puddle on the floor and also wetness on the sidewall just below the floor-select buttons. Emma remembered that the guy wasn't carrying anything, not even a bottle of water, so the wetness must be his urine. On pushing the button for floor 5 she could feel wetness on her fingertip. This was one naughty guy and she wanted to meet him! ------------------------------------- Back in her room Emma was pleased to see that her pee puddles had spread as they soaked into the carpet, creating two lovely big areas of wetness. She did not need to pee again until the evening, just before sleeping, and for this she sneaked out into a stairwell close to her room. After checking that nobody else was around she simply stood in the stairwell and peed on to the tiled floor, creating a nice big puddle of urine which fell partway down the stairs. Now in bed, Emma's fingers found their way 'down there'. While thinking of the days events she masturbated, shaking her clitoris until she climaxed and fell asleep. She didn't know yet, but tomorrow would turn out to be another enjoyable day...
  8. Hi and welcome Lovetowee. We have already chatted about pool peeing in a thread I started and I like your thoughts on it. I forgot to mention the 'tickling' effect we get from peeing through our swimsuits in a pool so thanks for mentioning it! 😉
  9. A great story and I can imagine being Tracy. I love the thought of peeing on different areas of the carpet which will hopefully cause stains all over the place, plus of course the smell as a result.
  10. Yeah I guess most of us who enjoy peeing in pools will be giving clues as to what we are doing! 😉 A quick glance down - yes it's nice and yellow but not too obvious - then staring into the distance and focusing... I'm focusing on the warmth, first at my crotch and then spreading down between my legs, which lets me know for sure that my urine is spreading within the water. I'm using the pool as a toilet on purpose, keeping going for as long as I can, and it feels SO good!
  11. I probably do have that concentrating face! 😉 Back in this thread one of the guys mentioned seeing women glancing down briefly while standing hip deep in a pool. He guessed they were almost certainly peeing and had glanced down to check for yellowness. I probably 'give it away' myself, as I often glance down as I begin to pee to see how yellow the water around my crotch is.
  12. Yup, you have guessed correctly Lovetowee. I always hold on before a pool visit - ready for a long and satisfying pee through my swimsuit when I get in.
  13. I guess this would happen to me too (or soon would as I'm 43) but I always try to pee - as much and as often as I can - while in a pool so it gets no chance to trickle! 🙂
  14. "And with that I let go a huge stream of dark yellow piss all over my new unprotected bed and carpeted floor." “eww what’s that smell” he said. I found these 2 parts of your story particularly exciting. I love the thought of an unprotected bed being soaked by a huge stream of dark yellow piss - (Oh the thought of it going right down into the fabric of the mattress!) - and the whole room smelling of urine from naughty activities!
  15. A lovely and well written story. Sounds as if you greatly enjoyed what you saw! 😉 I was lucky once, as a teenager and walking through an area of woodland, to see a guy about my age squatted with his pants down to his knees. He was facing away from me, so he didn't see me, and I really enjoyed watching him as he pooped.

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