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  1. Fantastic!! - every one of those. I love the risk of any of these guys getting caught 'in action'. Also the staining and smell as the urine goes stale. Wonderful!
  2. Oh yes I'm totally with you on this! At least half the fun of being in a pool comes from using it as a toilet. A pool visit would feel like a missed opportunity to me if I didn't pee into the water. Good work at that spa hotel in Leeds! It's a bit of each to be honest. When I see a good-looking man I think "Oh I hope he pees into the water!" On the other hand I'm also excited by the thought of other people swimming in my diluted pee.
  3. Hey it's interesting to find how differently we can see situations. For me, peeing in the shower would feel like a missed opportunity as I like to add my urine to the pool water for others to swim in. It's very diluted I know, but it remains in the water as filtration has no effect on it.
  4. Oh this is something I find very exciting Alfresco. As you've shown us this bin store was clean and tidy before you used it as a toilet, with this making your activity lovely and naughty. You were also brave to pee in there at 8:30 am when you could have easily been caught doing so. Nice work! 😉
  5. I like the thoughts of James_erased and I'm happy to accept his argument that pissing in the pool is fact the best use of the facilities. 🙂 He totally understands the rush I get, right from arrival in the changing rooms as I always make sure I need to piss before taking a swim. Almost bursting, I'll walk right past the actual loos and enjoy doing this. Into the pool, stand hip deep and release - with a lovely feeling of warmth at my crotch and then spreading down between my legs. The pool is my toilet and I'm enjoying every second of it as I 'empty' myself into the water. I'm sorry
  6. This is something I didn't know as here in the UK only the wealthiest people have their own pools. The climate is too cold and wet for outdoor pools in back gardens! I guess if I owned a pool I would pee in it but mostly people over here are peeing in public or hotel pools. OK it is possibly childish but as an adult I still enjoy taking a pee in a pool and thinking, just like when I was a kid, "I'm being naughty by using the water as a toilet!"
  7. Welcome to PeeFans Jamieroo. I am also from the UK. I feel sure you'll enjoy being in this forum.
  8. Maybe somewhere under cover so the rain won't wash it away. In a parking garage? Important for me is to create a smell of stale piss.
  9. I'm totally with you on this WendyMarty - it's a huge turn on. I also love to see videos of men peeing while in swimming pools.
  10. I like it that you have even peed in a private swimming pool - with no consideration for the pool owners who invited you there!
  11. Hey thanks for your thoughts @Alpian! It's lovely to see a reply like yours and this is why I like Peefans so much. Perhaps we can continue this... 😉
  12. Hey this is great news @JDG and I particularly like the way you've described it as "Pee came flowing out in huge amounts and I was very satisfied I finally did it!" So sexy to think of you releasing huge amounts of pee into the water without anyone except your girlfriend knowing. Everyone else around you would be happily swimming, not knowing you had made such heavy use of the pool water as a toilet! You've 'overcome the obstacle' now so please give me two promises 😉 1. You'll always 'hold' before taking a swim, 2. You'll always piss as much as you can while in the pool.
  13. Thanks for telling me this again @Eliminature, as I believe you've now helped me to understand my enthusiasm for pool peeing. Your grandmother (as you've told us) added "I always do," when encouraging you to do so. On the other hand my parents were more secretive about it, possibly helping me to think of as far more 'naughty'.
  14. I've been prompted both by the thread "Peeing in front of family members' and also recent events 😉 to post again on this subject. As youngsters my brother and I were encouraged to hold on until we were in the pool to pee. I can remember asking to visit the toilets with my mom saying "Oh that would be a long walk so it's much better for us to go right into the pool and you can pee in there." Once in the pool my dad said "OK, when you're ready just pee through your swimsuit and it will go into the water." I needed to pee so I did so, feeling for the first time the warmth at my crotch an
  15. Continuing now I have to say that this was possibly my introduction to the naughtiness of pool peeing. I guess this counts as 'peeing in front of other family members' even though it wasn't visible... but then again it didn't cause me any problems for me Thanks again to @Bigpiss89 for your thoughts.
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