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  1. Lovely photos of you peeing all over - and I mean "all over" the driver's seat and steering wheel of this car @Alfresco. Thank you for taking the risk of repeatedly using this car as a toilet and also giving us photos of your activities. Hey I know it's naughty of me but I was really hoping it would be smelling of stale pee by your third time in there! 🙂
  2. Oh yes, I've also seen people doing this - getting in and standing still for a while before progressing, or even getting straight back out again! Must admit I love to see this if it's a nice-looking guy though. 😊 As some people here know I find a thrill from the act of peeing in a swimming pool and do it as often as I can. It's firstly the anticipation when a pool visit is planned, holding-on and staying away from toilets to make sure I'll be able to 'go' when I get in - then secondly the actual moment when I'm adding as much urine as I can to the pool water and hoping nobody else real
  3. Oh yeah, it's always good when a guy pees in a pool or a hot tub - and great to share the experience too
  4. A golden piss into the pool to pollute the water. This hits the spot for me!
  5. Well you'll get no criticism from me @Peejoy, quite the opposite in fact! I love the way you got into a hot-tub full of people, knowing your bladder was full after a long road trip, and deliberately contaminated the water by releasing your piss into it, Naughty and sexy!!
  6. No I didn't tell them it was "something they shouldn't be doing". 😊 Just like my mum and dad did with me, I told them there was no need to visit the toilets at a swimming pool and if they needed to 'go' it was much easier to do it in the pool. They happily accepted this (as I did when I was a kid) and would almost always pee in the water as soon as they got in. Eventually each of them realised it was "something they shouldn't be doing" though, and I'd see grins on faces as soon as we got into the pool.
  7. I was actually encouraged to pee in pools as a kid, both by my parents and grandparents, and I loved the moment when I realised it was something I "shouldn't" be doing. Great to hear you did it even more after realising it was naughty!
  8. Hey I hope this problem will soon be resolved as @Bertsmall and I have 'clicked' with regard to childhood experiences. Also I have sympathy for @aquavite2 as my entry to Gold Membership was quick and easy.
  9. Thanks for your compliment on my parental skills 😉 and as you say a kink can be passed down within a family. My grandparents encouraged my parents, and in turn they encouraged me.
  10. Oh yes @Spectacle, and I suppose it actually was encouragement, even though I and my brother saw it as 'permission'. 🙂 I can remember my parents each having twinkles in their eyes as they gave us this permission and so you are probably correct in your second sentence. By the way, I really like your final sentence!
  11. Life moves in mysterious ways as I've found this thread today by doing a search with 'pee' and 'pool' as keywords. 🙂 My first experiences were of seeing boys of around my own age peeing was when I was at school. Luckily my walk to/from school involved walking past an area of trees and bushes. A few of the boys were naughty in there and I liked this.
  12. Thanks for posting this @Bertsmall, as I was also encouraged to use a swimming pool as a toilet when I was a kid. Just like you, my first few times were at the seaside when I was taken into the sea by my mum or dad when I needed to pee. My next experiences were at a local lido, which had toilets but my mum or dad would always tell me to go into the water and to stand waist deep when I needed to pee. I can remember the warm feeling between my legs as I went to toilet in the water, and afterwards I'd be told "Good girl". Another time I remember being in caves with a small river flowing th
  13. Hey it looks like you're getting 100 per cent support on this @YoDiggity123! As @Spectacle has mentioned he'd always get out of a pool when he needed to pee, but after reading my posts (on other pee fetish websites as I hadn't found this one yet!) he changed his habits. To be honest I didn't realise the influence I'd possibly have by describing the thrill I got from peeing in public pools, so it was lovely to receive a PM from him confirming this.
  14. Hey this is nice to read! Thank you @Justasailor,as some guys here can be hostile to other guys who like to pee in pools. On at least 2 occasions new guys have posted that they love to do this (which excites me) but they've been told "I don't want to swim in your piss." On the 'yellowness in the water' thing I've posted before about being seen by a lifeguard when I peed in a pool as a teenager, I was standing hip deep and peeing through my swimsuit when I saw the lifeguard gazing at my crotch!
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