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  1. Hi Maggie, nice to see you on this site! It's always good to have girls around who love peeing in pools as much as I do.
  2. I completely agree with Maggie_555 (nice to meet you here, do you remember me?) I LOVE peeing in public pools! I do it every time I get the chance to do it. The smaller the pool and the more people in it the better. I like being naughty and empty my bladder right into the pool with other people around me. But the hottest thing for me is when girls just go in the water. I'd really like to spent a day with a girl who is doing this at a public pool but unfortunately I don't know one.
  3. Hello Peefun. I was just wachting the pictures you posted, which I really liked! Especially the ones where your cute girlfriend is peeing on the beach and in the pool. I'd like to ask you if you could take a picture of her peeing a yellow cloud in swimming pool? It seems impossible to find a picture like that and you would do me a really big favour. Best regards Taake
  4. Wow, this looks like a lot of fun. Peeing around in a pool with a girl is one of the hottest things I can imagine. I really envy you. Thanks for sharing those great pictures!
  5. I especially like the pic where she pees in the ocean. You really have got a stunning girlfriend!!!
  6. and the rest hope you like it.
  7. This is my absolute favourite topic. I LOVE girls beeing naughty and pee straight in the pool (especially if it's a public pool). Here is my collection, if anyone else has got more stuff like that please post it...
  8. taake

    In the Bathtub

    Thanks Zoe! Here is the rest I've got on this topic
  9. taake

    In the Bathtub

    some of my collection
  10. some of my collection
  11. some of my collection

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