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  1. Spectacle

    Marking My Territory

    So, she knew of your fetish, but did she know what you were doing in the closet?
  2. Spectacle

    The Piss Empire - Part V

    Oh my god! The legend is back! I can't believe it. This is my lucky day. @nopjans, I kiss the ground you walk on. Or piss on, as it were.
  3. Basically all of them. But more often, they do it while the shower is running!
  4. Spectacle

    Viewpoints on Male to Male Pee Fun ?

    Regarding sexual orientation, it depends a little on what the guys are doing. If they're just peeing on stuff together, on principle that's not overly different from visiting a strip club together. They might both be getting sexually aroused, but it's directed at a common subject, not at each other. Of course, if they're actually getting pee on one another, that's a different sort of matter. You could make a fair argument that if a guy enjoys peeing/being peed on by another guy, that means they feel some sort of attraction to other guys. But what's wrong with that? Any hate for that kind of fun isn't much different than the hate for other kinds of fun between interested males. It doesn't even mean that the guy doesn't generally enjoy the company of women -- that's a valid way to do it too. People need to chill out about what guys do together, and that's basically that.
  5. Happy Birthday

  6. Spectacle


    When I saw that the site was down, I was afraid that it'd never come back up again. I was immediately kicking myself for never taking the step of getting anyone's contact info! This is a relief to rival any other we have around here.
  7. I can't speak for anyone else, but weirdly, I only feel really comfortable peeing in sinks when I feel at home in the place the sink is at. Nobody tell my friends that.
  8. My interest in peeing in pools doesn't quite 100% line up with all of these thoughts, but I also don't mind them. I'm amused by this being a recurring theme, though. I swear, my legacy on this website, if I ever get one, is just going to be how I hijacked a ton of threads and made them about pool peeing. Because I'm like that. In the past, I have discussed the moral sorta implications and whatnot for peeing in water that other people will unwittingly be swimming in. It's a particularly sneaky and invasive form of naughty peeing, and a lot of the same general thoughts apply. Is this OK to do? If it's not, is it worth doing anyway? Does it matter whether it hurts anyone? The list goes on. But still, I enjoy it, so I'm not in a hurry to deny my own passions. Sometimes it gets tricky. On one hand, I do really enjoy stuff involving damaging/destructive peeing. On the other hand, I don't get too wrapped up in wondering about the consequences for other people. I'm aware of it, but if I were really interested in that, I'd find some more overt way to exert dominance over them -- possibly find a consenting relationship and all of that. But the thrill of mischief only works when it's under the radar. So naughty peeing ends up being a (rather woefully) solo activity, and I just find what joys I can in it. (Fortunately, those are a lot.)
  9. I definitely wouldn't disagree. Even if the possible dismayed reactions of any other people involved aren't something to joyously dwell on, the fact that they're being inconvenienced can be a thrill anyway. The example I'd cite most readily would be swimming pools. (Obligatory @Maggie_555 tag.) Other swimmers, ideally, would never even notice what you do in the water, but it still very physically affects them in some sense. It touches their bodies. So you don't really have any reaction to enjoy if you're in it for sheer sadism, but you get a mischievous thrill out of doing something you're not supposed to, amplified by the fact that other people are involved. At least that's my take on it. Now, that is interesting. That you'd get more of a thrill out of a woman peeing on her own carpet than on someone else's. I'm glad someone can enjoy when women do that, then! Typically, I think of peeing on one's own property requiring far less of a "don't give a fuck" attitude, because there's so much less to worry about. So I find it interesting that you see it the other way around. That might be worth exploring a little more, if only for conversation's sake.
  10. To elaborate on my previous point: I think there's a difference between enjoying transgressions and sexual sadism. It's a bit of a fine line at times, but I know it exists because I'm definitely in the former camp. That video I linked in the earlier post is super hot to me, but I don't really think that hard about the consequences of it -- or at least, if I do, it's not to relish any unsuspecting victims' reactions. So I'd say you don't have to enjoy hurting people (on a sexual basis) to do stuff that inconveniences or bothers them (for your sexual pleasure). Maybe that's a factor in how naughty peeing feels, maybe not.
  11. It fits in pretty much fine. I think it's safe to say that we're not acting out territory-marking urges. If we were, we'd empty our bladders on our own doorsteps, and squirt pee on random belongings of ours. That's what it means to mark territory, in the evolutionary sense. It means you're scent-marking things that genuinely belong to you, so that other creatures will know that the things have already been claimed. What we're doing isn't that. What we're doing is taking things that definitely aren't ours, and peeing on them anyway. That's what the real thrill comes from, for our purposes. Call it ownership, call it destruction, call it pollution, whatever you like -- we're relieving our bladders on/in things that aren't our personal property to do everything with as we please. We're stepping beyond that boundary, doing something transgressive, and using pee as the method of transgression. I'm going to take this opportunity to post a video link. I think it's relevant. http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/kleidershop-5-988 There's a ton of videos of this one woman going about and peeing in outrageously devious places and ways. I've never seen anything like it, but it's amazing. Not even little squirts, either, huge streams. And in this video -- systematically letting her bladder go on one shirt after another, blatantly using her relief to damage unpurchased merchandise. That's not marking territory. That's doing naughty things because she can.
  12. Spectacle

    So, I'm curious...(poll)

    Well, speaking as someone with a bit of experience ... the thrill is absolutely still there in a public pool. It's worth it. Of all the naughty ways to pee, swimming pools are always the best way to get it on other people without their knowing.
  13. Spectacle

    So, I'm curious...(poll)

    Haha, that's great. ... Now I want to know which ones you missed. Hey, don't knock it till you try it. One time I did it down the back of an acoustic guitar that was resting on a stand. Edit: I like how 9 out of the 13 voters so far have peed in swimming pools. That makes me happy to see. (Hey, @Maggie_555, this one's yours!)
  14. Spectacle

    So, I'm curious...(poll)

    Well, I just got to check off a whole lot of boxes. I had a bit of a laugh when I got to the 'animal' one. Like they'd stand still for that. (On the other hand, do bugs count? I might've peed on some ants once.) In general, this list amuses, pleases and arouses me. I wish I could check off 'carpeted floor' and 'pool' multiple times, though. Those are my favorite places to pee. I do them whenever I get the opportunity. Great poll, though. I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes!
  15. This thread makes me so happy. I've been so deeply into naughty peeing over the years, but especially before finding this website, I felt very alone in enjoying it. It's not an inherently social way to go about watersports, so of course it suffers for finding partners with common interests. But here we all are! The non-toilet spaces of the world must fear our wrath. I'm generally with @steve25805 on this. I don't usually think much about the consequences of naughty peeing. The important part is that it's a taboo thrill. It's empowering, in some base, instinctual way, to get to just pee anyplace one wants, even if -- especially if -- it's a place that pee really shouldn't go. To that end, it can be fun to pee in places that inconvenience (or even unwittingly affect) other people, but the main point isn't to bother them, it's just to get to enjoy a thrilling release. It happens, as a result of that, that I don't go much for exhibition. Too showy. I'd prefer it all to happen under the radar. As for how I feel about enjoying this stuff ... well, I've talked about it a bit in other threads. It's a lot of moral compromising. The important thing is for each of us to find a place we're comfortable being in. I'm OK with enjoying fantasy depictions of people doing some really despicable things (really no limit here), and I'm OK with enjoying actual photos/video of people doing quite objectionable things (pretty much any naughty peeing, for example), and I'm OK with personally participating in sneaky things that don't hurt or violate anyone to an unusual degree. So I'll pee in a swimming pool just fine, and I'll watch videos of people peeing on other people's expensive property, and I'll read stories about ... whatever stories get written about. But that's where my comfortable limits are. I stay within those, my conscience accepts it, life goes on.