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  1. @Maggie_555, I never knew your parents encouraged you to hold your pee overnight before going to the pool! They must have really wanted all the urea possible getting into the water. @Bertsmall That's quite a way to be encouraged, actually watching the urine flow out of everyone's crotches in front of you. I can imagine how dark the yellow must have been. My parents didn't encourage me on this, so I just have y'all to encourage me instead!
  2. I know exactly what so many of you mean, especially @YoDiggity123 up top. I used to never pee in the pool. I got out every single time. Then I discovered the internet and what people like @Maggie_555 had to say about peeing in public swimming pools for the thrill of it. Now when I get out of a pool, I get to walk away from it with the sly pleasure of having a completely empty bladder for the trip home. A little encouragement can go a long way to showing us things we already wanted to do, but didn't know it yet!
  3. I think if this were going to happen, it would probably be on a cruise ship, because that's the only way to guarantee that the pool is within walking distance the whole time (or at least whenever the ship is in transit). Think of that. The whole wide ocean all around you, and you still leave your piss in the swimming pool on the deck. Keep that pollution in one place!
  4. My family was never especially open about peeing, which is probably a reason why it took me so long to get into. No one bothered me if I wanted to take a leak in the backyard or something, but I tended not to do that when people were around to watch. As I think I've mentioned elsewhere, when it comes to naughty peeing, I learned all that from the internet! And I got into pool peeing in particular thanks to @Maggie_555, so I guess you could say this kinky community did for me what family members have done for some of you.
  5. I realize I'm late getting to this message, but you deserve some feedback. You really, really do. This is gorgeous work. As always, the overtly destructive acts are great fun. To me, there's never been anything quite to top the part in the first installment when Nina and Katie were just rifling through luggage and stealing or breaking whatever they felt like, because that was personal property already owned by other people, but it's always fun. Even when it's elevator carpeting, for example. I'm also enjoying seeing the characters deliberately fully relieving themselves. Not just a s
  6. In my own home, when I relieve myself on floors or rugs, I don't exactly clean up, but I spread my mess out so that it dries quickly and doesn't leave anything too detectable. If it's outdoors, of course, there's no point in cleaning up. If it's indoors somewhere else, I'll probably still spread the wetness around, but what am I gonna do? Ask a store worker for a mop?
  7. You ever just see a hot girl and want to pee and then cum all over her? No? Just me? This story hits a good mood.
  8. Congratulations on the pool peeing! This is totally one for @Maggie_555. Truly, peeing in the pool is the one thing that fetishists and non-fetishists can agree on. Even if neither will admit it.
  9. Oh, man. I didn't realize how long it had been since the last story! It's been fresh in my mind ever since then. This is a real treat, just like before. I like the change of scenery, but moreover, I'm excited by the character of Michael. Are Nina and Katie ready to bring on a new friend? Or will they chew him up and spit him out like all the inanimate objects they come across? Or, somehow, will Michael turn the tables on them? Only time may tell! But I'm very excited about it.
  10. You may be onto something, as the video demonstrates! That said, I think there's a distinction between "I'll do it because everyone does it" and "I'll do it because it holds up to ethical scrutiny." Peeing in the pool is 100% the first category. And it's fine, because then friends like Maggie get to enjoy their peeing even more!
  11. What's really interesting to me, especially in your situation, Maggie, is the idea of peeing in the pool without thinking of it as naughty or forbidden in some way. Kids inevitably learn that it's at least theoretically against the rules to pee in the water. But to consider the swimming pool just as acceptable as a flush toilet for peeing? I guess you'd be able to tell us whether that's more fun or less.
  12. This is a very large part of the reason why I've gone swimming myself, at least since I learned about Maggie and others like her. Get some exercise! Enjoy the water! Pee your whole bladder's worth in there! And see what motivates you the most. 😉
  13. I'll pee basically wherever is convenient when I happen to be outdoors, but if I'm starting out indoors, I prefer not to go outside. When I am out there, though, there's no patch of grass or bed of flowers that's safe!
  14. That reaction to peeing in the water sounds like a familiar experience for many people. Interesting that you managed to experience it as a warmer spot in the pool first! It seems like a lot of us either see it happening, or hear people talking about it. That might be the most direct way. And of course, it's all part of one big practice of peeing where pee isn't supposed to go. The real fun part!
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