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    Lover of all that life has to offer, squeezing out all the pleasures that are for the taking, and including sharing the pleasures of pee fun with like minded females, enjoying this imaginative and extensive website etc. I am a stable, loving and passionate guy who delights in sharing stories, experiences and live action especially with lovely ladies who share this huge pleasure. Its a delight to be here.

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    drinking loads with a lovely lady at a bar or club, feeling our bladders approaching bursting point, then taking imaginative, naughty arrangements for blessed relief!
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    Having a girl drink wine and champagne with me all night in a club, loving to and holding her pee for me all evening, then peeing loads in her knickers under the table, with my hand between her legs pressing onto her pussy

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  1. Another lovely female who has come out of the shadows and found true joy in this fascinating pleasure of ours! Welcome Eliminature, and enjoy....
  2. One of my greatest pleasures is to be with my g/f in a pub, both drinking pints and loving each other's company and each knowing that the other's need to pee is starting to be felt, then growing more and more as time goes on. I love to imagine that she is working hard to hold all that beautiful warm pee inside her pantie, doing her best to keep it dry. I enjoy it on my own of course but the pleasure quadruples when we do it in each other's company. We enjoyed this outside a brewery beside a river in Yorkshire last week (you will know it Sophie) and we managed the end of the third pint before we both reached our absolute limits of holding. When the time comes and we just can't hold it anymore we move off to enjoy the pleasure of a wonderful much needed release in some exciting secluded location together. Its the most beautiful experience to share with someone who loves it so much as I do. Anyone like this idea and want to join us?
  3. Well that's amazing, i didn't know it was you peeing there, without a picture I didn't recognise you! But I must thank you, it was a huge turn on for me, sorry I stayed to watch... Please don't be ashamed, you were truly amazing!
  4. Sophie, I love that concept very much. I have been to enjoy VIP suites at the races when all the ladies are so dressed up to impress, but after a few pre-lunch drinks and much wine during the meal all those lovely ladies are usually bursting for a pee under those lovely dresses; and when there is a queue for the ladies the sensation is heightened further!
  5. That description absolutely does it for me! I can just imagine the pleasure in each of those sensations, as well as relieving the original nice and compelling urge to pee in your swimsuit, which of course is also a pleasure
  6. That description sent me over the top.... Its just as I truly love it! Thank you so much for your beautiful description of the whole experience Sophie, you're special!
  7. I'm surprised how easy it is sometimes to strike up a conversation with a stranger (it takes care and skill to do it) and find they are so willing to start to talk about peeing, sometimes in a curious way, sometimes showing an undiscovered passion in the subject. Love of peeing is the most undiscovered and unrealised pleasure on the planet, yet it is so freely available to all. I will encourage anyone who I think might be interested to dip their toe in the water, like the memorable conversation I had (which I described here) with that lovely lady at the german beer stand, the pub without any toilets (truly)! She was on her fourth pint, (remember?), when she suddenly had to make a swift exit down an alleyway. I'm sure she loved the conversation as much as I did, and that is my surprising thing about our love of peeing.
  8. I can easily imagine that sensation, I know that from my evenings at festivals, standing at the bar ordering the next pint and realising I am actually peeing in my shorts without intending to pee at that moment. When its quite dark and I'm in black shorts it doesn't really matter anyway, just adds to the fun!
  9. Sophie, You have said ask anything, so here's my question... I spent some time recently in your home city, which I haven't visited for some time. I recalled all the lovely hidden alleyways tucked away in and around the city centre of which there are so many. I was just wondering if at any stage in your life you have used them to relieve yourself during/after a night out? They are so hidden and just perfect for slipping off the main areas for a quick much needed pee. I would love to thing I have peed in your own pee-steps!
  10. I would love a sequence on the theme "On the way back from the pub" . Lots of girls don't bother with toilets before they leave even though they may be feeling the need, its much more fun to find somewhere, anywhere, on the way home and enjoy the pleasure of doing it outdoors. They will all have enjoyed a good drink so the need to pee is absolutely genuine, which I love to see too. I love the scenes in the semi-dark here, as it indicates it may well be 'on the way back from the pub'.
  11. I was in a large UK city late one Friday evening with plenty of partying and drinking, expecting towards the end of the evening to find plenty of girls having to hold their pee and some desperately needing to find somewhere to relieve themselves towards the end of the night. There is one concealed location I know linked to an underpass that is always awash with liquids, even in the driest of weather, and I kept an eye out for anyone heading in its direction. It wasn't long before I was aware of one young lady making her way in a very determined fashion along the pavement and heading down the slope to this location. She had left her friends behind so it was pretty clear to me she had one thing in mind, to have her much needed pee in the seclusion of this convenient 'toilet' in the middle of the city. Once she was definitely in position I hurriedly followed her down and found her pissing uncontrollably, legs apart with her skirt up around her waste. I made it very obvious I had come down for exactly the same reason as her and without hesitation got in position to pee too. As soon as she saw me, she apologised immediately and said to me 'Sorry I just couldn't hold it any longer' to which I replied 'don't worry, I'm desperate myself' and I proceeded to pee boldly a little distance away but easily within her sight if she wanted to watch me. She was completely unable to stop her pee stream but after my comforting words decided there was no point in even trying to stop either so she carried on to completely empty her bladder, as I did the same. The joy of her peeing quite freely, and really having to, in that space, with me alongside was amazing, an experience I shall always remember.
  12. I love that expression, it says a lot about what is happening in your knickers, but in truth it was probably more like a leak with a lot of high pressure behind it! Am I right??
  13. Surely that must be a most pleasurable feeling for you, especially if you have been holding for a long time?
  14. That is the most delicious and most exciting happening imaginable! I loved that you had the desire to do that, it must have been a very beautiful and satisfying experience, and thank you for sharing with us.

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