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    Lover of all that life has to offer, squeezing out all the pleasures that are for the taking, and including sharing the pleasures of pee fun with like minded females, enjoying this imaginative and extensive website etc. I am a stable, loving and passionate guy who delights in sharing stories, experiences and live action especially with lovely ladies who share this huge pleasure. Its a delight to be here.

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    drinking loads with a lovely lady at a bar or club, feeling our bladders approaching bursting point, then taking imaginative, naughty arrangements for blessed relief!
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    Having a girl drink wine and champagne with me all night in a club, loving to and holding her pee for me all evening, then peeing loads in her knickers under the table, with my hand between her legs pressing onto her pussy

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  1. My experience too at a recent festival I was at. The girls came out of the beer tents bursting to piss after so much to drink, then on finding how gross the toilets were they had no hesitation in moving over to the side of the marquees, fully open to view, and without any thought just lifting the skirts, or lowering their pants and enjoying the total liberation of a huge and much needed piss. They didn't mind my joining them one bit, I pissed too alongside them... It was just so natural for all of us given the circumstances. Little did they know how much I enjoyed the experience!
  2. Paulypeeps, your literary skills and imagination are superb! I love the way you give equal importance to peeing and love-making in a girl's life and I couldn't agree with you more! I love the realisation that this passion for peeing exists with absolutely 'normal' human beings who engage deeply in all the things life offers. Your reference to 'Gingham skirts' struck a huge chord with me....it was a yellow Gingham dress that Jennifer was wearing when she and I were walking back from school, she stopped on the pavement and let out a huge stream of piss from under her skirt, which had obviou
  3. This does it for me too.. When my g/f tells me I can't pee somehow I find the strength to obey, but I love to be told I can't pee! Of course I love to have the same lovely control over her too, which she loves and obediently obeys!
  4. Eliminature, I was truly fascinated to read you 'learned' assessment of this subject, especially so from the woman's perspective, which we males need to understand if we are to approach our ladies in the right way. I take what you say as being very likely the case. For my own view I should say here that I do often intentionally chat to girls on certain websites, quite cautiously but quite openly too. I look first carefully at the nature and character of the lady and make assessments of the likelihood of a lady possibly being receptive to ideas of pee related chat. I prefer to chat to resp
  5. Reading those words conveys to my mind the excitement of the feeling of the pressure you were experiencing in your pussy, enjoying the sensation of holding back a lot of pee. It is sharing that sensation with a lovely girl that I really love
  6. Do please let us all have details of any avenues out there for meeting like minded people to share our indulgencies with. We all need them I'm sure.....
  7. Sophie, I loved reading those words, it's so true and I am with you every step of the way. Even in later years if you have been faithful and loyal to each other those joys still remain, probably even stronger.... so stay with him for ever!
  8. I love it when a girl is really turned on by a guy really needing a piss very badly! I would happily do that for any girl who would like that...!
  9. This is an amazing experience when I'm out in the car with my g/f. We are always drinking, always holding, always needing to pee, and enjoy every minute of that time together. Finding somewhere close to the road, a little bit hidden but not too much, is fun and we never feel embarrassed if someone sees us/finds us in our great need to relieve ourselves.. Sometimes an explanation is necessary, but coping with a desperate situation is just normal behaviour; they don't realise we do it for fun and on purpose!
  10. I just love the things you say here, for me it is fabulous to know that a lovely girl feels like this, so free and easy when it comes to peeing, and doing it outside for the sheer love of it. You and I share this same feeling exactly, and thank you for sharing your exciting (and erotic) activities with us here! xxx
  11. Just the idea is sending my imagination running! No need for a picture, although it would be nice!
  12. Perfect and delicious story!! That's just how it should always be in a pub, a club, a restaurant, always with carpet under the table too! Keep it flowing Pop-a-Squat!
  13. I take great comfort knowing this, I just love to give lovely ladies pleasure... in whatever way it takes!
  14. Whilst that sentiment is not always expressed in our house, I do feel totally justified for the reasons above in using a large coffee jar in my garage workshop as my regular toilet while working long hours out there. Whilst the subject is never discussed I guess Mrs S will often be aware that its ages since I came inside to go to the toilet and be wondering how I managed to hold it so long, OR whether I have an alternative arrangement! In any case as has been said here it is a totally liberating feeling to be able to go as and when the need arises, and NOT to reduce fluid intake either. Any
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