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    Lover of all that life has to offer, squeezing out all the pleasures that are for the taking, and including sharing the pleasures of pee fun with like minded females, enjoying this imaginative and extensive website etc. I am a stable, loving and passionate guy who delights in sharing stories, experiences and live action especially with lovely ladies who share this huge pleasure. Its a delight to be here.

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    drinking loads with a lovely lady at a bar or club, feeling our bladders approaching bursting point, then taking imaginative, naughty arrangements for blessed relief!
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    Having a girl drink wine and champagne with me all night in a club, loving to and holding her pee for me all evening, then peeing loads in her knickers under the table, with my hand between her legs pressing onto her pussy

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  1. I just love 'real' experiences, they add authenticity and excitement to the read. Thank you Sammilove for sharing that, I can easily imagine your thoughts, sensations and all that you went through.
  2. How many of you guys and galls when leaving the pub or club purposely not go to the toilet before you leave, even though after all the drinking you are definitely feeling (and enjoying) the need to pee? What ideas or pleasures go through your mind at that point?
  3. Sweets, that is so lovely of you to share your story here with us, It puts everything about holding pee into true perspective. I feel so sorry that you suffer in the ways you describe. Its still lovely to have you in our community for all that, and I still wish you pleasure from it. Hugs and Kisses
  4. I'm sure you can imagine for a moment the situation when a few years ago I walked 190 miles of the famous Coast to Coast walk across England with two volunteer ladies from my charity walking group! Virtually every day involved walking through open countryside with no possibility of finding a toilet from breakfast time to dinner! The first toilet break of the walk was necessary within an hour of our lunch stop at a pub, ( I could easily anticipate the moment given the amount we drank) which we handled with due privacy. I'm not sure how but on day 3 one of the girls suspected my fascination with girls peeing and I shyly admitted it to her. From that moment onwards we found we were more and more able to pee quite openly with each other, I would even hold the hand of one girl while she was squatted down relieving herself! The one girl in particular, became very comfortable with it and admitted she was discovering her own pleasures with outdoor peeing with me! It was a beautiful experience looking back on it all, and seemed quite natural, while admitting that it gave me a rather special pleasure on each and every occasion! The two of us met on occasions afterwards to perpetuate the pleasures we had found, always great and exciting meetings!
  5. Eliminature, you know you have a standing (and I mean that) invitation to enjoy yourself in just that way with me!! The prospect of you raising your skirt in my company in anticipation of what you are about to do excites me beyond measure!!
  6. The amount of beer I consume at these events would necessitate me finding/visiting the toilet so many times as to be embarrassing! Going just beyond the lit area you are invisible from the main party and it was so easy just to disappear into the darkness, relieve myself as many times as necessary and quietly slip back into reality. Sadly it seems I may have been the only one who did this, as everyone else visited the outside toilet; there were not so many at the party that a queue formed, sadly, but i personally loved the freedom to piss just whenever I wanted, and for me it made a memorable party. Wish we had more like that with more people. On the other hand at a huge public bonfire near here there were loads of people there, the queues for the portaloos were deliciously long, especially with the girls, but some girls didn't/couldn't wait so just disappeared into the woods. I followed some and really enjoyed the experience of girls who couldn't hold their pee any lomger. The streams are always so powerful!
  7. The idea of your enjoying that pleasure Sophie does wonderful things for me, truly! Kisses...
  8. Just curious to know the height of your bin? My imagination is struggling a bit!! Or perhaps your compost is not in a bin......? I must say have never thought of the beneficial effect of pee on compost, my compost bin is just round the corner from my workshop so not nearly so far to take the contents of my workshop container in future! Thanks for the idea....
  9. Plenty I assure you!! I had to set a good example... xx
  10. There were hundreds of people milling around as the bars closed their doors promptly at 10.00pm. No-one felt inclined to just go home but enjoyed walking along the lower promenade taking in the atmosphere. There were couples and small groups walking together, many with cans of drink, drinking as they walked along. There were couples, including a respectable well dressed couple in their thirties, carrying pints from the pub, finding low walls to sit on and enjoy their last pint as they watched the crowds pass by. I have to say I had my eye on these people especially as surely they would be in the lovely position of just having to pee before long, especially as they would have been drinking in the pub before their last take-out pint. And so the intensity of my anticipation grew! There were some very basic 'toilet cabins'' on the edge of the beach and I saw quite a few people make for these, obviously needing to pee but turned away disappointed as they found them padlocked. Their first thought was to find somewhere else to relieve themselves and following them at a distance led to some lovely situations. There was a group of two couples obviously much in need to pee; I saw the one girl say something to the other and immediately they both went behind the cabins. It was obvious what they were doing so I allowed a short time for them to get settled down, then rounded the corner to find them squatting down and pissing very hard on the concrete. Unable to stop they chose to ignore me and just carried on. I saw another group of guys and girls go up to some dumpsters against the wall to the upper promenade and relieve themselves freely, without a care who saw them pissing away. One lovely couple, she in a flowing long dress with a long split descended the steps for the upper promenade walked across the lower promenade and onto the beach at a un-seemingly swift pace. It raised my suspicions and I followed at a safe distance without being spotted. They settled quickly on the lower beach largely out of sight from the lower promenade and once settled she pulled her skirt right up to her bottom revealing gorgeous long stockinged legs and let go a very strong stream of pee arcing down between her legs onto the beach below her. She clearly was enjoying a much-needed pee and did well to hold it till now I reckon! He probably did the same but he was the other side of her so I couldn't see. There was a group of four enjoying last drinks at a table in an outdoor bar, two guys and two girls, and I watched all four leave the table one after the other and pee behind a beach hut nearby. When the second girl got up to pee I positioned myself again at a safe distance so i could watch the action. Nothing is so exciting as knowing the girl is sitting at the table talking to the others desperately holding her pee until the last possible moment! I saw others hiding and peeing from a distance but I returned to see the respectable couple leave their low wall where they had finished their pints and walk quite a distance along towards the steps leading to the upper promenade. It was clear in my mind from what they had drunk and the time that elapsed since I first saw them that they both obviously had to be holding their pee, probably quite badly. I wasn't disappointed. Just before the steps there was a row of dumpsters and they made their way purposefully for these, not the steps, clearly with the plan in mind to take their much-needed pee. He went for a middle position between two bins while she went to the end of the bins, completely open to view of myself albeit in the half light. She lifted her beautiful fabric coat, lifted her dress underneath and lowered he knickers to her knees and took a half squat position. Her pee started immediately, which told me everything about how badly she needed to pee! She was in the middle of her stream and said to her husband there is a man here! She had become aware of my presence close by but having really enjoyed the experience so far I walked on as if i wasn't interested. It was one of my most beautiful experiences. Even refined ladies experience the sensation of needing to pee, sometimes very badly! The finale was looking down on a group of 30 or so young people in the middle of a Piazza type location with false free standing columns. They had set up a kind of bar on a bench with large bottles to which everyone came frequently with cups/mugs. They were all chatting and drinking and some music was playing, it was a real party atmosphere, just the type of situation I was looking for. The interesting thing was there was nowhere to go to pee for quite some distance, for those who were feeling the need. I saw some guys go to behind a litter bin on the edge of the Piazza, a short distance from the crowd hiding their pee streams but otherwise in complete view of the crowd. After a while one of the girls left the group and ran quite a way to a sailing club shed where I saw her quickly squat down and relieve herself. All this I viewed from the upper promenade so I saw everyone clearly but the peeing was some distance away. Then below me was a group of three girls who rather gave the game away; their gaze left the crowd and was directed round about them, obviously looking for somewhere they could pee, telling me in my mind they were each holding a lot of pee and needed to do something about it. There was a group of tables 30 feet away and they could have squatted down behind them for partial cover and it was obviously in their minds to do just that, but then one of them spotted me right above them. There was no way they could use the tables to pee behind without me seeing their every move. I wondered what they would decide to do... Anyway to be discreet I decided at that moment to walk down to the beach side of the Piazza well away from the group so as not to draw attention to myself. It was good move because in the next 10 minutes or so a stream of girls left the group one after the other, obviously unable to hold their pee any longer without wetting themselves, walked to the beach and behind a row of sailing boats, lowered their clothes and squatted to relieve themselves. By this time I was on the other (Piazza) side of the row of boats and was able to watch it all happening except for the pee steams themselves which were below the boat decks and out of sight. But as they stood to pull their jeans up their beautiful bottoms came nicely into view. It was so good to see the relief on their happy faces as they walked back to the group. And so ended one of the most exciting experiences in recent memory... thanks for sharing it with me.
  11. So the story gets under way, but it actually starts on the train going down to Brighton from the Midlands. Those who read my tales know how I delight in being in the company of a lady who is very much holding her pee and badly needs to go. My train to London was cancelled due to a fatality on the line and two trains were combined. Evenso passenger numbers were very light and I found myself in a triangle with two ladies, all separated by 2 metres. We had all been drinking coffees and teas, and the bottle of gin in one lady's bag looked very tempting as we had suffered so much delay. To my keenly perceptive eye the lady opposite me by her leg movements and periodic re-positioning was very much in need of a pee but the sparkling conversation between the three of us she decided to hold it, not wishing to chicken out. I loved feeling the very full sensation she was obviously experiencing in her knickers; in the end she gave up and disappeared to to the toilet, very clearly, to my trained eye, on the point of wetting herself if she had stayed much longer. It was a good start to my day. I arrived in Brighton around 4.30pm and walked around the town and the coast to familiarise myself with the layout, imagining where the action would be. There was a group of three ladies walking around carrying and drinking from beer cans, and I wondered how full they might be feeling at that point. I checked in to my hotel, just a basic room as I was on my own and would only be there to sleep. I checked on the public toilets and all were nicely closed now. I started walking along the promenade looking for a nice bar for a few beers and something nice to eat. Straight away I came across in a quieter area of promenade to the east of the pier where three ladies had obviously just taken a pee, very substantial ones looking at the large extent of the fluids on the concrete. I cursed for having just missed it, it was clearly very recent and I could see the group of young people on the beach where they were from. The action had already started! The guys in the group when they needed a pee, stood and walked a short distance from the group looked away and did their stuff, all within clear sight of the group. There were lots of couples on the beach and a few walking along the lower promenade with bags of drinks looking for a good place to settle for the evening. There was one particular spot right next to the pier just around a corner and out of sight, although you can look down directly onto it from the upper promenade. It might just as well have had a sign reading TOILET above it. Loads of people had been using it, it was awash with pee. It was impossible to watch at close quarters anyone using it without making it very obvious I was there but i did see from little distance four girls going there to pee and could only imagine the relief that they were getting from relieving themselves in this secluded spot. By judicious calculation I was able to find myself on the upper level when I saw one girl making for the spot. I let her get started and had a lovely, albeit aerial, view of her performance, and a lovely stream flowing from underneath her on the slight grade down towards the stoney beach. She was one happy girl to have peed all that pent up piss. Girls when in company do hold it till the last possible moment don't they....? The couples on the lower part of the beach whilst knocking back the drinks must have just peed where they were alongside their partners because i saw none come up to the promenade while I was there. I then went to find a beach bar which served food. I was alone on a long bench table and had three gorgeous pints and a lovely fish supper. It went dark during this time. The other tables filled up slowly and it was interesting to watch people's behaviour and drinking habits. More than a few girls on arrival made straight for the toilets before sitting down, a lovely sign that they had already been drinking plenty in the beach area and were bursting for a pee. After eating and drinking I set off back to the east side. A group of 20 or so young people were having a beach party with a fire and loads to drink. I sat on the beach a distance away to watch. Several guys walked down to the edge of the sea and pissed freely within clear sight of their party. I was thinking the girls must also be holding their pee after all the drinking, and sure enough two of them came my way hopped over a low breakwater, lifted their skirts dropped their knickers and squatted for a lovely long obviously much needed pee. If they saw me they weren't bothered, their need to pee was uppermost in their minds. The action seemed to die down so I went to the other side of the pier where there were loads of people in the artists quarter, many drinking from cans, some just walking along. At 9.45pm I thought i would grab a last pint but all the bars had stopped serving sadly. Then the real fun started. (more to follow)
  12. After Alfresco’s various reports I had big expectations of my own great night of sightings in Brighton, and I have to say they were realised in full and beyond! Before I give the detailed account let me give a brief over-view of my delights and observations of the fantastic evening. I had made sure the weather forecast was for a dry evening so everyone would be out. They were out in large numbers, young people and right up to middle aged. There was hardly anyone who wasn’t drinking, it’s such a social thing to do when you are out with someone at particularly in the evening, or together in a group. The scene was set for a good night of sightings, the atmosphere felt right. The toilets were all closed at 6.00pm, the lovely authority people saw to that! The only place to have a pee after that time was in the beach bars. People drinking out in the beach area felt awkward about walking into a bar just to use the toilets, I watched some try to have a go but unsuccessfully! Everyone on the beach was drinking throughout the evening. Many never moved from their positions but were clearly knocking the drinks back. The relative seclusion of the lower part of the beach enabled two people together to just piss when they needed to alongside their partner. There were some girls who didn’t want to pee in company in their slightly larger groups so either singly or in twos or threes they would go to the top of the beach and pee openly on the lower promenade. There was not much cover available to them and in a couple of areas on the east side of the pier the concrete was awash with (obviously) female pee by 7.00pm! The guys seemed to stay on the beach to pee, standing just a little distance from the group but looking the other way. However the numbers walking the lower promenade literally mushroomed after the 10.00pm closure of the pubs. Many were carrying cans or bottles and walking along. Some even had pints of beer they had carried out of the pubs, and sat drinking on the many low walls. The need for people to find toilets was bound to be developing very nicely as I looked around the crowds, but there were absolutely no public designated places for people to pee anywhere. They had either to hold it till they got home but, as many were to realise, they simply couldn’t do that. The general feeling at that time of night after drinking most of the evening was not to care too much about where they peed, or who saw them, but the need to pee had to be satisfied. And so the scene was set! It was just left for me to keep moving around through the different areas, carefully spotting those who definitely needed to pee now or would very obviously need to pee very soon. It wasn’t hard to spot people’s behaviour, and often leaving the gaze of their friends and just quietly looking around them clearly indicated they were looking for somewhere they might pee. The air of expectation was high……. (The details to follow)
  13. I totally understand Sophie, its not something you can force if you're not in the mood, certainly. On the other hand if one is online here, one is usually in, or close to being, in the mood.....
  14. What time is the next such meeting? I (and others I'm sure) would love to be with you and share the experience/sensation..... I think this is what chat here is really for!

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