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    Lover of all that life has to offer, squeezing out all the pleasures that are for the taking, and including sharing the pleasures of pee fun with like minded females, enjoying this imaginative and extensive website etc. I am a stable, loving and passionate guy who delights in sharing stories, experiences and live action especially with lovely ladies who share this huge pleasure. Its a delight to be here.

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    drinking loads with a lovely lady at a bar or club, feeling our bladders approaching bursting point, then taking imaginative, naughty arrangements for blessed relief!
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    Having a girl drink wine and champagne with me all night in a club, loving to and holding her pee for me all evening, then peeing loads in her knickers under the table, with my hand between her legs pressing onto her pussy

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  1. I love the festival pissing ones, the girls always seem to hold their pee much longer than normal while chatting or listening to music, also they are drinking a lot so the urgent need to pee quickly grows to the point where they just can't hold it in any longer. The pee literally bursts out immediately they get their panties down, (if not before!) and it shows they were bursting and right at their limit of holding. Just perfect realism for me!
  2. Yellow Kitten, don't forget my request which you liked, sitting in a pub with your friend, drinking loads and getting more and more desperate to pee under the table.....
  3. Sophie, thats interesting, I didn't know that, must be real hard in that situation!!
  4. Sophie, I qualify completely, and I'm in Leeds next week!!
  5. So utterly beautiful and truly believable! The very best pees are those that just have to be done there and then, no messing and no other option available! So lovely of you to share this one with us Jayne, as far as we are concerned that was the very best bit of your party!
  6. If you really need to go that badly shyness doesn't come into it, does it??
  7. That's another of my dreams to be with a girl who does that! I was with my g/f this time last year, we had been to the Great London Beer festival and then to the park afterwards. She reckoned she could hold it for the 15 minutes we took to get to the park, but she barely made it. She needed to release a little on a bench on the underground to help her hold it. We reached the park, both of us bursting, she sat down near a tree on a slight slope, spread her skirt so it wasn't under her, with me very close to her, and was so very happy to let her bladder full of her pent up pee burst out of her, such relief!! Unfortunately the ground was bone dry and her pee flooded down the slight slope to where I was sitting. The first I knew was my trousers getting soaked from under me! Heyho! She had a dry skirt all right but I had to walk round London with wet trousers!
  8. Hehe, I like this idea a lot, but yesterday I did the complete opposite. I did a 15 mile canal walk, alone, seeking to prove my walking ability, which I have neglected lately. Before the walk I drank tea, diet coke and water to establish a hydration level in readiness for a long walk on a hot day. Holding it all till my destination was never going to work for me! I peed 4 beautiful times in the first hour, just on the canal bank, but not much after that once perspiration levels kicked in. The one thing I could not help noticing was the number drinking parties which obviously take place when local residents seek a nice quiet place with a view to enjoy a summer evening. The number of cans left was awful to see but clearly the number of ladies relieving themselves is obviously huge, judging by the enormous number of wipes lying on the ground! My next walk will be in the evening I think!!
  9. I adore what I see here, satisfying in part at least, some of my ever wondering imagination of your truly exciting appearance....
  10. Beautifully told, loved every second of the exciting tale!
  11. I'm sure we all will be interested to hear from our female members if they have any views or experiences on this lovely subject........
  12. I have always suspected and now have had an admittance from one of our respected members here that peeing on the dance floor while dancing is often the done thing, especially when feeling too lazy to go to the ladies or to queue up at the toilets for longer than you can manage to hold I found to my delight that this is common practice. Here is the result of an official result of a Poll on the subject: All alternatives that you or someone in your group have tried in the past: 58% (153) I went outside the bar and found a place to pee. 16% (44) I left and went to another bar/club. 38% (100) I used the men's room to go. 57% (150) I went to a dark corner to go. 67% (177) I peed under the table. 40% (105) I sat at the bar and peed against the underside of the bar. 48% (126) I wore a skirt and peed through my panties while on the dance floor. 54% (142) I wore a skirt, no panties and peed while on the dance floor. 14% (38) Other, I'll leave a story. 262 voters have answered this question I think this is exciting confirmation of what I have always suspected, and now long to observe and enjoy the experience!
  13. steamlover6


    Raven, I live in central rural England, 30 mins away from big cities for entertainment etc, but living deep in the countryside with cows, sheep and a few hundred lovely people around. Its paradise, believe me, with so many beautiful places to visit throughout this lovely country. Like I said before I will help you all I can. Just fly into Birmingham airport, let me know arrival time and I'll be there for you..... xx
  14. This one's easy for the ladies: Drinking pints (of whatever) in the pub; when really really full, pee under the table into an empty pint glass and fill it up to near the top, and place it innocently back on the table top. My g/f and I have done it, its so hot!
  15. Nothing would please me more than that, its my favourite thing to do. After a few pints it becomes really enjoyable, believe me! Lets do it on here sometime??
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