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    Lover of all that life has to offer, squeezing out all the pleasures that are for the taking, and including sharing the pleasures of pee fun with like minded females, enjoying this imaginative and extensive website etc. I am a stable, loving and passionate guy who delights in sharing stories, experiences and live action especially with lovely ladies who share this huge pleasure. Its a delight to be here.

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    drinking loads with a lovely lady at a bar or club, feeling our bladders approaching bursting point, then taking imaginative, naughty arrangements for blessed relief!
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    Having a girl drink wine and champagne with me all night in a club, loving to and holding her pee for me all evening, then peeing loads in her knickers under the table, with my hand between her legs pressing onto her pussy

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  1. These videos and an increasing number like them are really lovely to watch, and it saves having to stop out until the small hours to enjoy the atmosphere which I love! Looking at the shots it's easy to see and imagine which lovely girls are having to hold their pee, and beginning to think where should they go now to find a place to relieve themselves. For a lady late at night that must be hard! Those shots when they do find somewhere however are sadly rather more rare!
  2. Bacardi, I love that you want this so much, and if ever there was a way to share this with you I would, believe me! I have been lucky enough to enjoy this and believe me the best way is in the room, after plenty to drink at the pub, for the girl to lie on top of me, face to face, wearing bra and knickers only, me with just pants, kissing and hugging and loving; then without saying a word and when she feels the moment is right, she just lets it all flow into her knickers and then all over my lower body! Its the most amazing sensation I have ever enjoyed, believe me! And even though I am below
  3. How lovely to share that with us, thank you so much. Constantly feeling the need to pee but enjoying that amazing feeling of release over and over again, coupled with the sensation of your warm pee swelling up in your bathers How gorgeous! May I please join you next time..??
  4. How many of us relate to this...? I love the conscious thought of your doing that, although I bet it wasn't long before nature was calling urgently once more!
  5. The most incredible experience I was able to give to my exciting g/f was after a few beers in the pub we went to a quiet corner in the park nearby and I peed in her knickers, facing her, while she was still wearing them. The warmth ran all down her legs of course but she loved it so much and she wanted me to repeat it a few times after that. Of course I obliged! It was a great pleasure for me too, of course!
  6. If I can contribute to these lovely posts by these adorable ladies, I just love to know that ladies I am with or talking to are working so hard to hold their pee, and trying so hard not to wet their pantie; nothing is so intimate, so private and so exciting as to share these little secrets with each other when each of us is bursting. I love to go drinking with my g/f; we drink loads and love sharing that exciting sensation together, before finding a little spot where we can both let it all go while we are together, loving every second of the amazing release! Thank you ladies for sharing your b
  7. Sarah Hiker, do you manage to keep your pantie dry in these circumstances, or do you uncontrollably spurt some piss into your pantie before you get to release it all? I would love to know how you manage your desperation in these circumstances......
  8. Thank you so much for recounting this amazing and very erotic experience in your pantie; it did so much for me, and your other readers also I'm absolutely sure, its the ultimate sensation in desperation..... Keep up the exciting work!
  9. I am so with you in loving this scenario. Do you go drinking in pubs/clubs/restaurants and leave there needing to pee but purposely avoiding using the toilets on the way out? Are you carefree about where you choose to pee outdoors when you are desperate? i would love to know your thoughts on these points, and thank you for your really fascinating introduction here
  10. I take great comfort to know the girls get the same buzz as we guys do; we'll keep on doing it if only to give you girls the pleasure!
  11. It's sad that this is usually the case, and when they are that desperate that they can't just let it all go in their underwear, under their skirt or whatever. I watched many couples yesterday, late at night in a big city, all been heavily drinking and on six separate occasions and different locations the men stopped in a doorway while the girl stood by patiently waiting for him to finish, no doubt feeling the real pressure to piss herself, but just deciding she had to hold it, till whenever, not wishing to be seen squatting down in semi-public situations! Each time I was just waiting for him t
  12. Know that sensation all too well!! Lovely story Colormerose, feel free to tell us more such experiences!
  13. Pleased to see your reaction too. I was worried you might be taking the opposite approach. There are so many other lovely places and opportunities on a nice walk to pee; I always take the precautions of having plenty to drink before I go on a walk, so that I can really enjoy the pleasure of peeing in the open air. Its a great feeling!
  14. Offering my services right now, with pleasure!
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