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  1. Actually I was first on plane and opened the rear restroom door and she was sitting on the toilet!
  2. Hope everyone is SHOWERED with health and happiness!
  3. Number four! Call me and I will bring my thirsty mouth to you!
  4. On all fours in the yard with your dog. Both with one leg up.
  5. OH be still my pounding pee soaked heart!
  6. I saw a girl pee into a longneck beer bottle once!
  7. I absolutely think there should have been three pictures!
  8. I think they are absolutely perfect the way they are!
  9. Well, it was another very dark wet night nearly 70 years ago. I had been in my hiding place for nearly nine months. All of a sudden everything was cold and bright! I was of course startled and afraid. Everything was new and strange. I had a sudden urge to pee! I sprayed all over the table, my mommy and everything my spray could reach. It felt so good I have been doing it ever since. It takes a little longer now but it's still great fun!
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