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  1. You are welcome, and I am happy that I am not alone feeling like that. Also, to add to this, she knows I have a girlfriend and she has a boyfriend as well, so I would rather be careful with my approach. If I were more gutsy, I would of told her it is okay to pee in my hands. I did say something about urine is steril. Today, we had to go inspect a diving board for serial number which was painted over. So she went into a squatting position to use a small exacto knife to remove the paint from where the serial number is located. She was there for a good 10 minutes in the same position. Then she said to me that she needed to pee and left the tool on the side. So i told her i was going to look for a bigger scraper. When i heard leave the washroom to go back to the deck. I went to that washroom and saw there was sprinkles of pee on the seat which I did not hesitate to damp it with my finger and taste it. (Seriously, shes that hot). Then I went back to the diving board with a scrapper, and looking at her turned me on. However there was no talk about pee, as I don't want to push this topic on her. Part of me is content that she doesn't know about me liking this. Does that make any sense?
  2. Ok, this just in, it happened to me about 30 minutes ago. If some can recall me talking about a chief lifeguard that peed on the toilet seat. This morning, she had a course to give in the water, when she was done, I went to see her and wish good morning. Besides, why should I pass up on seeing her in a bathing suit! :-)))))))) So, we are talking away about our work place as she's placing her materials away when she suddenly says: I need to pee so bad. So as a joke, I placed my hands together so that she can pee in it and once my hands are full, I did a motion of throwing the pee away, rince and repeat. She laughed as she went to grab other materials and she: I will just pee in your mouth instead, then my head blanked out and heard her say, like a golden shower. And laughed even more. I felt my intelligence dropped to zero. My question to you all, no matter what you like, golden shower, watch someone pee or wipe, ect... when you hear a person talk openly about this, do you get like butterflies in your stomach, or your hormones just jumped and turned you on so much that makes you want to mastubate?
  3. At first, 3 of them were peeing while the other 2 stood there and waited, then the other 2 went after. Unfortunately, I didn't stay because tge other 2 I was with were walking away.
  4. @Brutus hey bud! That was quite the story and I wish I was there! I love to hear loud hissing sounds. Not sure of this is related but, I have noticed that bigger women make more noise when peeing.
  5. Wazzzup everyone! This is a true story, last saturday, i had a stag party to go to which we were downtown bar hopping right. And late at night, we were about 3 guys that went between buildings to pee next to a dumpster. Really not long after, 5 drunky women showed up and asked us if we can share spots, what am I suppose to say, no? Anyways, i tried being discrete but one said, no peaking and as a joke as i went to say sonething like, i didn't want them aiming at my head, one shouted out, wtf your pissing on my shoe, so my joke got disregarded. I took a second glance and there was nice large puddles, even larger than ours.. i guess i wasn't drunk enough.
  6. My head boss got tired of going to the washroom with a seat often wet and there's only 1 toilet available, so she asked the staff to keep the facilities clean. The unfortunate part is, the amazing looking boss that takes care of the pool, started cleaning up her seat which left me with no job to do LOLOLOL I use to love licking up the seat after she used it I still manage to find my recording device and get something from it. The lighting in that area is not great but nice to see. Enjoy!
  7. Struck gold lolol if I was single and had the guts to ask, i would love to get a golden shower by her. I would never use my phone to use to record it.. too risky and big. I do have a tiny device that I bought a while back because my neighbor use to dump his junk on my yard. I eventually caught and faced him. Anyways, if i can remember where i put it, i can try to locate a place hidden enough to hear and that i don't get in trouble and lose my job..ect Can i upload mp3 or videos here?
  8. Hey bud thank you for the interest in my experience. I wish I had more details, unfortunately, threw a freakin wall... It sounds like a deep hissing sound but with wisper because of the wall I presume. It is loud when splashing in the toilet everytime I can hear. I would like to get a device to record the audio, except i would be worried that she finds it.. i don't want trouble. About the blue colors, she does not like them because they are a bunch of slackers, and never get work done right and she is stuck deal with them. So maybe she has hate issues. To answer your question about if she does it on purpose, I don't have an answer for that. If I can can describe her personality in general, she loves her job and is very pro active and has energy. Lets say we talk about the main boss giving her more work or other things to do. She replies such as: its not my job. Find someone else to do it. Like her and another department boss don't get along. I hear things such as: oh he wants to play that game, and she will purposely mess with his schedule to piss him off. I don't have any problems at all with her, I believe she see's me as, i get shit done and when she needs something, she can rely on me.
  9. I would believe her.. as long as I get benefits from it lololol
  10. I have to agree with Brutus and i can personally say, i like coming here and share my stories and experiences so that it might be helpful ideas or different ways of expressing and communicating.
  11. Haha.. i guess we can call it destroyed. There is a bit of pee on the floor but from what I observed, it seems like it dripped from the side of the bowl. Like even the under seat is wet, which i will not lick. I heard her a few time pee from the other wall which was quite obvious and I noticed she doesn't even was her hands. I don't if she's a germ freak or just plain doesn't care. Once I spoke to the evening guy and he told me once he arrived to unlock the front doors to the building and she with 2 others but only her peeing down a set of 3 stair on the side exit because it had some cover. He told her that it was going to stink, and she responded something like it will give the blue colors something to do.
  12. Brutus, sorry for the late reply as I don't come here daily. I can always try to take a picture, the lighting is dim so it might not be great. That seat is clean when I am done with it, just the seat, the rest I wipe off with a cloth. We are not talking sprinkles.. it is covered with drops and splashes. I actually paid attention how many times it is getting used. My head boss shows up at 8h30am and uses it before she goes to yoga and she is quite fit as a boss and she's 42. Then she doesn't go back to that washroom until the end of the day. Which she has told me that the seat was in bad condition which she had to use the mens washroom on several occasions. The lifeguard head boss in question, she's 24 and is so sexy and beautiful. When she wears leggings or in her swimsuit, I try to stick around because it is a turn on just looking at her. She comes in at around 10am and seems to always go to the washroom at the same times. I actually wash well the seat before she walks in and before 2pm which is the time she goes back. I can tell you, the seat is a complete mess so i don't mind liking all of it. Been doing it for a while.
  13. My second experience was a breath taker and let me explain why. At the time, I was single and living in a cheap appartment building. Across from my appartment was a single young woman. I felt bad for her because she had a 1 year old and had no support from the ex.. donator if I may call it. I remember an occasion when she knocked on my door, when I answered, she seemed to have been crying. She had asked me if she could borrow $10 because she had no food for her and her child so I gave her a 20$ and told her not to worry about it. She just jumped in my arms and said thank you. Its not something I can forget. I never saw her parents or any family members helping her and once I went to her appartment to bring her a bag of food. I felt bad because she had a matress on the floor, a tiny couch and the appliances belong to the building. After many times I invited her to come and take a tea, we talked about many things, which one was about sexuality. I did eventually brought up what was on my bucket list, which is a golden shower (i had gotten my first in my mid teens but thats another story lolol, i just made her belive it was my first). She never made facial expressions or said anything negative about it. I believe a few weeks went by which I knocked on her door and asked her if she wanted to join me for supper. She told me, that she doesn't want to mislead me to have sex with her. I believe she was not interested, at least at that moment. The day came, I bough 2 bottles of wine and I can tell when she came in, she sparked up her looks. After supper, she seemed more relaxed and had conversation. Then I popped the question, I told her, I knew she was not into sex and pointed at the table that there is 100$ in it for her if she is willing to give me a golden shower. Not long after, she got up and told me she should be going and went back to her appartment. At that moment, I felt rejected and started telling myself to give up on my quest. I also felt how stupid I was to think by giving her money, she would happy and I would as well. About 15 minutes later, while I was washing the dishes, there was a knock on my door, she asked to come in, you can tell she had anxiety. And then she spoke fast and placed her terms. She agreed to do it as long as I don't touch or do anything sexual. As soon as I agreed, she went in domination mode, telling me to take of my shirt and to lay on the floor. Once on the floor, she paused for a good 30 seconds, nothing was said from us, she removed her pants, wearing a thong. To make things easier on her I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, then i felt both her feet on each side of my head. I slightly opened 1 eye and saw she still had her thong on, then I saw her moving it to the side and squatted to my mouth as I kept my eyes shut, she started peing, after a few swallows, the rest went around my neck and soaked my hair. She then got up, went to put her pants on, grabbed the money and said thank you and walked out. After not seeing her for a few weeks, she knocked on my door and seemed tipsy, told me she asked if she can have the same deal as the other time. Which I agreed and had the money on me. Then after that, I haven't seen her in a while, until she knocked and tokd me she was moving away and I thank me for helping her and I never seen her again.
  14. Hi everyone and thank you for all your comments and feedbacks. First, this young woman I work with has a boyfriend, so I am not hitting on her nor am I interested. I personally agree with Brutus, it's not cheating and I'm not having physical contact with her. Regarding the toilet, I work as a cleaner in a sport center. She always uses the same washroom with a single toilet bowl. I actually know around what time she uses the washroom, so I clean the seat before. The walls are thin and when I enter the singles men wasroom at the end of a corner hallway, (more for the office staff) which its, her, boss of the aquatic, my female head boss and the receptionist that uses it. I actually listen in with my ear against the wall and she sounds like a massive torrent to a point that I don't even need to lean in to hear. What suprised me, she told me that she dislikes sitting on public toilets, so she hovers. That being said, she doesn't seem to wipe the seat even knowing the my head boss uses it. I can say for a fact that the pee on the seat is still warm after she left and I go in. To be honest, i have been tasting her pee for about 2 years now. It excites me because not long after, I go and chat with her asking if there's anything that needs to be done on the pool deck. Call it a crush, a turn on, an obsession, it does stop there and I would not be drawn to date or try to pursue a sexual encounter.
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