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  1. GoldenKid

    Favourite Pee Model?

    How about this pretty angel ?
  2. GoldenKid

    Ladies: in a disperate situation?

    Most times after having sex / having orgasm , ladies enjoy to have a mouth there and fully relax. In that point most of them needs to pee and If can go in the mouth would be much better i think. So i think before pee is the best to have an orgasm. Right? ??
  3. GoldenKid

    You're now a rich dictator...

    I think the right law would be : when a lady asks the help of a man to serve her being her human toilet for a pee , the man will immediately accept it and will try to serve the lady to relieve as comfortable as possible in his mouth letting her fresh and clean after. and the other : a lady can pee wherever she wants!
  4. GoldenKid

    looking for someone

    Wellcome ! ???
  5. GoldenKid

    New urinals for women?

    Hmmm I wonder If on some ladies room instead of urinals (like on the mens) would be a young guy with a hot and polite atitudine who would smile and get down almost on his knees with his head on back sustained by his heands forming like a chair for ladie can sit on his lips how manny ladies would use him? If he would assures the lady that he would let her fresh and clean after. ?? i am crazy?
  6. GoldenKid

    Ladies: in a disperate situation?

    You are so sweet Sephora ! ??? Your husband is so lucky to have you ! I think If you would know that he would swallow as it cames out without missing it and making mess and you would be fresh and clean after you would prefer it more times not only in that elevator situation! Would you ?
  7. Ladies: Suppose we both are travelling in a building lift/elevator..........its midnight....and the lift gets stuck up in between for a long time...i start feeling damn thirsty as i have not had water for a long time.....while u get an uncontrollable pee pressure and it gets almost impossible for u to control.........u cannot pee anywhere inside the lift....plzz lemme know what wud u do?...
  8. With the help of some practices he could become almost perfect :) The best position would be to stand almost on his knees, with his head on back supported by his hands forming like a chair for you. You can sit down and he can stick his lips to your pussy and with little attention nothing will flow out.
  9. Happy Birthday

    1. GoldenKid


      Thank you ! :17_heart_eyes:

  10. Hi all! I wonder if the man is able to quickly swallow everything without losing anything and make mess and clean up pussy after there are women who prefer to pee in his mouth instead use the toilet? It would be more comfortable, more practical for them?
  11. GoldenKid

    Pee drinking.

    Hello everyone! I was drinking pee from a few women in my life. Now i am able to serve a lady without missing any drop. I do this for my coworker everyday . Now she hates to go to a public restroom offices when we have a short privacy , it just tells me I have to pee and lock the door a little. Then i get down almost on my knees with my head on back sustained by my hands on back forming like a chair and she almost instantly sit on my open mouth having my lips on her pussy. In this way she can relax and pee without having a care of making mess because her stream don't goes outside and i can swallow without stop her flow. After she finish her pee i lick her pussy clean and suck a little for letting her fresh and before she get up i let a kiss there everytime. Everything take no more than 3 or 4 minutes:)
  12. GoldenKid

    Kate Middleton

    swee t hot and sexy
  13. Hi I would like to welcome you here. Look me up I have some stories on here.
    1. GoldenKid


      Thank You ! I will check :)
  14. born to love and spoil ladies pussy .