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    Well I'm mostly an introvert. I was googling "women peeing" one day in my doctor's office's waiting room. Found this forum in the results, took a look around and thought it was awesome. I work a boring office job, so a site about my favorite fetish is a fun pass time. I also like to draw, write, discover new music, netflix (who doesn't at this point?), videogames, reading and learning new things.

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    Favorite is voyeur and naughty. I think the hottest thing about pee for me is simply that it represents that a woman had to expose her vagina. It's a stinky nasty liquid that comes from her most private area, which for me, sexualizes female urine.
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    Hearing a hot manager at my old job pissing like a horse, and entering the restroom to clean it after she finished, and then discovering that she had pissed on the seat, floor and left it unflushed. She also didn't wash her hands and went back to serving food after wiping herself.

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  1. Brutus

    I was given orders

    Both! I want it all!
  2. Brutus

    I was given orders

    Now this right here, I would love to be my reality!
  3. Brutus

    Ladies please answer

    Maybe because in the shower, your labia aren't mashed together from the constriction of clothing and the day's discharge. Water and steam makes everything open and clean!
  4. As I do. Just to some, it may seem like nihilism. Absolutely. I've never researched this but I would bet that there is science to back it up. Observable examples are cats and dogs. Many different breeds, often the result of different behaviors going back 1000's of years, but still same species.
  5. Lol. Well as long as you understand that racism is based on fear, ignorance and laziness, it's easy to understand how it persists. It always will, the same way some people hate one food over the other, some will always hate certain races. For example, most white nationalists believe that brown people need exterminated so that they don't take over the population. The reality is that in the west, white birth rates are down because the women pursue careers instead of having babies these days and immigrants have to be allowed in to maintain population so the welfare state doesn't collapse. The more educated and career focused women become, the lower a nations native birthrate. America's alone is 1.85 last I checked and that's way below replacement level. It's pretty simple once you've done the research, but to some people, it's always other people's fault. Or other races that blame whites or Jews for society's ills and so on. Fucking dumb. It varies from country to country, but there is nowhere it doesn't exist at least to some degree. I've experienced racism myself countless times. In my younger days, it used to get to me, but now I just don't expect decency from people by default. Basically everyone regardless of race is a piece of shit to me until they prove not to be. That way, there are no unpleasant surprises. Everyone on the forum has proved to not be a piece of shit as far as I can tell, which I am thankful for. Regardless, I follow the golden rule and treat others as I want to be treated until they show reason to be treated otherwise. I still expect little in return and if respect is returned, great. If not, fuck it. It's worked out for me much better than being optimistic about people like I used to. Nihilism I suppose. But anyway, a thread about offensive jokes would not be allowed here anyway, at least not that I can think of.
  6. Do you mean on this forum?
  7. I agree with her! This line right here, magical. Screaming of narcissism to reason that others unknowingly drinking her pee is what's best for them. I also really like the sandcastle pee because it's usually kids that build them. Very crude act by both ladies!
  8. Brutus

    Is this cheating?

    Well yes but that self-accepted limitation is social conditioning. No one person can fully satisfy our desires, but we are taught to entrust one person with such a burden, and most often, the 2 involved are left dissatisfied with each other, at least sometimes. If one cannot even have fantasies, just because they are with someone, that is unreasonable. How far is the other person's loyalty obligation? Say one person constantly refuses intimacy. This abuses the other's sacrifice and is a different form of cheating, although rarely recognized. If you place your fulfillment upon me at the expense of ignoring everyone else and all other forms of pleasure, then you have a right to expect that I meet your desires in return 80 percent of the time because you have no other outlets. Now say I deprive you for months, years even. I've cheated on your loyalty by disrespecting your intimacy needs. Another thing is the word pleasure. Where is the line drawn? Say you are hetero and enjoy talking to a coworker of the opposite sex and become friends. Is this enough pleasure to qualify as cheating? So that's why I say it's not cheating up until the point of emotional or physical connection. Light flirt and fantasy are reasonable to me. I would say that loyalty despite a natural desire for other people is an immense show of inner strength, so long as those lines aren't crossed.
  9. Brutus

    Is this cheating?

    I don't consider this cheating and here's why, You derived enjoyment of a sexual nature from the fluids of another woman, as opposed to directly interacting with her. You have not had physical or emotional contact with her, plus this woman is not aware or knowingly participating in your sexual enjoyment of her pee, so I consider it no more cheating than admiring a coworker from afar and never acting on it. As a man you are attracted to good looking women, it's natural, it's what nature designed us to do. But remember every time you're out and see a hot random woman that you know you would enjoy having sex with, you keep your admiration of her to yourself, simple as that. Now is licking her pee from the seat taking it a step further? Sure but still, you are not interacting with the woman herself in any way, so in my view, her pee is too far removed from actual contact to call it cheating. Your girlfriend probably would consider it cheating, or at least betrayal to a degree, but this is similar to peaking at another woman in public while you're with her. You know that you're not going to hit on her, and are just admiring a great body, but she will never see it that way, and will think you want that woman instead. There is research about how most people, men and women admit that they would cheat on their partner if they knew they wouldn't get caught. So from that you could conclude that people just decide to hold back in most cases and admire others without acting. And chances are, your girlfriend looks at other men from time to time as well, with no intention of cheating, but just admiring an attractive man, nothing more. Even married women often enjoy some light flirting when their husbands aren't around. All this ranting was to make the point that as long as you are not actually pursuing this other woman, than I argue it's not cheating. Now if you ever take this a step further and make a move on her, that is certainly betrayal to your partner. Even if she rejects you, you intended to cheat. So I would say just keep it under control and don't let it cross that line into pursuit. And as a side caution, you may want to reconsider licking the seat anyway. Say she farts while peeing, microscopic fecal matter could be on the seat waiting with nasty bacteria. Not to mention the other asses that may touch the seat. This woman may contract an std at some point, or may already have one, and some diseases can spread if you lick the toilet seat after she sprayed all over it. STD's are getting worse these days, many are becoming resistant to antibiotics, and there is a new necrotic flesh eating one emerging that eats your genitals off. The news has been quiet about that one. Imagine that in your mouth. And consider that you may spread anything you catch to your girlfriend. That's a far worse offense. Careful.
  10. Brutus

    Spot Prizes

    Oh shit, thank you!
  11. (The funniest thing about my avatar is what you can't see because it's edited. The original picture has text under the monkey that says "Bitch I know you lying, but continue" Lol) But anyway... The person above me wishes that pasta flavored Oatmeal was a thing.
  12. The person above me agreed to give me 5,000 dollars, so long as I insist on never paying it back.
  13. Brutus

    The Sweetest Summer Job 2

    It was a bit longer than my usual, but l usually do long stories anyway, everyone's used to it by now. Actually I feel it needed to be a page or so longer to properly cover the scope. Thanks for the thoughtful analysis about the emotions, I wasn't sure if that theme came across. @bpb A thanks to you as well. Agree, I would love to be there for this too!
  14. The Sweetest Summer Job 2 Following the first day of working at his uncle Gipp's appliance store, Brenden arrived back home, his mind occupied as it clung to the visual of seeing Shelly, his uncle's foxy wife take a desperate piss in the basement of a customer's home as he helped her install a new dryer. Such a beautiful sight, and the unexpected mutual masturbation on each other that followed during the ride back to the store were the most exciting events ever to occur in his life. As he walked in the front door, his father asked, “Well, how was it? Sore yet, haha!” Brenden's mother elbowed the old man in the chest playfully, saying, “Knock it off, can't you see the boy is tired? Honey, dinner's in the oven. Tell us about your first day...after you get a shower of course.” In the shower, he wasted not a moment doing more than just cleaning himself. Even after a strong ejaculation, he couldn't stop thinking about what happened. He had been aroused for so long that it became mentally fatiguing, to the point of struggling to be coherent and avoid hinting to the forbidden encounter as he spoke to his parents. In his bedroom that night, hand lotion and tissues where put to good use. Hearing his parents having sex as he walked toward the restroom late in the night didn't help to relieve his over-stimulated mind. At a young age, he heard his mother's moans of passion and innocently wandered into their bedroom, which was foolishly left unlocked. One brief peak inside introduced him to the scary sight of her curvy tanned ass aggressively shaking and grinding atop of his father. It was not soft lovemaking he caught a glimpse of, but an otherwise soft-spoken lady taking control, and treating herself to a great fuck. Even the sound of their bed smacking the wall and her loud deep breathing were still vivid in his memory throughout the years since. Brenden never had the courage to tell them they weren't as discreet as they thought. Those high-pitched moans when she came were always just audible enough to know what was happening, and he learned to time late night toilet visits around their action, when they assumed he was asleep. Keeping his fan running at medium speed usually drowned her out on nights when she was especially loud. Sometimes, he didn't want to hear, but on certain nights such as this, the sound of sex nearby intensified whatever acts he was imagining. Arriving at work the next morning, excited to be in Shelly's presence again, he was quickly reassured that she was serious about the experience never having happened, responding to his smile and enthusiastic 'Good morning' with a simple reply of, “Hello.” Her demeanor was noticeably colder toward him than the day before, clearly hinting to Brenden that what they did was history. She assigned him to in-store work, helping his uncle with sales and maintenance while she went out on deliveries with Dave, who was now back after missing the previous day and normally did deliveries and installations. Brenden, unsurprisingly struggled to stay focused, distracted by recurring thoughts of the day before, and the disappointment of not being in her presence. A run-in with a mature and seasoned woman was proving too much for his young mind. Only on a few occasions throughout the day did he see her, returning briefly only to head out on another delivery and installation job. Seeing her toned curves, ass and muscular legs in tight shorts again was pure pain. The day's end left him depressed, eventually feeling that Shelly took advantage of him. He came to think that she used his lack of experience for a quick thrill, or maybe as a tactic to ensure he would keep quiet about her peeing in a customer's home. That night, he tried to get his mind off of Shelly by joining some online friends in Call of Duty. The household was a bit more lively than usual due to it being his mother's birthday and her friend Andrea coming over for a drink to celebrate. When she eventually made her way up to use the bathroom across the hall from his room, conveniently right when the game was loading, he felt compelled to walk over and stand by the door to listen. He could hear her lifting the toilet lid, followed by a strong stream smashing into the water. So many times in the past, Andrea used their bathroom with Brenden in his room nearby, never having an interest in listening to her. Now, the intense excitement that Shelly awakened had a grip of him again, as Andrea continued her loud piss. She served as further proof that women can pee much more than he imagined, her flow stronger and longer lasting than his had ever been. Hearing her gush stop suddenly, he returned to his room before she quickly came out, still fastening her belt as the toilet finished its flush. She seemed sexier than ever as her tight jeans hugged her rounded ass while she headed back down to the kitchen. His erection was itching for a release, but he forced himself to focus on the game, which proved therapeutic to put his mind elsewhere. Only a few hours later when everyone in the game chat called it a night, leaving him alone again, did thoughts of Shelly and Andrea return. His right hand was again made useful before bed. He made sure to turn his fan on, just in case his parents had a particular type of celebration planned. The next morning, Brenden arrived at work and was presented with a new situation. His Uncle Gipp told him upon arrival that Shelly wasn't feeling good, and that she asked for some medicine from the pharmacy. Immediately he felt a refreshing jolt of liveliness, not only for a chance to escape the boredom of working the register and doing inventory counts, but for the chance to be in Shelly's presence and have her attention, if only for a minute. En route to the local pharmacy, his mood took a dip, reminding himself that she was adamant about forgetting the whole thing ever happened. He asked himself why he was even bothering to get excited just to be disappointed again, in addition to lusting for his own uncle's wife. Brenden wasn't foolish enough to think that he was in for some wild steamy experience, but his mind just wouldn't let go of such thoughts. Like annoying auto-play advertisements blocking a PC screen, involuntary imagery of Shelly pissing and having orgasms filled his head every second. He saw himself fingering, eating, and fucking her, making her scream out. Inside the pharmacy to get a bottle of Kaopectate stomach relief, he remained absorbed in the stupor of sexual fantasy as he stood in line for checkout. On the road to his Uncle Gipp and Shelly's house, he calmed his nerves the best he could. After knocking on the door a few times, she didn't open it. He knocked again and still she didn't answer. The front door was unlocked so he figured she must've left it that way just before he arrived, expecting that he would let himself in. Entering the house, he called out Shelly's name two times, and heard no response. Now beginning to worry, he headed upstairs, calling her again as he gently pushed the bedroom door open. Inside, Shelly was sound asleep. He approached to wake her up, and then saw the blanket a few inches short of covering her bare ass. Instantly he began to grow hard at the sexy sight. He stepped back toward the doorway to avoid looking like a pervert and called out again, this time waking her. Shelly stretched and thanked Brenden for the medicine, telling him to set it on the table by the door. After putting it down, he turned to leave when she confessed that she wasn't really sick, but just wanted to sleep in for a day. He joked that he would make sure to have his Uncle Gipp discipline her. Shelly chuckled. He then decided to ask her how she expected him to just move on. She looked away toward the window and said nothing. After an awkward silence, he took the hint and started to leave. Shelly stopped him, saying, “Hey wait, wait. You never even answered my question the other day.” He looked at her with a confused stare, not knowing what question she was referring to. She continued, “On our way back, before we...you know. I asked you if you have a pee fetish. You never answered. It's just us in here now, so...do you? Since you wanna talk, first I need to know just how much of a perv you are, if I'm gonna work with you.” Shocked that she was even mentioning the incident, Brenden replied, “I don't know. Don't people with pee fetishes want to drink it or something? I didn't have any thoughts of women's pee until I saw you do it. Last night, Andrea came over and when she came up to use the bathroom, I listened to her and I loved the sound of it. If that makes me a pervert, screw it I don't care. Why are you asking me this? I'm not going to follow you around hoping to catch you peeing. All I know is I can't stop thinking about it.” With a bit of anger, Shelly replied, “Oh, you can't stop thinking about it? I've been thinking about it for twenty-four fucking years! You wanna know something about me that I've never told anyone? You ready for this? I was hoping you were watching me, Brenden. I like when I have to fucking pee, it makes me horny, especially when I have to go really bad! There's my truth.” Calming herself down, Shelly took a deep breath and told her story, which she'd kept to herself since adolescence. “My freshman year of high school, we had this English teacher, Mrs. Martinez. She was hot, the guys loved her because she had a big ass. It was very nice, I used to look at it too, but what I really liked about her was her presence. She had a dominant personality, feisty like a lot of Latin women. She would get visibly frustrated whenever kids didn't understand her assignments, but she never let her anger get the better of her. She stayed calm and composed. One day I'm in the restroom sitting on the toilet and hear her voice just outside in the hall, talking to another teacher right before coming in. She took the stall next to me and when she started peeing, it was so fucking loud and strong and seemed to go on forever. Hearing someone peeing in the restroom was just a sound that I barely noticed before that, but on that day, it affected me. It was like she was letting all of her built up frustration come out through her piss. It just touched me to hear her burst open like that. When she was done, she even moaned, the whole thing was sexy as fuck. Hearing a woman that I admired piss like that so shamelessly just made me want to do it and it still gets me hot to this day. Sometimes after I have a good piss, I need to masturbate. When I saw you were turned on, that was a reaction I've dreamed of since I was younger than you are. So you see, this fetish was unintentional for me too. Maybe I'm a pervert. Maybe we both are. Grossed out yet?” Brenden stood silent for a moment, taken aback by such a huge personal confession. He then boldly but truthfully replied, “Shelly, I want to watch you do it again, and I want to eat your pussy right after you finish. Grossed out yet?” Shelly stared intently at him, threw the blanket off and stood up from the bed, wearing nothing but a gray tank top. She walked past Brenden toward the bathroom across the hall, no words needed for him to know she wanted to be followed. Walking behind her, he watched as her cheeks fluttered with each step, seemingly begging to be grabbed and caressed. Upon entering the bathroom, he closed the door. The thrilling exhilaration he felt was no weaker than the first time she exposed herself a few days prior. This time however, he was more in control of himself, not only because his fingers had been inside of her, but he now knew for certain what her intentions were, that she understood what he wanted because she wanted it too. Shelly approached Brenden and gently touched his face with her left hand, slowly brushing down along his neck, showing a softer side that she usually hid. She then stood facing the toilet in a wide stance and told him to hold her from behind. Pushing his body into hers, his erection poked her backside through his jeans, as he wrapped his arms around her stomach. She pulled them down to her pussy, positioning his fingers to hold her labia open. He could feel the slight stubble of her pubic hair regrowth, with a few days gone by since her last shave. She then laid her head back into his shoulder and closed her eyes, immediately releasing a messy golden burst all over the toilet. Being given such intimate control, he pulled her aroused lips around to make piss spray all over. The sensations of his hands made her moan in pleasure, as her gush split into two streams. Brenden adored how she was so taken by a fantasy coming to life, desired in secret for so many years, that she cared not in the least of the mess being made. Splashes of gold touched the toilet seat, the carpet in front of it, and the floor on each side. He pulled both labia apart, making her shoot straight into the toilet and hit the center of the bowl, creating a loud, heavy impact against the water. She then took control of his hands and pulled them upward to make her raging stream arch farther up, in a straight line ahead that was hitting the tank above the bowl and splashing several feet in all directions under her high-pressure release. Shelly loved every dirty second, laying her head farther back on Brenden's shoulder and using her hands to gently caress his while he held her. Having such a tight grip of her body, he could feel her abdominal muscles contract each time she pushed harder. While her flow was still alive, he stuck a finger inside of her and started rubbing up and down. Doing so made her piss shoot off even more wildly, now spraying the insides of her thighs and soaking his jeans. Feeling Shelly pee on him sent him into such an intense state of arousal that he felt tingling in his fingers, nearly possessed by his urge to consume her with every nasty thing he imagined about her since the basement. Needing to take it further, he released hold of her, took his shirt off and knelt down to his knees. He then turned her body toward him and rammed his face straight into her pussy while she was still peeing. Such a bold move was exactly the unspoken and innermost heart of her fantasy, too much even for her to admit to desiring. Shelly felt he was reading her mind, and giving her the untamed sexual experience that she lived without for so long. She smiled passionately at his actions. His lips and tongue, though unskilled with his young age, were still the most beautiful oral stimulation she ever received, as he licked all over her crazed labia and clit, swallowing her golden liquid in the process. She let go of all inhibition, eagerly spraying all over his face and down his chest for the final few seconds before her bladder finally emptied. Even with being a few years shy of forty, she'd never seen her pussy so swollen and red, so hungry for attention. Meanwhile, Brenden was intoxicated by the strong natural feminine scent that saturated her entire pubic area, still musky from a night's sleep in the summer heat. He never knew such a smell existed, but was willfully enslaved to it. The bathroom was rather quiet despite the action. Only the sounds of their heavy breathing could be heard. Heavenly sensations soon made Shelly feel a definite orgasm coming. In the passion, which was now overwhelming her just as it had done to Brenden, she pushed him to the floor onto his back and quickly straddled his face, knees resting by his shoulders and lowering herself right onto his mouth. As he licked, Shelly reached behind and unzipped his jeans, pulling his penis out, hard as stone with arousal. She gripped it tightly and slowly stroked him. He groaned deeply from her skilled hand, already on the verge of coming since her confession. She ground her hips back and forth along his face as the familiar feeling of an orgasm grew stronger. A moment later, Brenden groaned again more intensely, as he came. Shelly felt him pulsing rapidly in her hand, as his semen rushed out all over his stomach. In one final move to prolong her enjoyment, she raised up a few inches and pushed once more, letting a few more spurts of piss squirt onto his face. He reached his tongue around the edge of his mouth to taste as much as he could, before she lowered back down. He grabbed her waist tightly and was back to licking. She was soon moaning again, with the climax wasting no time to take her. He felt her feet twitch and curl up against his hips. Her body tensed and she gasped for air as the moment happened. The strength of it made Shelly fall forward to her hands. Brenden held her down to his mouth as she tried to lift up to relieve the pleasure, too sharp to tolerate. With his tongue still lashing around on her raging pussy, she had no choice but to scream. Her voice was loud and powerful, near deafening as her legs shook out of control. Brenden then met the result of forcing her to feel an amount of pleasure that she couldn't contain, when a burst of clear fluid suddenly gushed all over his face with the pressure of a gasket blowing. He turned his head to literally avoid drowning under her strong release, although a different kind of release than what she had just finished. With a face turned red, Shelly screamed more as fierce unrelenting pleasure exploded through her body. Brenden released his grip, allowing her to fall to her back beside him. He held her hips while she nearly seized from an almost frightening orgasm. With a few more minutes having passed, a now calm and composed Shelly sat up and told Brenden that he should head back to the store before his Uncle Gipp started to wonder what was taking so long. He agreed and stood up from the floor to wipe her dried piss and juices from his chest and face. There was a strong silence between them, now being sober and utterly shocked at what happened, despite already having a rather extreme encounter in the truck a few days prior. After putting his shirt on and heading for the door, he heard sniffles and turned around, seeing Shelly's head rested in her hands as she cried. He quickly approached her, asking what was wrong. Through her tears, she responded, “We shouldn't be doing this, we shouldn't be doing this, I'm cheating on my husband with his nephew! I shouldn't have said anything. Fuck. No...no, stop. Just go. We can't do this ever again. This has to stop now. I'm sorry. Please Brenden, just...go.” The drive back to the store was wrought with feelings of exhilaration, confusion and sorrow, as he too was thrilled during the height of their arousal but now felt deep guilt over having sexual contact with his uncle's wife. As much as he hated to see Shelly's reaction afterward, he knew she was right to put an end to their secret. Arriving home that night, following a long day of emotional reflection while dragging around work, Brenden was once again in the privacy of his room. His young testosterone-filled body wouldn't let him rest until another release with the help of his hand and plenty of mental imagery to draw from. Again sober, he climbed into the shower, where the repressed emotions finally came to the surface, making him cry as Shelly did. For him, it was the culmination of a sexual awakening, love, lust, confusion and shame all at once. Showered, thoroughly exhausted, and having no clue what the next day would bring, Brenden laid down in bed and was soon asleep.