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    Well I'm mostly an introvert. I was googling "women peeing" one day in my doctor's office's waiting room. Found this forum in the results, took a look around and thought it was awesome. I work a boring office job, so a site about my favorite fetish is a fun pass time. I also like to draw, write, discover new music, netflix (who doesn't at this point?), videogames, reading and learning new things.

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    Favorite is voyeur and naughty. I think the hottest thing about pee for me is simply that it represents that a woman had to expose her vagina. It's a stinky nasty liquid that comes from her most private area, which for me, sexualizes female urine.
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    Hearing a hot manager at my old job pissing like a horse, and entering the restroom to clean it after she finished, and then discovering that she had pissed on the seat, floor and left it unflushed. She also didn't wash her hands and went back to serving food after wiping herself.

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  1. For those who read my fiction, The Sweetest Summer Job 2 is in the works. Aiming to have it up in a week or so. Also revisiting my original series, Femulsio Eta soon, possibly after Summer Job 2. Also have some new artwork that I've slowly been finishing up.

  2. Brutus

    The Siblings (Part 12)

    Oh yeah, got some things on the way. Half way through my next one right now.
  3. Brutus

    The Siblings (Part 12)

    Man this was just grand. Love the chaos going on here! Gotta get caught up on this series.
  4. Brutus

    The Sweetest Summer Job

    I just might do revisit this. I have a lot of ideas that I could write next. The indecisiveness is real, but thanks for the encouragement. And @wetwulf I just noticed the title of best fictional writer under your name. It means a lot to receive praise from the best on the forum!
  5. Well first, sorry that she reacted with disgust and that things turned out like this. I don't have experience dating a woman who knows of my fetishes but here is a suggestion. Salt and pepper some passive mentions of pee into conversation every so often to do some recon on how she feels. For example, say after a few dates, when you've become a little comfortable with each other, say you're on a date and you get back to the dinner table from a restroom break. You could then say to her, "When I walked past the women's on the way back, you could hear some woman in there peeing really hard, that was funny." With such a statement, it's enough of a hint to her that she can talk about the subject and she might say "Oh you have no idea, I hear that all the time" and so on, the conversation is started. It's also vague and indirect enough that you can fly under her creepy radar if she's not into it, and then you'll know she's not the one to reveal the fetish to. If she seems to be okay discussing it, you can passively mention pee as time goes on and see if she gets comfortable enough to show interest, if she is hiding a pee fetish of her own, or if she's indifferent to talking about it, but doesn't have the fetish. I imagine it would be a delicate and time consuming dance to pull off to gauge her reactions but it's something to work with. I wouldn't suggest holding out for too long and breaking up with an otherwise good woman just because you discover she isn't into it. Ultimately your odds of finding such a woman are not good. Personally, I could be happy with a woman that finds pee fetishes repulsive, but is otherwise a great companion. Can't always get what you want.
  6. I'd pay up to 1000 dollars for a woman to take a piss on me. 500 up front, and then up to another 500 depending on how much she has in her bladder. A 3 second punk ass tinkle and she'll get may another 50. Give me a good 30 second power gush that sprays with high pressure, she'll get the extra 500.
  7. Brutus

    Can you 'get rid' of a pee fetish?

    Much respect. It takes immense inner strength and self actualization to willingly remain alone, and forego sexual intimacy. A path few men choose to walk.
  8. Brutus

    The Sweetest Summer Job

    Thanks. By more, do you mean a 2nd chapter of this story, or just more stories in general?
  9. Brutus

    The Sweetest Summer Job

    Lol, thanks. Heartfelt reactions like yours make it that much more fun to write! Glad it's given you so much entertainment.
  10. Brutus

    Can you 'get rid' of a pee fetish?

    I'm wondering, do you wish that this fetish didn't have such a hold of you? I myself wouldn't want to be that dependent upon any fetish, to the point of not being able to enjoy sex without it. You could try abstinence from sex for a few months to see if it makes you able to enjoy the good old feeling of a woman's body against yours. Maybe after some time away, it might be fresh enough and reignite your ability to enjoy sex with no need for pee play to get you in the mood. Of course, this is assuming you would want this to change.
  11. The Sweetest Summer Job On the second Saturday of June, Brenden's father stood in his bedroom doorway trying to awaken him. “Brenden wake up, you gotta be at work in an hour. I said get your ass up, now!” The young man, three months past his 18th birthday and having just graduated high school the previous week, reluctantly arose from bed at the barking of his dad, less than eager to begin his summer job. He continued, “Boy, don't you embarrass me by being late to work on your first day, you're lucky Uncle Gipp needed extra hands this summer, now let's go. Gonna learn the meaning of a dollar today, instead of laying on your ass playing them damn video games all summer, yelling into that headset about how many kills you get. You need to be yellin about how much job experience you don't have. The hell is wrong with you kids today...” Shaking off the irritation of being pulled from a dead sleep and into a lecture, Brenden showered and headed over to his uncle's furniture store. Upon parking, he looked up at the sign, “Gipp's Top Appliances” and sighed in annoyance at having to be there at nine in the morning when he could be sleeping through the early noon hours as he did in previous summers. Not being very close to his uncle didn't help, especially since he married his new wife, Shelly. They met a few years prior, through mutual friends and began an affair while he was still married to his first wife, Dianne. Despite his dislike toward her, Brenden still couldn't help but admire her unique figure, curvy but with some muscle due to often helping carry large items to the parking lot and heading to peoples' homes to deliver and install appliances. Her angelic face, appearing younger than her true age, with full lips and hazel eyes, was a perfect compliment to her zesty body. On the handful of occasions he accompanied his dad to the store, he always liked that she was both able and willing to do such physical labor that men typically do. Those were moments he could almost forgive her for how the relationship came about. Exiting his car, he walked inside, past the unattended register to the rear of the quiet store in search of his uncle. Instead he was met by Shelly, her long brown hair in a braided ponytail, wearing one of her usual summer outfits of tight denim shorts and a tucked t-shirt with black construction boots. He forced his eyes away from the large and very obvious camel toe she had on display. She told Brenden that the store was just now opening up and it would be some time before customers would come. She then informed him that Dave, who usually worked Saturday's, called off and he would need to help her with deliveries as a result. In the meantime, she had him begin sweeping and mopping the storage area in the back, while she took an inventory count still needing done from the night before. With broom in hand, he swept the floor while periodically sneaking a look at Shelly's sexy tanned legs and plump ass while she walked around. He especially liked when she bent over to see code numbers on some air purifiers, not only for the beautiful visual itself, but for the moment when she stood back up and her shorts were deeply wedged, conforming to the shape of her cheeks and revealing just enough to see how smooth and well-shaped they were. He could sense that she was well aware of her attention-stealing figure and quite proud of showing it off. After about an hour, much of which included multiple smoke breaks, she was done with her count, and Brenden's Uncle Gipp arrived with 3 coffee's from the local shop. “Hey, Brenden, how's my nephew?! And how's my dumb ass brother? Oh hey, don't know if you drink coffee but it's got 2 creams and 2 sugars if you want it, bud.” Brenden replied, “Hey Uncle Gipp, I'm okay I guess. Dad's fine, lecturing me about life as usual. But nah, I don't drink coffee.” Shelly uttered, “Shit, more for me, I'll take it.” Soon after he finished mopping the storage room floor, a couple arrived at the store to purchase a new refrigerator, which Shelly asked for his help with. He followed her to the storage area and they lifted it onto a palette. Brenden, skinny in stature and never having lifted anything heavy before, struggled to provide much assistance. Handling the refrigerator mostly by herself with relative ease, Shelly simply chuckled and wheeled it outside, not a single word needed to make him realize how she felt about his lacking physical strength. Shaking off the humbling exposure of weakness, he followed her out and climbed into the truck. At the customers' home soon thereafter, he again tried to assist, but ended up having to relent to Shelly doing the lion's share of work once more. On the ride back to the store, he noticed a small bleeding cut on his left hand. Seeing him tending to it, Shelly remarked, “Already? Ha, I remember when my hands were that delicate. They'll be a lot tougher by the end of the summer, I promise.” Her latest subtle jab at his masculinity caused him to glance over at her hands, one on the steering wheel, the other holding her coffee. He noticed that despite still looking feminine and having white nail polish, her hands were certainly more rugged looking than his, toughened by years of labor. Arriving back at the store, Uncle Gipp had just sold a dryer that needed delivered right then, as the customer paid extra for same day delivery and installation. Brenden followed Shelly back to retrieve it. After helping her load it onto the truck, they hit the road toward the customer's home, a twenty minute drive to one of the local towns. Riding along the highway, they noticed police having traffic stopped. “Ugh..What the fuck is this shit?” said Shelly in a frustrated voice. She lowered the window and asked a nearby officer, who explained that an accident had occurred a quarter mile down the road and medics were stabilizing the individuals involved. What was to be a short drive had become a waiting game with the potential to derail their schedule for the rest of the day. She called her husband and told him that they would be late returning. Brenden sat quietly, playing a game on his phone. Shelly, never having been a particularly patient individual, struggled to contain her disgust at the unexpected circumstance, chain-smoking cigarette after cigarette. They passed the time by making small talk mostly about job-related topics, from how busy things would get in the summer, to procedures for installing appliances in people's homes. Their interaction alternated between vacuous conversation and periods of silence, neither one of them particularly interested in talking to the other. Brenden was especially careful to avoid any questions about her relationship with his uncle, knowing his own bitterness about it still rested under the surface. Nearly thirty minutes had elapsed and traffic was still at a dead stop, not an inch moved as the wrecked vehicles were still being cleared. Breaking the silence once more, Shelly shamelessly vented, “Come on already. Why couldn't they just drag the fuckers off to the side first so the rest of the world can get on with their day? I got work to do, I'm almost outta cigarette's, and now I gotta piss...Fuck.” Never having heard a woman express the need to pee in such vulgar language, Brenden found her sudden admission strangely erotic. He hadn't known himself to have an interest in a woman peeing, but for the first time, he wondered briefly how much he might enjoy seeing her in the act, thinking of her great ass. Finally after nearly an hour having passed, traffic began to move and they were on the way again. Ten minutes later they arrived at the home of the customer. The first step was to uninstall the old dryer and load it onto the truck. Shelly took charge, quickly unhooking and hustling it onto the dolly and up the basement stairs that lead straight to the front yard, with Brenden helping her by pushing up from the other side. After the exertion of getting the old one out, they lowered the new dryer down from the truck. Shelly uttered quietly under her breath, “Holy shit I really gotta piss.” As they carefully eased it down the steps toward the basement, the power cord fell from its plastic wrap and became entangled in the wheel of the dolly. Unable to move it further, Shelly told Brenden to keep it steady so she could reach down to untangle it. While trying his best to not reveal how much he was struggling to hold it, a monstrous surprise fell upon him when Shelly squatted down to tug on the cord, and one of her pussy lips emerged from the side of her shorts, too small to conceal her generously sized womanhood in a such a position. Brenden's heart instantly jumped into racing at the sudden exposure. Laser focused on the cord, she hadn't a clue that her pussy was literally hanging out and being admired, the image of her most intimate anatomy being burned into the memory of her rather useless helper. Time seemed to slow for Brenden as he focused his gaze on her beefy, shaved lip squeezing out against her inner thigh, so pink, so smooth, so intensely arousing that he felt his stomach tighten. Adrenaline surging through his virgin body enabled him to hold the dryer with sudden ease. After a few seconds, Shelly cleared the cord and they continued to lower it down the stairs. Swiftly positioning it and installing the duct, she was now breathing in shallow gasps to ease the painful ache from her bladder. Brenden noticed the strain and discomfort on her face, which easily conveyed the agony she was feeling. Seeing no way of helping her situation, he simply reminded her that they were almost done and she could find a restroom as soon as they left. Shelly then stood up and began unzipping her shorts, walking over toward a few storage bins in the corner. His eyes‎ grew with shock as he whispered forcefully, “Wha...what are you doing?!” She whispered back, “Fuck this shit, I gotta take a piss. Just watch that damn door for me.” She positioned herself next to the bins with her back toward him and pulled her shorts down. The tiny string of her black thong flung outward from deep within her plump cheeks as she lowered into a squat. Before fully in position, she immediately burst in a loud and forceful gush that initially sprayed against her left foot for a moment, then struck the cold cement floor. Brenden stood still, paralyzed with arousal, focused like a predatory bird descending on its prey. Her stream, itself akin to a predator with such fierce strength, rampaged and hissed like a wild beast, running along the wall a few feet ahead. Her beautifully shaped backside had just enough light cast from the fixtures above, highlighting the thong-shaped tan line along her waist. A large puddle was quickly pooling, spreading further still along the wall. With all senses fully engaged to new levels, he heard her sigh in relief, barely audible over the loud rush of pee, but just enough to reveal the euphoric, almost sexually satisfying release. Brenden continued to observe, as her stream became even stronger and arched upward, making it harder for him to see any actual pee from behind her, but with the trade off of seeing her dark brown hole bulge outward from the shadows of her cheeks as she pushed harder, rushing to finish. Even with pushing seemingly as hard as possible, it would be no quick tinkle, and another twenty seconds passed by with her heavy flow continuing to hammer the floor relentlessly, the puddle continuing to spread across the floor. Finally her stream weakened. Shelly stood back up, and started to pull her underwear, only to have the stream continue unexpectedly, and burst down the rear of her left thigh. “Fuck” she whispered, turning to head for the door, stumbling toward Brenden and unintentionally giving him a brief glimpse of her pierced clitoris while still pulling her shorts up. As she finally got them up and zipped, he noticed a damp spot at her crotch, as she had nothing to wipe with and more pee was still trickling out for a moment. Shelly handed him the installation form and instructed, “Here, have him sign this so we can get the fuck outta here, I'll start the truck.” She then grabbed the dolly and quickly headed outside, closing the door behind her. A few minutes later, Brenden returned with the signed form and they were off, back to the store. They both sat in silence, amid undeniable awkward tension, even more so due to the obvious erection in Brenden's pants, which he tried to hide by resting his arms on his lap. Thoughts flooded his mind, the pussy slip on the stairs, the thong, the pee, her puddle, her hiss, the shape of her ass, sexy tan lines, bulging asshole, clit piercing, all replaying in his head with more clarity than a lucid dream. Sitting at an intersection red light, Shelly remarked, “Not a fucking word to your uncle. It never happened. Got it?” Brenden quietly nodded his head in agreement. He could see from his peripheral vision that her head was still turned toward him. After a few moments he turned to make eye contact, seeing that she was looking at his embarrassing erection, amplifying the already weird dynamic between them. “Did that turn you on, you got some weird pee fetish, kid? I thought I told you to watch the door, but you were watching me taking a piss, weren't you?” Not knowing how to answer the challenging question, he just turned his head away once more. After quietly traveling a few blocks further, Shelly started smiling, amused at his obvious shame and decided to toy with him by talking about it in more detail. “That was a lot of pee, wasn't it? Felt so good to get all that out. I mean, it felt really really good, almost like...well, I won't say anything else, ha.” His deep breathing revealed raging arousal. Well into her thirties and well versed in exploiting the ancient weakness that is the male sex-drive, she knew with absolute certainty that he was in the palm of her hands, and probably up for just about anything. She continued on, “Y'know...that's a pretty serious hard on you got right now. It doesn't seem to be settling down on its own. It might look suspicious to your uncle if you get back with that thing poking out like that, especially since we're so late. Wouldn't want him thinking his wife and nephew were messing around.” Brenden, nervous at what she was implying, said back, “Um, it'll go down soon.” The traffic light turned green and while accelerating down the road, she reached over without warning and grabbed his crotch, squeezing the fabric firmly to massage him. His mouth opened in shock at her aggressive move. “Relax. We gotta get rid of this thing. Not hurting you am I, hun? I tend to be rough.” Brenden's heart raced to it's max over what was happening. Her strong grip was a bit painful, but skillful with just enough to heighten his pleasure. He looked down, fixated on the veins of her hand, as her vigorous caress was quickly bringing him to making a mess in his pants. Shelly tightened her grip, and within a single minute, felt his cock pulsing as he ejaculated on himself. She then released hold of him. Brenden sat in disbelief over what just happened, still tingling from her quick hand job. Always full of surprises, she then uttered, “Unzip me.” Hesitant, he slowly reached over, pausing a few times before making contact. “Go ahead” she insisted, and Brenden unbuttoned her shorts and pulled the zipper down, exposing her shaved mound. Coming to another red light, she grabbed his hand and shoved it between her legs, pressing his fingers against her piss dampened pussy in a slow up and down motion. He admired the way her eyes closed and her mouth opened slightly. A seemingly long-awaited touch of passion was finally being satiated, and a distinct softness washed over her face that he hadn't yet seen. He caressed her warm and moist flesh, fully enjoying his first time ever touching a woman in her most cherished area. Deep breathing caused her chest to expand and retract further, accentuating her generous bust. She began to moan quietly, biting her bottom lip while squeezing his forearm. Brenden then felt a sudden warmness in her crotch. Upon taking his hand out, he realized that Shelly had just peed on it. He smelled the distinct aroma on his fingers. She watched in excitement as he then stuck them in his mouth, tasting her nectar and pussy juices before reaching back into her shorts and rubbing her swollen clitoris, strong and fast like she craved. His stimulation soon had her on the edge of a powerful orgasm, causing her right leg to jerk outward and hit the gearshift into neutral. Both of them unaware that the traffic light was now green, the driver of the car behind them honked the horn and at that precise moment, as if triggered by the sudden noise, Shelly's body stiffened. The knuckles of her left hand on the steering wheel turned white as she climaxed. Brenden continued rubbing and fingering. Again her right leg lost control and she inadvertently pressed the throttle, causing the engine to rev in neutral as she screamed out. In love with the sight of her being taken by an orgasm, he observed every reaction of her body, from the protruding veins in her neck to the flesh of her left thigh shaking from the waves of pleasure. The honking of the angered driver continued. Still partially consumed by her orgasm, Shelly shifted into gear and pressed the accelerator. The old Ford lunged forward under her uncoordinated foot. Driving down the road, her body still pulsing with aftershocks of pleasure, she slowly regained composure and returned to normal breathing, smiling at Brenden as he still had his hand stuck in her. Finally removing it, he saw just how much she had soaked his hand, with a film of her warm clear fluid covering his fingers. Soon after, they arrived back at the parking lot of the store. Shelly turned the truck off, looked at Brenden and said, “Remember, not a fucking word.” He looked back and again nodded his head in agreement. She smiled at him and climbed down from the truck, heading back inside the store. Before following her, he looked over and saw on the drivers seat, a damp area. Brenden leaned over and put his nose less than an inch away to inhale the fresh scent of her pee before reaching for the door handle to get out, back to work at the sweetest summer job he ever could've imagined.
  12. Brutus

    Can you 'get rid' of a pee fetish?

    I don't believe you can get rid of a fetish. I do believe that it can be repressed to the point where you almost forget from day to day that it's in you. It also depends on how strong the fetish is to you. I have many fetishes, but a lot of them have faded over the years because I stopped indulging them to a high degree, for whatever reason. They are still there though and every so often I go searching for them online like revisiting an old friend. I would say that my pee fetish has become stronger since being on this forum, simply because prior to finding it, I had no one to discuss it with, so the human interaction has added to it. Also, I didn't write pee fiction prior to being here, and that has fueled it as well. So just like anything else, the more you indulge something, the bigger part of your psyche it occupies. I know that if I were to leave the forum and stop writing pee stories, and stop viewing pee porn online, that it would become less of a fetish over time, which I have considered doing because frankly, as much as I enjoy pee, I' find myself tiring of how much it's on my mind lately. It seems to be crossing over into obsession territory for me, and I don't like that. So maybe for some people at least, they turn their focus elsewhere out of a perceived need to prioritize their lives, and their fetishes weaken to the point where they feel they can return to it without being controlled by it. But as I said, I believe that once it's in you, it's not leaving. Hearing a woman pee will always get my heart rate up.
  13. Brutus

    Questions only V2

    Uhh, @Sophie, @spywareonya ladies... What's going on, are we abandoning this??
  14. Brutus

    Questions only V2

    5 Saren replied, "No not really...well I had a beer a few years ago. I...must sound really boring, don't I?"
  15. Brutus

    Questions only

    I dont mind a questions only game. It's challenging and requires creativity, both of which I love. Which brings me to my next point, the ideas I had in mind. First is that instead of doing another 100 with one sentence per post, even though we didn't always stick to that, that we go to 50, but with 3 sentences per post. Less wait for the other participant, and more room to steer the narrative, before others derail what you were planning. Another idea that I've had for a long time, that I never felt any good would come of mentioning, is a running story of humor, that doesn't have to focus on pee. Such as "Eddie woke up for work and went to take a shower, went into his bathroom and saw a burglar on the toilet, who said, "Fuck I thought it was gonna come out quick. Look, let me finish up and I wont rob you. This day never happened." Then they had breakfast and discussed his bowel problems hindering his burglaries. Something like that kind of humor that is way over the top, if anyone has such a sense of humor. It could be called 'The Insane Tale of Eddie' or something. He could end up being some kind of hero simply because of outrageous circumstances. But Im up for pretty much anything.