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  1. Regarding ThisVid.com, I've seen a few people post about their frustrations over content locked to friends of the uploader, whom usually seem unreachable or refuse to associate with users lacking a large library of uploads themselves. I don't have any methods of bypassing their locks, nor would I want to as that would be disrespectful to their wishes. However, I do have some effective search techniques to share that I've noticed myself using lately and feel these may be overlooked by many people. Or maybe I'm late to this and this is old news. It lies in the uploaders themselves. I don't
  2. @David Jarrell and @Dr.P Thanks. I never intended to stay gone this long but days turn to months so fast. I was playing around with this one for a while with no intention to share, then kept adding to it and figured why not make a comeback here with it. I have a few more nearly done and hopefully I'll post them soon if I can figure out how to finish them.
  3. Sister Irene (A young man secretly observes the sounds and sights of one memorable woman.) I grew up in a small town in Kentucky and went to a private school with Catholic origins. It didn't adhere to religion anymore but a few of the female teachers preferred to be addressed as sisters if they were religious. In 2014 when I was thirteen, I was introduced to Sister Irene, who also taught remedial English class on Saturdays. The first time we shook hands, I could smell cigarette smoke on her as she said in her assertive voice, “Hello there Seth, how are you this morning?” She was earl
  4. Primarily for women but anyone else can chime in with second hand knowledge. Ladies, how do you feel about thongs, particularly in regard to if/when the front is too small and your labia squeeze out to the side? I was gaming online with a female friend recently and we often devolve into wild conversation. She mentioned the relief of getting home from work to take her thong off because she was "hanging" out of it all day due to the front string being too thin. I didn't have the nerve to ask if that aroused her, didn't want to seem creepy. So is the feeling of your thong not c
  5. Extase de Paris (An art student gets to have fun observing some artful peeing while traveling abroad) Thoughts of Yvonne were all Ryan's mind had room for. He relaxed into the seat as the plane prepared to leave Paris. The university sponsored trip with his classmates to the infamous city introduced to them new people, culture, sights, food and a surprise experience beyond anyone's prediction. The third and final day of their stay was of overcast skies as they visited an art museum belonging to a wealthy friend of their professor. Converted from one of his mansions and due op
  6. Yeah I probably could've started some level of dialogue with her but my mind just wasn't thinking like that and she spoke of her desperation after I'd paid her and she was heading toward the door, so it wasn't a good time to hold her up with pee questions anyway. I should've said something earlier while she was still working. I thought about requesting her next year, as her name is on the invoice. I think I'll give it a try!
  7. I too liked that she revealed how desperate she was, mainly because of how personal that is. Even though she apologized for asking, she still wasn't ashamed or insecure about it. I wish I'd thought to pry a little and ask if that happens often on the job but I didn't even think to do so. I'm sure she would've been okay answering. With the hand washing, I agree, they were dirty already, covered with black soot, plus she didn't wipe so probably didn't touch herself down there anyway.
  8. As the title says, this woman used my bathroom and I heard everything! So today I had my furnace serviced for the year. Instead of the usual beefy middle aged guys I've gotten over the years, I opened my front door and was met by a woman in tight blue cargo pants, black boots and light blue shirt holding her tool bag. She looked to be about 40, blonde hair in a ponytail, around 5 foot 8, thick curvy shape. She had a raspy voice and the rough looking face typical of heavy drinkers and smokers. I liked her rugged look and found her to be very attractive. She was nice, energetic, and talkati
  9. @Lutab No current plans for a sequel for these characters but I do appreciate the comments reviving it. I honestly forgot about writing this one until recently. Made me reflect how long I've been at this.
  10. I heard 2 incredible pissers, one of them being one of the most awesome looking women I've ever been in the presence of... So earlier today I took my car in to the dealership for service. It's a big professional looking place with sales people on one end and the garage where mechanics work on the other side. I drove my car in and the woman that greeted me (not one of the peeing women) took the key and walked over to get mileage information and put a service number card inside. Pretty, mid 20's blonde, about 5'5''. I followed her to answer a few questions, allowing me to see her body which
  11. Thank you. I wasn't sure how this would come across due to Jamie's age in these situations, particularly seeing Jennifer sleeping but this is how things happen for a lot of us, so I'm glad to have someone confirm it as believable. As for a sequel, the plan was to end this one with him being excited to see her for his graduation, with the sexual encounter being reserved for part two but I decided to make it a quick add on here and it doesn't hint to much pee activity, so I'm not sure about a sequel yet.
  12. Jamie's Story (Early experiences lead to admiration of pee, then culminates one lucky night when an unusable toilet requires an improvised solution and brings with it some memorable moments.) For me, the seed for my pee fetish was planted early. My Uncle Pete used to babysit me sometimes since my mom worked a lot. When I was about 7, he started dating his girlfriend, Jennifer. She was early 30's, gorgeous, long brown hair with blue eyes, around 5 foot 8 and stacked in all the right places. I had a huge crush on her, even though she never seemed very fond of me for whatever rea
  13. Megan's Story (Naughty pee action at work) I've been the director of administration at my company's office for two years now and have a unique friendship with Lisa, our Human Resources supervisor and a hot one to say the least. We're both early thirties. Weirdly enough, we became acquainted hearing each other pee at work during her first week. One great thing about being bisexual and having a pee fetish is that I've enjoyed hearing women peeing in restrooms next to me since I was fifteen. When I pee, it's pretty loud and forceful but Lisa is one of the loudest I've heard. The
  14. Another hot addition. Very satisfying how this new intimacy is the culmination of a relationship that began decades ago.
  15. Great follow up to part 1. Love the description of her stream as being melodious and so messy at the same time.
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