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  1. Primarily for women but anyone else can chime in with second hand knowledge. Ladies, how do you feel about thongs, particularly in regard to if/when the front is too small and your labia squeeze out to the side? I was gaming online with a female friend recently and we often devolve into wild conversation. She mentioned the relief of getting home from work to take her thong off because she was "hanging" out of it all day due to the front string being too thin. I didn't have the nerve to ask if that aroused her, didn't want to seem creepy. So is the feeling of your thong not covering everything arousing? I'm really curious and would like to incorporate it into a fictional work at some point but don't want to if I'm wrong about this. Thanks.
  2. Extase de Paris (An art student gets to have fun observing some artful peeing while traveling abroad) Thoughts of Yvonne were all Ryan's mind had room for. He relaxed into the seat as the plane prepared to leave Paris. The university sponsored trip with his classmates to the infamous city introduced to them new people, culture, sights, food and a surprise experience beyond anyone's prediction. The third and final day of their stay was of overcast skies as they visited an art museum belonging to a wealthy friend of their professor. Converted from one of his mansions and due open to the public the next day, he granted them an exclusive tour. A few minutes after admiring the paintings and sculptures on display, he saw a stunning woman with a glass of wine appear and introduce herself as Yvonne, kissing their professor on the cheek. A well-kept, elegant woman of late forties with a long ponytail, wearing a tight black midi skirt, white blouse and high heels, she was a former model and wife of the owner. Privy to fine details since an early age, Ryan was more fond of her then anything the museum could offer. The curves of her body, no longer abused from the model's diet, were finally allowed to blossom into the feminine shape nature intended. Drawing him in further were her eyes, bright-gray and surrounded by black eye-shadow that radiated a tamed fire that he could feel hiding within her. Yvonne showed the group around a bit, educating them about some of the art before inviting them outside to the patio. She told of her modeling days in the states and encouraged them to share their future aspirations with her over drinks and snacks while they waited for the other six students to arrive. Fifteen minutes later, she excused herself and Ryan wandered off on his own to revisit some of the paintings. “You like this one?” he heard from behind. As he turned around, Yvonne was strolling up to him, having refilled her wine glass. The expression on her face was neutral, leaving him unsure of her feelings. “Ye, yes ma'am I do like it,” he replied. “It's not a famous piece. A friend of ours did it right before he passed two years back. You remind me of him quite a bit, his name was Paul. He liked doing these landscape scenes. What's your name?” “Ryan. I'm sorry to hear that. It is a beautiful painting.” “It is. I love it. Well Ryan, we have some time. Since you admire this one, follow me upstairs, there is more of his work in storage. I think you'd appreciate it. My assistant can give your other classmates their tour.” He complied and followed her, conflicted about how justified he was in feeling that her proposition was odd to some extent. The second floor was unattended and quiet as she led him around a few corners down the spacious hall, giving him time to admire her from behind. The clicking of her heels echoed around them as the sound of rainfall began. They entered a large room containing various art pieces. Yvonne told him she was going to use the restroom across the hall and come right back. Ryan observed the paintings, all of which were of busty women in sexual poses. Yvonne returned, too soon to have done her business. “Merde, I forgot the bathroom on this floor is being remodeled, I'll just go when we head back down,” she said while joining him, sipping her wine as Ryan looked around. She continued, “I think you understand now why I said you remind me of Paul. He liked breasts, same as you.” Rattled by her comment, Ryan asked why she would assume such, to which she replied, “You think I didn't notice you staring at my chest down there?” Having Yvonne confront him about his gaze caused a jolt through his body. He began to stumble through shame to apologize, only for her to chuckle and reassure him that she was used to being looked at. As the rain grew stronger, they walked around looking at the paintings, with Yvonne revealing that each one was a woman from Paul's life. The first one, of a young petite blonde, showed her laying on her stomach, chin resting in palms, on a bed fully nude with morning sunshine highlighting her backside. “This is Mary, his first love. Her family didn't approve of their romance and drove them apart.” The next was of a curvy woman with thick brown hair, seated on the edge of a table with her legs spread, shaved pussy in plain view, with arms raised, ruffling her thick curls and smiling. “This is Danielle, his ex-wife and mother of his two daughters. He did this early in their relationship. She divorced him years ago, 2012 I think. He was never the same after that. He drank himself to death but the heartbreak of losing her is what really killed him.” Following two more paintings of other women from his past in less explicit rendition, they arrived at one with a unique story. It was of a slim woman in high heels shown from behind standing in wide stance and looking to the side, her face covered down to the lips by the shadow of the fancy hat she wore, while fully nude. “And her,” asked Ryan. “This here...is Justine. They dated briefly after his divorce.” “You don't seem fond of her.” “After her and Paul split, my husband Arthur took quite the liking to her. They had eyes on each other the first time they met. When I found out they were sleeping together, I threatened to expose some things about his business that he doesn't want the world knowing about. She was gone after that.” “Whoa. I like how you handled it, stern but graceful.” “Oh it wasn't all graceful, I had a knife to his throat when I threatened him.” “A knife?! Holy shit.” “Haha, anyway, you know what Ryan, I trust you. Here's a little secret about this painting between me and you. After a few drinks one night, Paul told me the original version was identical but with her peeing and that he sometimes held her from behind while she peed and that he tasted it. Oh how he begged me to keep that to myself after he sobered up.” “What?! Did...did you ever see that one?” “No. Why, does that interest you, seeing a woman pee?” “Well no, no I just, was curious since you know, there's so many erotic pieces in here. I just figured it's in here as well.” “Uh huh...Anyway, when he told me that, I said that version would've at least distracted from her bad posture. Her legs aren't straight enough, back not arched in enough. I did that pose countless times. I know when a girl isn't doing it right, not that she was a model but still I can see how much better it can be, how much more power it can have.” “Well, would you be willing to show a young man how a professional does it?” Yvonne laughed and took the final sip of her wine. With her inhibitions lowered just enough to entertain the idea, she handed Ryan the glass and stood a few feet in front of the painting, mimicking Justine's pose. The rain continued to pour down heavy. She looked back at him and lowered her eye brows in a seductive stare. Years of modeling experience honed to an instinct resurfaced like the flip of a switch. “How is this,” she asked. Ryan replied, “Good!” Enjoying the return to her younger self, she stood in a wider stance and pushed her backside further out. She then lifted the left side of her skirt to knee level with one hand and fluffed her hair with the other while still holding eye-contact with him. Ryan admired every inch of her, no longer ashamed, given the change in her behavior. The energy radiating from her made him understand what she meant about the power of doing a pose properly. “Wow. That's perfect. You definitely look better than Justine.” Yvonne's next question took him by surprise, despite how close the situation had already come to crossing a line. “Would I still look better than her if I were peeing?” “I can't judge what I can't see.” As he stood nervous from the growing intensity, she stared at him briefly then pulled her skirt higher, above her waist. The sight of her thighs and ass, with only a white thong wedged within, elevated Ryan to a new level of arousal. Her body seemed age-resistant, each cheek smooth and plump to nearly perfect shape even for a woman half her years. His skin flushed, then a moment later, a yellow trickle began falling through her underwear and pooling between her feet on the wood floor. Her excitement was apparent as she continued to pee with a more forceful stream. The look on Ryan's face was plenty reassurance that she wasn't the only one enjoying it. With one hand, she moved her thong aside. The moment her pussy was free from the fabric, her stream grew with pressure as each second passed. Before long, the sound of hissing became audible over the rainfall. The insides of her thighs soon were wet as the flow of pee continued to spray harder. Yvonne now had a wine-fueled gush of a torrent flooding the floor. Still looking at him, her smile turned to laughter, overcome by the arousal from such intense relief and indulging her hidden exhibitionist urges. With her puddle having spread far enough to touch his shoe, Ryan felt compelled to make a bold move. He approached and pressed into her from behind, putting his hands around her stomach. She embraced his touch and his erection poking her as her messy flow stopped. With his mouth at her ear, he asked, “You think this is how Paul held Justine?” “Mmm, I think it could've been.” “What do you think he said to her while he held her?” “I get the feeling there wasn't much being said at this point, especially after she finished.” “So are you finished?” Yvonne guided his hands to her crotch and pulled up on her labia. She pushed hard, releasing a noisy pressurized gush straight forward that struck the painting of Justine. “Yes, again!” he said to her. She took a breath and pushed, blasting it once more, directly on Justine's face. A large spatter covered the portrait of Paul's beloved at all four corners, trailing down and spilling from the easel. She turned around in his arms and replied, “Now I'm finished.” The kiss that followed was enraged with passion. Ryan made his way down and teased Yvonne by licking the pee from her legs and ankles in a slow and soft manner that drove her mad. He slid her thong off and gave her pussy a level of oral pleasure she forgot existed, good enough that she would've done anything for more. He was addicted to the sweetness of her aroma and taste of pee that remained on her labia, swollen pink with arousal. She struggled to keep her breath under the pleasure. A minute later, an orgasm stronger than she'd felt in years was building right as Ryan stood up and unzipped his pants. He carried her to the desk at the side of the room. She locked her legs around his waist. She twitched and nearly came the moment he penetrated. He slowly pushed deeper, trying to control his own climax. Then he pulled back and thrust in again. Barely two minutes in, Yvonne gasped. Her eyes rolled back, body stiffened as the orgasm took over. Ryan felt her walls tighten around his shaft as she made primitive moans. With a few more thrusts, he joined her in release. Thunder accompanied the heavy rain as they regained composure and prepared to return to the others on the first floor. Ryan picked up Yvonne's underwear and handed it to her. She responded, “Keep it, I hate them anyway.” As hot as he found her refusal to wear them, even more of a turn on was the nonchalant manner in which she stepped in her pee puddle on her way to the door. Before she opened it to leave, he asked her the question that was eating at him since she told him the intimate stories behind Paul's paintings. “Yvonne. Were you and Paul...” A master of ambiguity, she smiled and replied, “Well, aren't you imaginative.” Back on the first floor, she was smooth when inserting herself back into the social scene, interacting with guests like nothing happened. The rest of his classmates were finishing their tour and it was soon time to leave. With goodbyes exchanged, they all left for the airport to board the plane. The other students chatted about the sights they saw as the engines started up. Thoughts of Yvonne were all Ryan's mind had room for.
  3. Yeah I probably could've started some level of dialogue with her but my mind just wasn't thinking like that and she spoke of her desperation after I'd paid her and she was heading toward the door, so it wasn't a good time to hold her up with pee questions anyway. I should've said something earlier while she was still working. I thought about requesting her next year, as her name is on the invoice. I think I'll give it a try!
  4. I too liked that she revealed how desperate she was, mainly because of how personal that is. Even though she apologized for asking, she still wasn't ashamed or insecure about it. I wish I'd thought to pry a little and ask if that happens often on the job but I didn't even think to do so. I'm sure she would've been okay answering. With the hand washing, I agree, they were dirty already, covered with black soot, plus she didn't wipe so probably didn't touch herself down there anyway.
  5. As the title says, this woman used my bathroom and I heard everything! So today I had my furnace serviced for the year. Instead of the usual beefy middle aged guys I've gotten over the years, I opened my front door and was met by a woman in tight blue cargo pants, black boots and light blue shirt holding her tool bag. She looked to be about 40, blonde hair in a ponytail, around 5 foot 8, thick curvy shape. She had a raspy voice and the rough looking face typical of heavy drinkers and smokers. I liked her rugged look and found her to be very attractive. She was nice, energetic, and talkative as I led her down to my furnace. She started taking parts off and looking at everything. I stood there at the bottom of the steps and answered her questions. While she was working, she bent over deeply and what an incredible view of her ass that was. Her pants were tight enough that I could see she clearly had no panty lines. After a few minutes of talking to her I went up to the kitchen to have a seat and wait. As I was sitting, she took a short phone call from another technician and I was amused at her foul mouth as she used the f word a lot. After a while she came up and went out to her van for supplies. When she came back, the real magic began when she apologized and asked if she could use my bathroom, saying her coffee had run through her. I really wasn't expecting it and almost died from the excitement as I said sure and pointed her to my bathroom, directly attached to my kitchen, no more than 6 feet from where I was seated. She hurried in and that alone told me it was going to be good and holy shit it was... Before she closed the door, I acted like I was walking into the next room so she wouldn't think I was still sitting right outside. When she closed the door, I heard her lift the toilet seat up like guys typically do, which makes sense since it's visibly crooked a bit because it needs tightened back down. The key thing is that she hovered because of this. Almost immediately after I heard the seat go up, she made an unbelievable power stream that even I wasn't expecting. I knew it would be strong but when she started, it still shook my nerves hearing how much pressure was behind it. No one has ever made that much noise in my bathroom. I could've easily heard her on the other side of the house. It was a beautiful combo of LOUD forceful hissing and deep roaring flood in the toilet. She wasn't holding back and pushed it out with no shame. It went on for a long time before she stopped, then started again for a good while longer at the same pressure. Seemed somewhere around 25 seconds total. I heard her put the seat back down and flush, then she came out, didn't wash her hands. She sighed in relief as she opened the door, then thanked me and went back down to the furnace. I stood in shock trying to calm my heart rate. I went in and checked and you could tell a woman had used it just from the smell around the toilet. It was unmistakable. I could tell she also did not wipe because my fresh roll of tissue hadn't been opened. Best part, I lifted the seat back up and it was wet with her drips on most of the perimeter, so she either started messy before it straightened or she had a second stream spray upward briefly. If her full flow had been at that angle it would've been a huge mess everywhere. She also splashed a bit on the back of my toilet under the seat, it was hard to see with my rather dim lighting in there but she must've known that would happen, thus her decision to lift the seat in the first place. When I saw all of this, I could've cried it was so hot, knowing she pissed with the pressure of a wild animal, hovered, splashed and didn't wipe! I left her drips right where they were. She finished tuning up my furnace about 20 minutes later and came up. I paid her, she thanked me again, saying that she would've peed on herself soon if I hadn't let her use my bathroom. I was just trying to not let on how happy I was that she used it as I walked her out.
  6. @Lutab No current plans for a sequel for these characters but I do appreciate the comments reviving it. I honestly forgot about writing this one until recently. Made me reflect how long I've been at this.
  7. I heard 2 incredible pissers, one of them being one of the most awesome looking women I've ever been in the presence of... So earlier today I took my car in to the dealership for service. It's a big professional looking place with sales people on one end and the garage where mechanics work on the other side. I drove my car in and the woman that greeted me (not one of the peeing women) took the key and walked over to get mileage information and put a service number card inside. Pretty, mid 20's blonde, about 5'5''. I followed her to answer a few questions, allowing me to see her body which was great, more on the petite side. She had on black leggings, sneakers and tucked t shirt and of course the leggings were super tight and showed the full shape of her ass. It was nice rounded shape, hard not to admire and visible thong line when she bent over to get in the car. More on her at the end. I went into the big waiting room where there are sofas, TV and vending machines. Maybe 10 minutes later, I see a woman walk in that was so striking she made my blood pressure shoot up instantly. Simply put, she was an amazon beauty, easily 6 feet tall, brunette, hourglass shape, nice round hips, thick legs. Looked around 30ish, pretty angelic face, hair in a ponytail and she was wearing tight tan colored shorts that just barely covered her ass, sandals and black sleeveless button down shirt tucked in. She sat across from me and it was hard not to peek at her. She soon stood up to walk over to a vending machine, allowing a perfect line of sight to her backside. She has one of those big meaty asses that wiggle with each step, just a delight to see. A few minutes later, I went over to the coffee brewer and the pot was empty. I asked the receptionist and she started some more, then I took a seat at one of the nearby tables, which happen to be less than 10 feet away from the restrooms. Sure enough, while I sat waiting for the coffee to brew, the tall hottie headed into the women's room and I was eager to hear what she could do. She turned loose a heavy dominating stream. I didn't notice any hiss, nor did she seem desperate but was seemed to be letting it flow without really pushing at first. Still it had weight to it and sounded massive, indicative of a large urethra opening that easily allows a thick stream to pass. This went on for a long time, close to a minute of her steady stream pounding the water. In the final few seconds, it tapered off and all was silent, then she exploded into a much stronger final burst that lasted about 5 seconds. It sounded insane when she did that, just a savage hard gush. She definitely has a huge bladder and pees big like you'd suspect a woman of such large stature can and I absolutely loved it! As the coffee was finishing up, she flushed and came out. Didn't wash her hands. I stayed sitting at the table in case any other women stopped in, though it was early morning and not many people around yet. I got lucky again about twenty minutes later when I saw the saleswoman that sold me my car a few years ago head in! This was great because I remember admiring her that day and she went to the restroom while I was signing paperwork but I didn't get to hear her. She looks late 40's, curly brown hair, average height and build, with exceptional legs, some of the sexiest calves I've seen. She had on a tight black skirt just above knee level, high heels, blue shirt and black business jacket. She hurried in with a brisk walk so I knew this was going to be good. I heard the stall door clang in her rush and she quickly burst open with an awesome screeching hiss of a stream, in the league of some of the loudest hissers I've heard. Strong and steady for the first few seconds, then a brief pause, thunderous fart as she started her flow again. 4 more pauses, each gush lasting about 4 - 5 seconds, the 2nd and 3rd were the loudest and sounded like she was pushing with everything she had. Had me tingling with excitement just as the first woman did. Overall about 20 - 25 seconds peeing. I heard the tissue dispenser as she pulled some off, (which made me think that I didn't hear the previous one doing that so she likely didn't wipe) then she flushed, came out and headed for the fresh coffee right next to me, smiling and saying hello. She didn't remember me but it was really a thrill to be that close to her after hearing what she just did. Like the other woman, she also didn't wash her hands and was touching the pot and everything. Both women were very strong pissers in their unique ways but the tall one in the shorts still wins to me for her astounding bladder capacity. Now back to the young blonde from the beginning that took my key, I didn't hear her pee but when they were done and she came to give me a report about a noise I asked them to look into, she said that she joined the mechanic as he drove it for a ride on the highway to hear the noise. After paying and getting in my car to leave, I noticed the smell of her perfume. Then as I reached over to the glove box to store the service receipt, I caught a different smell and sure enough when I leaned down close to the passenger seat, she'd left the funky scent of her pussy on the leather upholstery. It was pretty strong so that was a nice ending to all of this.
  8. Thank you. I wasn't sure how this would come across due to Jamie's age in these situations, particularly seeing Jennifer sleeping but this is how things happen for a lot of us, so I'm glad to have someone confirm it as believable. As for a sequel, the plan was to end this one with him being excited to see her for his graduation, with the sexual encounter being reserved for part two but I decided to make it a quick add on here and it doesn't hint to much pee activity, so I'm not sure about a sequel yet.
  9. Jamie's Story (Early experiences lead to admiration of pee, then culminates one lucky night when an unusable toilet requires an improvised solution and brings with it some memorable moments.) For me, the seed for my pee fetish was planted early. My Uncle Pete used to babysit me sometimes since my mom worked a lot. When I was about 7, he started dating his girlfriend, Jennifer. She was early 30's, gorgeous, long brown hair with blue eyes, around 5 foot 8 and stacked in all the right places. I had a huge crush on her, even though she never seemed very fond of me for whatever reason, but she was the first woman I saw naked. My uncle picked me up from school one day and drove me to his house to hang out for a few hours until my mom picked me up after work. I went up to the guest room to drop my backpack like always. When I walked past his bedroom, the door was open a few inches and I heard slight snoring. I figured it was Jennifer and crept closer, hoping to just get a laugh at her but when I pushed the door in a little, she was laying there in nothing but a nightgown that had slid up too much. Her legs were spread wide open and just like that, I'd seen my first pussy. I had no clue about female anatomy and stood there staring at this big pink slit with a monster of a bush around it. It was a scary feeling to see it but I couldn't stop looking. I went to the guest room and sat there feeling nervous and confused about this weird nasty looking hole between her legs. She soon awakened and went to the bathroom down the hall and started peeing really hard. I'd heard my mom making the same hissing noise in the bathroom before but not as loud as Jennifer. The sound of a woman peeing wasn't meaningful at that age but hearing Jennifer gushing like that after what I'd just seen, it sort of became associated with the forbidden. What lied between a woman's legs was something I shouldn't have seen and their piss was now something I shouldn't hear. That's how my mind handled it at the time. I came to find out over the years that she always peed like that, loud and hard. When puberty started, it was as if my admiration of hairy pussy and pee were queued and waiting for me to come aboard. Spending time at my uncle's house was one of my favorite things to do, not only to admire her incredible body but for the times I got to hear her having a piss. A few times, I had the opportunity to smell her underwear and that was a whole new level, especially when her juices were still wet in the fabric. It drove me crazy. Now onto her sister, Natty. She's 2 years younger, a little taller and just as hot, same killer curves, big chest and all. She lived out of state and visited every year but one summer when she came...well, things got interesting. I was 16 at this point, she was 39 and still hot as ever. She'd come over to our house with Jennifer and Uncle Pete for dinner. As soon as they came inside, I saw the big camel toe in her tight denim shorts. I'd noticed for years that she seemed to be a big lady down there just like her sister, maybe more so. She smiled and pulled me in for a hug like she always did, smashing her big chest into me, but this time saying how handsome and manly I'd become since she last saw me. It's a powerful experience at that age to feel an attractive grown woman giving flirty vibes. My mom joked for her to get her eyes off me and everyone laughed. She had a very different demeanor than Jennifer, a flirt with a lovable embracing personality. Another sexy thing I remember is her body scent that day. It was a hot and humid summer and her perfume was still present but with her natural sweaty musk. It wasn't off-putting but just enough to notice when hugging and I found it very pleasant. So a few hours later, we were all finishing a nice dinner when I went upstairs to the bathroom and saw that the toilet water looked lower than usual. It wouldn't flush and turned out to be backed up and we had to call a plumber at seven in the evening. He took an hour to arrive and another two to fix the septic tank. During that time, my uncle and I just went out to the backyard to pee but the women weren't keen on that. Luckily I was quick with my thinking and suggested they use empty water bottles in another room and that I would dispose of them in the toilet after the plumber was done. I'm sure the beer they drank helped them all agree to it and I was super excited about soon having Jennifer and Natty's pee filled bottles to myself. My mom designated my brother's room for privacy since he was out at a friend's house that night. She took a bottle up with her and came back down a minute later, saying she left it in my room. I told them I was going to play some video games and went upstairs to wait for the other two. It seemed to take forever but eventually, Jennifer came up and walked past my room to my brother's with a bottle in her hand. I crept up to the door and heard that loud hissing stream of hers reverberating in the bottle as it quickly filled. I went back to my room and she came out, laughing that she almost overfilled the bottle as she handed it to me. It was warm and filled to the brim with a slight yellow tone. She went down and I immediately took the cap off and inhaled her piss. It had a strong aroma and a touch of alcohol with it. The smell of her pussy was on the opening where she'd pressed it against herself, that same smell I remembered from her thongs! I sat there inhaling like an addict. Not long after that, I heard Natty coming upstairs in her flip flops, sighing in discomfort. As she rushed past, Jennifer yelled up to her that she'd need another bottle and called for me to come get one for her. She handed me one at the bottom of the steps and I hurried back and went to the door to listen. Her piss sounded fucking insane, a heavy focused stream blasting into the bottle. I heard a few more sighs, it's so sexy to hear a woman enjoying the feeling of peeing. I knocked after it was quiet and said I had another bottle. Then the shock of a lifetime happened when the door opened a moment later. Natty handed me the one she'd filled. Her hand was in her crotch, shorts still just above her knees, with a tiny thong resting inside and soiled with discharge. As we exchanged bottles, I saw splashes of pee on her thigh. She was too desperate to close the door before giving me a peek. When she moved her hand, I saw just how dead on my suspicions were. She shoved the bottle against her pussy while turning sideways and the entire tip disappeared as her puffy wet labia wrapped around it. Everything was shaved so it was easy to see. I saw her stream burst into the bottle for a quick second before she shut the door. It all happened so fast and left me stunned as I walked back to my room, hearing her moaning in relief as she flooded the bottle. When Natty walked in to leave the second one, I couldn't believe she'd completely filled it like the first. She smiled and said, “Well that was fuckin awkward.” I got really bold and told her I didn't mind what happened. She paused for a moment and I thought she was offended, then she said she didn't mind either and it was our secret. I'll never forget the seriousness in her eyes when she said it. On her way out of my room, she just happened to tug her shorts up at the waist and wedge them deeper into her ass before being out of my sight. Looking at the bottle, it was wet on the outside as some of her piss had missed the opening. I opened it and took a deep whiff, then noticed she'd left a coat of her thick juices all over the tip that was sliding down the side. Tasting it and both sisters pee was like achieving a new level of being, the most exciting thing I'd ever done. I took a break from them and checked my brothers room. Natty had splashed some piss on the floor. It wasn't much, barely noticeable but so damn sexy how she just left it there without a care in the world. As I wiped it up, I noticed she also got a few drips on his computer under his desk as well. Luckily it was fine but she'd definitely marked her territory in there. The plumber finished soon after. I dumped my mom's pee in the toilet but held onto Jennifer and Natty's for a few days. When I graduated two years later, Natty flew in for another visit and definitely had her own celebration planned for me that required sneaking out late in the night. We met at a hotel in secret and the next two hours were magical, hands down the best sex I've ever had. I even got to eat her awesome pussy right after she peed!
  10. Megan's Story (Naughty pee action at work) I've been the director of administration at my company's office for two years now and have a unique friendship with Lisa, our Human Resources supervisor and a hot one to say the least. We're both early thirties. Weirdly enough, we became acquainted hearing each other pee at work during her first week. One great thing about being bisexual and having a pee fetish is that I've enjoyed hearing women peeing in restrooms next to me since I was fifteen. When I pee, it's pretty loud and forceful but Lisa is one of the loudest I've heard. The first time we peed together in the restroom, we both stood at the sinks trying not to laugh at the insane streams we'd just produced. It was a bit awkward but then we both laughed and have been friendly ever since. Whenever we see each other heading to the restroom, we smile understanding there's about to be some serious noise made! She can go longer than me too, often still flooding while I'm coming out of the stall, even if she started before me. We've joked about the struggle of being able to pee more than most women. She's married but I do often wonder, does she have some curiosity? It seems as though she might at least enjoy her peeing abilities but she's reserved and careful to stay professional. I've certainly had steamy thoughts about her, especially when she wears short skirts and shows off those incredible legs! Recently, things went to a whole new level between us and even I can't believe this actually happened. The board decided to eliminate a few roles at various sites due to automation and budget reasons. The result was that I had to lay off our benefits coordinator since our health insurance and pensions were changing. He'd been there for twenty years, way longer than me but honestly I never really liked him and didn't mind letting him go. The day I was going to call him into my office to break the news that he was no longer needed, I got pulled into a meeting and while I was there, he'd gone out to lunch and was involved in a traffic accident. By the time I was informed, it was after he'd been rushed to the hospital in critical condition. I called the company Vice President for how to proceed and she insisted that he was still to be terminated as planned. So I had Lisa draft up the termination letter and mail it to his house while he was in the hospital. Then there was just his office belongings to deal with, which we were going to have delivered to his house by a coworker. So the following afternoon, I started packing up his things and of course was interrupted by another meeting with company executives. It was a few minutes past five o'clock when it finally ended and I was able to finish packing his stuff. Everyone was gone for the day. I was sitting in his chair emptying the desk drawers and found myself carelessly tossing his things into the cardboard box, not too concerned if something might break. When all was packed, there was just his jacket still hanging on the door hook. I laid it in the box, ready to close it up and head home for the weekend, when an idea came to mind. For some reason at that moment, I remembered seeing a movie years ago where a woman peed in someone's suitcase. I can't recall the name of it but it was so hot, with the camera panning down her legs over the case while a yellow stream trickled onto the clothes. All of the sudden, here was my chance to do my own version of that scene but could I actually go through with it? I closed the door and stood conflicted and staring at the jacket for a while as my heart thumped. Soon enough, the lure got the best of me and I lifted my skirt, then opened the jacket so the interior was facing up. I pulled my undies to the side and stood hunched over the box. It took a while for anything to happen, but eventually a little hissing squirt spilled onto the jacket. My nervousness made me tense up and nothing else came out. With a few deep breaths, I relaxed enough to restart my stream and it was a slow trickle, pretty much identical to the woman in the movie. Even though it wasn't flooding out of me like normal, my bladder was fairly full and I saw no reason not to fully empty myself. So for what had to be maybe two full minutes, I stood there and just let it flow all over the jacket and it was the most thrilling risky thing I'd ever done. All was going according to plan until of course, the damn door opened while I was mid-stream and there was Lisa, gasping in shock seeing my bare ass. I felt sick to my stomach being caught and knew I'd just gotten myself fired at the very least. For whatever reason, she was still in the building and came over to see if any progress had been made clearing the office and there was me, taking a piss in it...Her mouth was dropped as I threw my skirt down and almost tripped, piss trailing down my leg and crippled with panic. I started stuttering through some incoherent words, when she told me to shut up and closed the door behind her. She looked down at the jacket, still processing what I'd done. After a tense moment of silence, I wanted to cry, then Lisa said, “My turn.” It didn't register in my scrambled brain until she smiled and started pulling her short tan skirt up right there in front of me. I couldn't believe it. The sight of her long, shapely legs being exposed was surreal. She wasn't wearing underwear and her pussy was so beautiful. I'd fantasized about what it looked like for two years and there it was, shaved bare, nice full pink labia that looked picture perfect. She took the jacket from the box and laid it on the floor, then stood on the sleeves with her high heels and lowered into a squat. As if this all wasn't hot enough, now I could see down her shirt. Her bra was barely covering her breasts and a nipple slip was just one wrong move away! Unlike me, she had no hesitation to overcome and her piss immediately raged all over the jacket hard enough to splash the side of the desk nearby and the surrounding carpet. I even felt a few sprinkles on my feet. Her labia split out to the sides and fluttered like wings, giving her stream this beautiful spiral effect as it whipped around when she pushed full force. It was pretty messy and sprayed her inner thighs and shoes. The most impressive thing though, was how huge her stream was. I knew from how much noise she usually made that it had to be big but seeing it was still hard to believe. It seriously looked like something that only a faucet should be able to produce. I stood in awe at her capacity. She swayed her hips around to cover more of the jacket. We laughed, trying our best to keep our voices down. By the time Lisa finished, the jacket was beyond soaked, more like transformed into a piss sponge. I told her to check the inside breast pocket for something to wipe with and sure enough, there was a handkerchief. She wiped her thighs and rubbed it all over her pussy several times, then put in back in the pocket. As we continued laughing, she stood upright, pulled her skirt back down, told me to have a nice weekend and hurried out. After a few minutes piecing myself back together from disbelief...and painful arousal, I picked the jacket up and let the pool of piss spill out so it would have a chance of drying over the weekend. I left it open and facing up so the smell wouldn't get too strong, then on the following Monday morning, put it in the box with the other items for a coworker to drop it off. It still smelled like piss a little but oh well. Later that morning, I ran into Lisa in the restroom and we both smiled at each other in passing. We haven't mentioned that day since it happened, but she's been flirty ever since. I'm really hoping that things are just beginning between us!
  11. Another hot addition. Very satisfying how this new intimacy is the culmination of a relationship that began decades ago.
  12. Great follow up to part 1. Love the description of her stream as being melodious and so messy at the same time.
  13. Thank you. Also, you gave me some very useful insight right here, that if I build context properly, something boring like toilet peeing can still be interesting to someone that would otherwise not bother.
  14. Vicky VanCum (Toilet Peeing) She'd been long retired from the adult film industry and found success as an entrepreneur but still remained Joe's favorite porn star. Now going by her real name, Vicky Henderson, he still saw her as Vicky VanCum, a beloved star during and after her career, with nearly fifty films from 1998 through 2012 in everything from gangbangs to lesbian to anal. Joe was always enamored of her. Not only did she strike his fancy as a statuesque, shapely blonde with a personality that contrasted with his quiet demeanor, but one small scene gripped him in a special way. Browsing one of the lesser-known sites as a teen in 2016, he came across some old forgotten footage of her arriving at a set needing to pee. The camera operator followed her to the bathroom from the street. She pulled her jeans down while teasing and hovered over the toilet. In a cruel stroke of luck, the audio cut out from that point and only a few muffled crackles could be heard. The stream itself also couldn't be seen, being that she was filmed from the front to get a cleavage shot while bent over. The camera operator had no interest in her peeing and continued to focus on her breasts and face as she talked to him. The clip ended as she was wiping and flushing after being in position for over forty seconds. The lack of attention to her peeing was frustrating, but still one of the most arousing things Joe had seen, despite most of it being a mystery. A few years later, he came across a podcast one night on YouTube, with a discussion centered around the industry. The host was joined by three actresses, one of whom was the retired Vicky. By this time, she was an executive producer, in addition to running a real estate business. Joe enjoyed the two hour conversation, which covered a wide range of porn realities. To his delight however, was when their talk unexpectedly veered into peeing as one of the other women mentioned sometimes needing to go between scenes. Vicky described an occasion where she peed on her male costar in what was supposed to be a squirting orgasm scene. In her account, he couldn't maintain a full erection, which she found frustrating and decided to pee on him, knowing everyone would assume she was squirting. Amid their hysterical laughter, the host pried for who her costar was, but she wouldn't reveal his name. Banter on the subject continued, with Vicky eventually talking about her complications from an infection following a labiaplasty undergone the prior year. She explained that the infection caused a stricture in her urethra that led to some changes with peeing. The host then posed a few questions, with Vicky's answers giving Joe new ways to fantasize about her. “Does that make it hurt?” “Not usually. Like if I have to piss really bad and have been holding for a long time, then it can be a bit painful because I'm pushing hard and forcing a huge stream through a narrowed urethra. The worst part is that sometimes it sprays everywhere if I'm not sitting and you wouldn't believe how noisy it is! So I try to go before I'm bursting but that's not always possible. Luckily I have a big bladder so it's rare for me to get that desperate.” “So if you run into a restroom and see some other woman kindly left her pee on the seat, you have to wipe it off so you can sit down.” “Oh I didn't say that. In that case I squat and hover. Sometimes it goes where it's supposed to!” Three months after hearing the podcast and now age nineteen, he was working on the maintenance crew of a large venue a few miles into the city. It was a common destination for big business events and seminars. He was finishing his shift one evening and received word of a high-profile guest that was scheduled on short notice for the following Monday afternoon. Asking around, he was surprised to learn that it was Vicky. She was touring the country to speak to women about entrepreneurship and would be one of the most notable guests they'd hosted. The woman that highlighted so much of Joe's fantasies would soon be within arms reach. Thoughts of meeting her raced through his mind. On Monday morning, he found himself dealing with a problematic toilet in the men's restroom. The need for a plumber was obvious after an attempt to clear it with a plunger failed. Being that it was one of the staff restrooms with two stalls and not the larger one for public use, he knew that it wasn't an urgent issue. He placed an 'Out of Order' sign on the stall door and returned to the rush of setting up for the event, along with additional staff that were on hand. Five minutes before two o'clock as chatter from a sea of over one-hundred women enveloped the seminar room, he saw a black Bentley pull up at the side entrance. The rear door opened and there she was, stepping out in white strappy heels, wearing blue jeans, tight enough to look as though they were painted on, leaving nothing about the contours of her thick backside or thighs to imagination. The white ruffled blouse tucked in her jeans drew attention to her surgically enhanced breasts. The short bob hairstyle she'd recently changed to, with one side hanging lower, gave a stylish and appropriate appearance for a woman of mid-forties. Joe's pulse ramped up seeing the woman he'd watched in countless films walking straight toward him. A greeter welcomed her at the entrance and escorted her to the guest dressing room down the hall. A young male assistant carrying her bags followed close behind. Joe snapped out of his starstruck state, having been less than ten feet from her as she walked past. A few minutes later, having returned to his current task of positioning pamphlets on a table in the hall for the guests, he noticed Vicky exiting the guest room and heading toward the rear of the building. He knew she was likely on her way to the staff restroom and felt ravenous to capitalize on the possibility of hearing her. Leaving the unorganized stack of pamphlets on the table, he walked back to the area, knowing he could go into the supply cabinet close by to pretend he was looking for something. The door of the women's room was closing behind her as he approached. He opened the cabinet and stood still as she instantly turned loose a loud belting hiss that dwarfed all others in his memory. Several seconds in, the noise stopped briefly, returning with more force and louder to the point of spine-tingling shock as it advanced to the peak of its pressure. The rush of hearing her in such primal dominance was invigorating, requiring deep breaths for Joe to stay calm as her torrent continued. Following a few more pauses and restarts, she flushed and came out, with a shameless long-winded sigh of relief while returning to the guest room. Lance, Joe's supervisor, called him and asked why the table wasn't done. He returned to continue laying out the pamphlets, still stunned by what he'd just heard. Upon finishing the table, he headed into the public men's room close by to splash water on his face and get his hot nerves under control. Composure returned soon enough, but curiosity about the condition Vicky left the toilet in wouldn't relent. Exiting the restroom with intent to make his way back and have a peek, he was intercepted by Lance, agitated and instructing to follow him to assist the sound crew with audio equipment issues. The task took ten minutes before he could get away. Making his way back to the staff restrooms, he heard several female voices inside and gave up, accepting that too much time had passed regardless and the opportunity was gone. He walked away with regret, but still satisfied at the great fortune of being in the presence of his favorite porn star, having heard her pee with unrivaled power. Now standing in the rear of the crowded seminar room against the wall, Joe looked on as Vicky came out and opened with the perfect ice-breaker. “So, who among you ladies thought you'd one day be getting business advice from a 44 year-old ex porn star with the word 'cum' in her name?!” The audience laughed. Fearless and seeming to be a natural at public speaking, her confidence was magnetic through witty remarks and the life wisdom learned working in the adult film industry. She was not ashamed of her past, but proud of it and the financial freedom it afforded to launch her real estate business. In addition to enjoying the energetic lecture, Joe noticed her sipping a bottle of water throughout. The possibility of hearing her pee again after the seminar kept him on edge, as she would certainly need to. After an hour, she was finished and took questions from the audience for another fifteen minutes. Vicky then thanked everyone for coming and said goodbye. Joe was off to the staff restroom area once more, planning to again use the supply cabinet as cover. His plan was complicated by Aaron, the other maintenance guy moving between the cabinet and women's staff restroom while servicing it. He continued into the men's room across the hall to wait for Aaron to leave, instead of turning back in defeat for a second time. Once inside, he figured it was a good moment to try again at fixing the unusable toilet he'd placed the 'Out of Order' sign on earlier that morning. As he began pushing the plunger into the bowl, he noticed the distant sound of high heels hurrying down the hall and stood silent with focused ears. The footsteps grew louder and the men's room door opened, with Vicky asking, “Anyone in here?” Joe knew she must've come over only to see the women's room being serviced and strolled across the hall in desperation. He remained silent, confident since the stall doors swung shut on their own and that she'd logically assume no one was inside due to his sign. Sure enough, she rushed in without worry. Joe's heart surged at the disbelief of what was unfolding right next to him. He had enough mind to start his phone's sound recorder as Vicky latched the door and pulled her jeans down with urgency. She exclaimed in a sigh of painful exertion as a volatile cracking hiss ripped out, full pressure from the outset. The intense reverb of the sharp sound seemed to redefine women's capabilities as her stream powered on until stopping a few moments in. She moaned in the discomfort of another push, again producing the piercing noise of voiding at her urethral opening, this time accompanied by a distinct change from a heavy flooding sound inside the toilet to one of splattering. Joe soon noticed wetness spreading into his stall along the channels of the floor tiles. The proof of her stream behaving as she claimed brought a feeling of warm and gripping stimulation to his body. Her loud cascade flowed uninterrupted long enough for him to take six deep breaths without fear of being heard. She stopped again, moaning and taking a few breaths of her own before restarting the screaming gush at full pressure, still seeming to spray in uncontrolled fashion. The stream soon weakened and broke into a series of short bursting hisses. She exhaled in satisfaction and without wiping, pulled her jeans up and made a brisk exit, leaving her natural brew resting in the toilet. Joe listened to the steps of her heels fading down the hallway as the main door crept shut. Stopping the recording, he stepped into Vicky's stall to her lingering fragrance and the thorough disaster she reigned down. It was beyond anything he imagined, for every inch of the toilet seat and much of the floor close by were covered in the grandest mess he'd witnessed. He then noticed a pattern of splashes on the partition wall above where her pee crept into his stall. Closer inspection revealed additional spray that arched upward along the wall more than a foot above the toilet and spread out wider than the width of it. After admiring the scene and slight golden hue of the toilet water with foam still settling, Joe took a few pictures and returned to help clean up with the rest of the staff. While doing so he saw Vicky exiting the guest room with her assistant following and knew it was his last chance to meet her. She stopped and smiled at attention upon hearing him call her name, as he approached asking for a handshake and picture. She shook his hand as he complimented the seminar and mentioned loving her films. “Hi! That's so sweet, thank you, I love meeting fans! What's your name?” “Joe!” She extended an arm around him and smiled for the camera. He turned inward slightly while holding out his phone, feeling her large chest against his side. The contact with her tall curvy figure and energetic aura was intoxicating. With the picture taken, she said goodbye. “Well, it was nice meeting you! Take care!” Joe stood there and watched her walk out of the building, feeling like the universe handpicked him that day for good fortune. Back home later that evening, her fragrance was still on his shirt as he listened to the recording. Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined that an old video of Vicky VanCum peeing, without much to be seen or heard, was the start of such a miraculous journey.
  15. There are a lot of variables to consider with this. As to whether demand would increase, I would say marginally at best. Everyone could potentially benefit from various kinds of therapy. Plenty of people are in need of financial counsel to manage a checkbook but never seek it. The demand won't increase as long as people don't perceive they need it enough to take time out of their day and spend money on such treatment. The need may be there, but that alone isn't enough. Another thing to consider is the differences between men and women when it comes to therapy. Men are far less likely to seek help, due to both internalized societal pressure to "man up" and beat our struggles alone, and the fact that talking about things at length often doesn't interest us anyway. We are also more likely to have sexual addictions purely as a side effect of being more mentally acclimated to sexual thoughts. So if it was more normal to see a therapist about such issues, there would likely be more women seeking it, but since they aren't the majority of those needing such therapy, the overall increase in demand would likely be marginal. Awareness is important. People often have no idea of their triggers or how certain aspects of their mental state affect others. Knowing your own tendencies is very important. I would consider overall self-perception as well. Like if someone generally has a negative outlook due to low opinion of themselves, feelings of worthlessness, that may lead them to believe that indulging in paraphilia is what they deserve. So their negative outlook may be the real addiction and the sexual stuff is just one way it manifests.

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