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  1. Brutus

    Is this cheating?

    Ahh...okay. She's not afraid to assert herself. Definitely confident. I was going to ask if you'd considered recording her but it is indeed risky and I probably wouldn't try it either. Still, I know the frustration of knowing a female coworker is big pisser and wanting to hear it for real, no walls or doors blocking the sound. If she can be heard through a wall at all, just imagine how hard she must be releasing and how loud it really is... You struck gold here either way just hearing what little you can and of course having access to her leftovers.
  2. Brutus

    Is this cheating?

    And they are appreciated. This is a unique and ongoing real-time occurrence that I want to hear more about, for as long as you wish to update it. To bring this back to your story, I wanted to ask does her pee sound like a heavy deep pitched rumble in the water, or more of a loud spraying sound and/or hiss? Based on what she said about giving the blue colors something to do, it seems that she either messes the seat on purpose and gets a thrill, or at the least, is aware of her daily transgressions needing cleaned and truly does not care, like she believes that being concerned about it is beneath her. Seems she has a highly elitist attitude, to think that her piss serves as something for them to make themselves useful. You think she does it on purpose, maybe as a "fuck you"?
  3. Brutus

    Is this cheating?

    Haha!! Well I would bet that you aren't alone in your opinion! Many members probably read this story and thought "Okay fuck this guy, I'm outta here" but never forget that your harsh judgement here is the same thing society would say about all of us for having any variant of a pee fetish, including yours. They would say "Yuk and disgusting" at you for simply being here. His enjoyment of pee doesn't have to match yours. Seat licking is a popular niche of the fetish. As far as knowing if it's true, how would we know that anything posted here by anyone is true? It's easy to make up a fake true story if someone felt like it. I know for a fact that another member here posted something fake as if it was a true experience but only because they got a bit careless. It's not worth considering. It's almost impossible to prove anything as true or false here. Anything could be fictional. Now I'm not here to silence you. You certainly are free to express your opinion of being disgusted at others' contributions if that's what you desire, but it only serves to damage the forum's spirit of live and let live. I happen to enjoy this story and want to hear more of it. I would hope that you can see how such negativity was simply unnecessary.
  4. Brutus

    Is this cheating?

    Man that sounds awesome, she destroys it every damn time and leaves it for someone else. She knows her piss is spraying everywhere. You said the rest you wipe with a cloth, is she pissing on the floor as well?? It must be quite a mess if the other woman wont even use it. Yes if you could snap a few pictures of her damage before you lick it up, that would be beautiful.
  5. I actually used to have it on VHS. They played it a handful of times and I made damn sure to record it, but I lost the tape many years ago. Had some Real Sex episodes on it too. I've also tried to track Shock Video down online from time to time and so far, no luck. It's out there, everything is, just need a stroke of luck to find it. This is part of why I was considering diving into the deep web a while ago.
  6. Brutus

    Sexless marriage

    It would help if you gave us details that lead to the current state. There can be a lot of things that need addressed that either person could've contributed to, like maybe some hurtful things said or done that haven't been resolved, old resentments that have grown, stress from work and family, age, health issues, different attitudes toward sex, boredom from the same sexual routine, feelings of neglect, feeling taken for granted, maybe one person let themselves go physically, an affair occurred, erectile dysfunction, loss of love, depression, his testosterone could be low. the list of potential reasons is endless. Maybe he feels too much pressure to perform. Also, a lot of men stop initiating because they think their wives aren't interested. Or they feel that it's too much effort to get their wives in the mood. So many possibilities. What did your attempts to rekindle involve, and why did you give up?
  7. Brutus

    Is this cheating?

    Well at least you can ensure it's clean before she uses it. How much does she leave on the seat, a few sprinkles or a big mess? I'm curios as to how much of a "drink" you're getting here!
  8. Brutus

    Is this cheating?

    This is one of those moments where the differences between men and women shows itself. I won't speak for all men, but usually, seeing a woman peeing (for those of us with a pee fetish) equals being horny in that moment. Watching a pee video, or hearing a woman peeing through a restroom door is a definite arousal. Women can very easily admire physical aspects of a man without being aroused, as you mentioned you do at the gym. This isn't the case for most men. For us, seeing a woman's ass is something that will often cause arousal. However at the same time, you have to understand that as men, we are used to managing this sensitivity and keep random sources of arousal from causing pursuit and separate from love toward the woman we are with. Those random sources of arousal are literally everywhere, all day long for us because the female form is all that is required to turn us on. Heels, tight shorts, leggings, short skirts, visible cleavage don't make it any easier. Constant sources of arousal for men. It can be torture, especially during puberty, but it's a burden that we are well used to managing by the time we reach adulthood, and gets easier with age.
  9. Holy shit, yes I watched Shock Video on HBO as well. I remember that bit about the Japanese girls peeing down those pipes. That was the first time I realized that Japanese women seem to have big bladders. There were at least 2 of those documentaries, and I'm almost certain that one was Shock Video 2002. It also had another scene where a guy was enjoying sex with his new wife after their wedding and then she goes to the bathroom to pee. He crawls over and peeks in, seeing her standing over it like a man. It was fake and the actress was probably holding a water bottle or something, but still it was the first time I was introduced to the idea of a trans woman, which I previously had no knowledge of, being that I was like 13 at the time.
  10. No. Mens and women's separate, but right next to each other. I came out of the mens a few seconds after she came from the womens, so that's how I ended up walking right behind her.
  11. Brutus


    It's a free for all, good bad and ugly. I never messed around in the forums, but I submitted a few stories about a year ago, and OMG, the trolling is strong as the Hulk in full rage. I mean it's STRONG. But I'm okay with that, I support free speech, no matter how offensive. People comment, and some are supportive, others offer constructive criticism that is helpful, and others are out to drive you to suicide. They tore my stories to complete shit, to the point of insulting me on a personal level like I owed them money. I wanted the harsh criticism from authentic critics though and it did help me improve as a writer. Also got a super fan that was begging me to write more, so I certainly had some good come out of it. On the other hand, I also had a bad experience with an editor as well. She took days to respond, and eventually just ignored my questions and ghosted, but I could tell she was kind of a bitch from the start. The questions she did answer had very anemic answers, no quality guidance at all and very dismissive. I just self edit now. Time consuming, but worth it for me. I might return to the site at some point, but the whole experience soured me to a large degree.
  12. On the way home from work, I was sitting at a red light of a high traffic 4 way intersection. It wasn't quite the highway part, but close enough that people usually drive at near highway speeds. As I was sitting there waiting, I saw a little girl, maybe 7 or 8 years old, bundled up in her coat, carrying her school backpack, all alone as she was crossing the 2 lanes of this busy road. When she got to the other side, she was struggling to find footing in the grass, because there was no sidewalk. It's dangerous even for adults to walk along this stretch of road since there is so much traffic and nowhere to really walk safely. She just kept hustling along like it was her daily routine, like she was used to having to do this. The saddest part is when I realized how far she had to walk. There are no houses for nearly a mile in any direction she was headed. Either she turned right and walked a mile up a real highway with a speed limit of 55 mph, or turned left and crossed a quarter mile bridge into town, and then walked who knows how far through town to get home. It was a dangerous and long journey no matter where she was going. When the light turned green, I drove past and looked over at her, seeing that she was holding her hood in place because it was cold and windy, looking back at traffic as she walked, waiting for the right moment to step onto the side of the road from where the grass ended. It genuinely breaks my heart to see children enduring adult circumstances, and this was one of those moments. Where were her parents, why was she walking by herself on the highway, in the cold? It happened so fast, and after getting home, I don't know what I should've done. Pulling over to help would be dangerous because of the fast traffic behind me, plus an unfamiliar man most likely would've scared her, which is the best reaction she can have with a stranger anyway. Maybe I should've called the police and let them deal with it. Regardless, it was one of those things that catches you so off guard that only after the fact, can you think through it. The kind of thing that can make you cry. Ignorance is bliss, and children all over the world certainly suffer worse, which is easily ignored by people that don't deal with it, but seeing something like this in front of you shakes you right out of your "out of sight, out of mind" state of being. I hate that I didn't know how to help her. She'll be a tough woman one day, but I still don't like what I saw.
  13. Brutus

    Any musicians?

    I have an electronic drum machine that I've made some music on, but I need to invest in a proper pc and DAW software to actually create polished finished music, which would be a blend of electronic, jazz, lounge and downtempo. I played the recorder eons ago when I was a kid, but I definitely want to learn piano, as that is my favorite and saxophone is a close second that I like to learn. Being able to play jazz improv on piano is all I would need in life from that point on! Another instrument I love is jazz trumpet, love the sound of a trumpet with a mute for that "wah wah" sound they make.
  14. Brutus

    Movie Quiz

    "They say most of your brain shuts down in cryo sleep...all but the primitive side, the animal side"
  15. At work, we are currently in the midst of our annual financial audit. They are new to our company this year and as such are really questioning everything. The head auditor, Kayla is quite a sight to see. She's on the taller side, curvy brunette, usually wears black pant suits, high heels and glasses. She's young, probably late 20's. I'm very attracted to her and on a few occasions over the past month, I've come out of the restroom right after her, (haven't heard her peeing yet, keep missing on her way in) so I was able to literally stare at her ass for a few seconds, until she turned back into our conference room where the auditing team is set up. Her pants are very tight, and it's easy to tell that she wears thongs if anything and I was able to see that for myself last week when I was standing over her as she was explaining a question to me while seated at her laptop. At one point she reached over to grab some papers, her top lifted up a few inches at the back and boom, black thong whale-tail in plain view. Absolutely loved it! That's not the main point of this post though. I actually saw her pubic mound today! She came in my office and took a seat next to me to semi interrogate me on some of our accounting errors, being as nice about it as she could. So I'm looking at her laptop screen at the spreadsheet she was showing me and noticed when she scooted closer and was sitting in a manspread position, with her legs open, that her fly was open, and showing her shaved pale skinned pubic mound through the opening! I got super nervous, couldn't believe my eyes. She noticed my body language change and asked if I was okay. I laughed and said "Your uh, your pants aren't zipped." She gasped, looked down and immediately zipped them up. Let me tell you how red her face got! This woman damn near had a heart attack, she was so embarrassed! She knew she had been caught not only just with her zipper down, but caught going commando, no damn underwear! She started breathing fast and stuttering afterward, and forgot what she was asking me. I think my laughter helped put her at ease. I kept saying it's okay, no big deal, but I was smiling in a way that probably revealed that I loved what I saw in there. Eventually she got herself together and finished her questions and we were both laughing, although I'm sure her laughter was a coping mechanism. I said don't worry, I won't tell anyone. Well I lied, because I'm telling you all!