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  1. Mike's Story I spent more of my youth in the local bar in our trailer park town than many of the adults did. It was called Little Dukes. When I was six, Dad went out for cigarettes one night and never came back. Mom was often a violent drunk that threw things. When she got sauced up and yelled, her voice was ear-splitting and that was when she usually told me I was a sorry son of a bitch just like he was. Wild Turkey was always her first husband. After my old man took off, she started taking me with her to Little Dukes and using everyone there as my babysitters while she got shit-faced. I sat at that dirty bar falling asleep to sports more nights than I could count. By age eight, she was letting me stay home alone when she went out. As much as I often hated her, I still worried about her when she went out drinking. Many times as a young teen I got in Dad's old rusted Ford that he left behind, way too young and barely able to see over the steering wheel and drove to Dukes myself to get her. One night, Maggie helped me get her in the truck. Like most people there, she knew me as a kid and treated me as her own. She often bought me wings to make sure I was fed. Of course, in those days, I was too young to appreciate how hot she was, but by the time I was picking Mom up, she was one lady I really liked looking at. She was a stocky built brunette with an hourglass shape, about five foot seven and usually wore denim shorts that showed her sexy smooth legs. Being in her late thirties, her face wasn't wrinkled but was weathered from two decades of smoking and drinking. Her heavy raspy voice matched. I remembered hearing her pee years prior. One thing that's guaranteed at a bar is that people pee a lot. There were many nights I walked past the women's room and heard monstrous streams inside. Again, my age at that time didn't allow me to think anything of it but in my teens, the memories of hearing those women pissing like horses came back as a fetish. Maggie in particular stuck out because one time I came out of the men's and heard a crazy loud stream leaking from the women's and I'd innocently stopped to tighten my shoelaces. Before I was done, she came out and smiled so I knew it was her making so much noise. It's funny how old childhood memories can evolve as you get older. When I was sixteen, she called me and said to come get my mom because she was throwing up again. When I got there, they had her sitting at a table with a glass of water. I ordered some fries to take home with us and went to use the restroom while they were boxing them up. Big Jim was using the one functional urinal so I took a stall. I'm standing there finishing up and then I heard Maggie come into the men's room, saying in her drunken voice to Jim that my mom had puked all over one toilet and that there was shit all over the other one. He laughed on his way out as she hurried to the stall next to me. I kept quiet, she didn't know anyone was in there with her, nor had she seen me arrive since she was in the side room shooting pool. I remembered what she was capable of from that time I heard her so this was a very exciting chance to finally hear a woman pee right next to me and especially her of all women. She quickly locked the door. I knelt down slightly and saw her cigarette hit the floor and her feet in flip flops positioning at the sides of the toilet while unzipping her shorts. Then she erupted a deafening gush of piss into the toilet that instantly drowned out the music and chatter that you'd otherwise hear from the bar! My jaw dropped. It was fucking insane! Her stream was way stronger than anything I'd heard a man do. She exhaled in forceful breaths as her flow maintained full bore over the next fifteen seconds. She'd already gone longer than I did and was still gushing hard! Then that snakelike hissing sound began to emerge. It was unbelievable to hear that uniquely feminine sound up close as it just sang out, unrestrained. My skin crawled hearing Maggie satisfying her nature so proudly. Then things got more intense when I noticed my left shoe getting wet. Looking closer, her piss was spraying the floor, soaking her cigarette and flooding into my stall! I knelt down further for a better look. Her pretty toes curled up in pleasure as her piss was just shooting sideways and missing the toilet. Clearly she was hovering with terrible results. She gasped in relief more, clueless to the huge mess she was making. Nearly thirty seconds in, her flow finally stopped and her toes relaxed. I could hear the music again. She pulled her shorts up without wiping, kicked the flush handle with her foot and left. I waited two days before cleaning Maggie's dried piss off my shoe.
  2. (There are 2 stories here, the first being Luke's from last week told from the girls perspective. Since it's basically the same story, I'm posting another one below it, instead of starting 2 new topics) Emma's Story Zoe, Sofia and I were enjoying our final night of vacation in San Francisco and our flight back to Quebec was at eleven the next morning. For our final night of fun we decided to visit some new dance club called the Oranola. We went a bit after sundown and the place was awesome, there were so many people and the music was great. Zoe and I had a few drinks. Sofia was driver so she sat at the bar enjoying a raspberry lemonade and conversation with some cute guy. Soon after we arrived, Zoe and I had taken to the dance floor and I noticed a guy sitting by himself with a drink. He was kinda hot in his own way and it seemed like he was out of place, like this wasn't his usual hangout. I kept an eye on him and was thinking maybe I'd like him to approach me. The Margaritas loosened me up and I got distracted dancing with others for a while and then I remembered to look over to see if he was still there and he was literally walking right past me toward the exit. Being more bold than usual from the alcohol I just reached out and grabbed his arm without thinking and pulled him to me before he was gone. He said he was leaving but I pretended to not hear and told him I liked him and that we'd have fun dancing. He seemed unsure but interested so I took the lead and threw my body against him with hot moves, letting him feel my ass and breasts. It was pretty slutty but it was our last night, so no better time to indulge my naughty side! He was getting into it and so was I. My instincts about him were right, he just needed a nudge to open up. We danced together for several songs and got lost in the moment. All the sexual touching we were doing made me quite horny, especially when I felt his erection against me! I even grabbed it! Eventually though, my bladder aches became too strong to ignore. Total buzzkill...I didn't want the moment to end, so I leaned in close to his ear and told him in my drunken English that I needed to make peepee. I know, cringe at the choice of words but French is my first language and when I get drunk, my English goes to shit. So anyway, he offered to take me to the restroom and wait for me, which was sweet, but I'd lost most of my inhibitions and told him that I was going to pee right there on the floor, and he was shocked of course and probably grossed out, or so I'd figured. We were still dancing and surrounded by a sea of people but none of them were watching us and the riskiness of peeing right there was super exciting. I told him no one would see and reminded him that we were having fun, then lifted my skirt and had him move my underwear aside. He was hesitant but definitely not turned off so I let him touch my pussy and it felt so good I almost came right there. I was insanely horny by then, and my bladder was waiting no more. I hugged him to try and hide my stream as much as possible and then just started gushing all over his leg and it was the craziest thing I'd ever done! The relief combined with the loud music, people all around, alcohol and the arousal I was feeling was out of this world exciting! Then just when it couldn't get any better, this wonderful man stuck his fingers in me while I was pissing all over him and the floor and OMG was it fucking amazing! I was dancing drunk, pissing and getting my pussy fingered in a crowd of people!! He kept going, I kept pissing, and now even my legs were getting wet but I didn't care, it felt too good. We were now standing in a pool of my piss and still no one knew. After what seemed like forever, my bladder was finally done making a huge mess and he was still massaging me. I was humping his hand but it still looked like I was just dancing, at least until it got too good and I had to stop because an orgasm was starting. He went faster and deeper and my legs got weak. I wrapped myself around him and screamed as the strongest orgasm of my life went off in my body like bomb. I couldn't breathe for a few seconds and just felt an incredible rush from the whole thing. Then my watch vibrated with a message. It was Sofia telling me and Zoe that she was outside in the car. My time with this wonderful stranger was over. We had to get back to the hotel to pack. I looked into his eyes and kissed him passionately like he was the love of my life. I even said “Thank you, my love” Then I headed for the door and Zoe was standing outside. We jumped in the car and left and they died with laughter when I told them what I'd just done. The flight home was when I really started to miss that guy. I hated to leave him like that and sometimes wish I would've given him my number or social media and wonder if he looked for me that night or thinks of me. ...No, after what I did, there's no way he was interested. No, there's no way...
  3. Yeah it was incredibly fortunate dumb luck! As for her feelings about being heard, it can be hard to tell because some women are genuinely oblivious to how loud they are, others just don't care, whether they are aware or not. Just based on her more rugged look and strong personality, she seems to be the type that doesn't care who hears either way, and would laugh at anyone bothered by her pissing in a toilet the way she wants to.
  4. When I click and actually get what I clicked on and not redirected When the cameraman keeps his mouth shut and the camera STEADY When the video quality is at least 720p so I don't have to look at blurry pixels Real captures and not staged performances
  5. Got a great one from work today, from a woman I've been wanting to hear for a few years now! I heard her pee and fart! I know little about her. She's some supervisor of something from a different department and I rarely see her, and have only spoken to her briefly on very few occasions. She has a particularly striking look and I've always suspected she pees hard judging by her body size and shape. Mid thirties, tanned skin and bright blonde hair, like a bleached color and she usually wears it untied flowing freely. Very pretty face, blue eyes with somewhat pronounced jawline and chin, not manly but just a well defined facial structure. She's about 5'7'' and has an attractive hefty feminine build, wide hips, thick legs, small stomach and natural big chest, easily d cup. She usually wears leggings and high heels, with tops that cover her backside. Today her top was a white button down one. She sometimes comes through my department to speak to other supervisors. She brought her dog in to visit everyone, which is fairly common at the company. I didn't go see it but eventually got up to grab a cookie from the employee lounge area and as I walked by, she was heading out to hand the dog over to her husband and happened to ask me if I would hold the leash and stand with him while she went to the restroom. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! I said sure and took the leash. She hurried to the restroom with an urgent pace and I had a perfect excuse to be standing in the hall right across from the women's room since in this case, I was literally waiting for her. After she went in, I walked him over a few steps to get into better position and heard the stall door closing and then she definitely threw her leggings down fast because a loud, strong stream started instantly. It had the heavy low pitch sound so it was a thick stream hitting the deepest part of the water. At first it was steady for a good 10 seconds and then broke into hissing intervals 2 or 3 seconds long and about a second apart. And when she did let out a new burst, the sound it was making was beautiful. It was a hiss that sounded bigger and more full bodied than other women's hissing, like she had a big urethra opening and was taking deep breaths to push it out as fast as possible. After the first few of these bursts is when she farted and DAMN was it strong! It came right at the tail end of a burst when her pee was paused briefly, so I heard it perfectly and it was a loud boom that resonated inside the restroom. It sounded like it hurt and I imagined how hard it must've pushed her ass out to make that much noise. She must've been dying to get that out. I love when women have no shame about farting when peeing because any other time, they'd never ever be heard doing that anywhere in public but for many women, that fear is gone when they're mid stream. It's a rare peek at their primitive side. She made several more hissing bursts and overall it took her around 20-25 seconds start to finish. Given the high pressure, this was a huge piss she took, as I suspected she could. Then I heard the flush and she came out, didn't use the sink. She suspected nothing of me standing in the hall waiting with her dog and having listened to her entire piss from start to finish! She smiled, thanked me for watching it, then took the leash and walked down the hall toward the exit. I got my cookie and went back to my office, and didn't get much work done after hearing that.
  6. I certainly understand the appeal of something short and to the point. I just got into a habit of writing long stories over the years but I decided to challenge myself with something way shorter because I have so many ideas stacking up that I'd never get to them otherwise. These have been fun and so much faster. I can deliver far more ideas like this.
  7. Yeah I went there a few days ago and most videos I clicked on redirected me to a fake Microsoft warning page that hijacked my whole screen and I had to close my browser through task manager. I don't recommend that site anymore.
  8. @Dr.P Dialogue is tough to get right and easy to make sound artificial and forced, so I understand it taking a long time. It's hard to portray the nuance and tone you intend.
  9. Great so far. The dialogue was engaging, and it was hard to tell when the true part ended and the fiction took over, so it was a smooth transition. As for the epilogue, yeah you blew it and she probably took your lack of pursuit as disinterest, or just got tired of waiting for you to make a move. But almost every guy has a story like that where he played it too safe with a woman and lost her. Looking forward to part 2.
  10. Here are some ideas of varying risk levels: 1) Boxes in some storage room at work, like a room with old things that employees aren't usually in? Assuming you can be certain no cameras will see you. 2) Wear a skirt and no underwear, so you avoid being seen reaching under to move it aside. Then go to a store, grocery, clothing, appliance for example, and maybe pee on the floor as you walk the isles. 3) Messing a public restroom is always a great option. No cameras and they're usually messy anyway. Use the sink, floor, walls, trashcan, etc 4) Go to some outdoor event, maybe a game if there are any, pee on the seats. 5) If you're up for doing something more time consuming, go see a vacant house with a realtor. Have someone go with you, husband, friend, etc and have them distract the realtor and find somewhere to pee in the house! 6) Rent a car for any reason, pee on the rear seat (since the dealership is less likely to notice the rear being wet), or the glove box, trunk, rear dash or other areas not likely to be noticed anytime soon. 7) Visit a furniture store, again with skirt and no undies, try out some nice sofas and have an accident. 8.) Pee in a bottle and leave it somewhere. 9) Rent a book from a library, pee in it before you return it.
  11. @Dr.P Great stories. You've been very fortunate!
  12. Quick note: I have a bunch of these shorts ready so I'll post a new one every Monday.
  13. Luke's Story (Short) I'm too old for dance clubs but my therapist told me to try new things. This wasn't what he had in mind, but since The Oranola had just opened down in the city, I said fine, I'll be the twenty-nine year old man among early twenties kids for the sake of new experiences for one night. Parking was a pain, the lot was full since I went late so I had to park two blocks away. Inside the place was nice, tons of people. I sat at the bar alone and had a soda since I had to drive myself home. It felt like a waste of time so after about forty minutes, it was almost ten o'clock and I got up to leave. Walking through the dense crowd of drunken patrons enjoying the booming techno music and dark lighting, I bumped into a young woman and she grabbed my arm. She was inviting me to dance with her. I tried to tell her that I was leaving but she seemed tipsy and insisted, leaning into my ear and with an accent I didn't recognize, said, “I like you. Dance with me, love. We have fun!” She was really hot, slender figure, pretty face, sexy lips, hazel eyes, long brown curly hair, olive skin. She had on a tiny black skirt, black heels that put her at my height, and red tube top. I followed her deeper into the crowd and she started grinding her body against me. I'm not much of a dancer but was able to maintain a simple shuffle. It was hard not to enjoy her. She was way different than what I would usually go for but her energy and charm and that accent had me. I liked this girl. I had to remind myself not to get feelings, that she's just having fun and probably won't even remember me after this. A few songs in, we were sweating, feeling the vibe. She was getting more aggressive with her dancing, turning around and pushing her ass into my crotch and I was getting aroused. She felt my growth and reached her hand down to grab it. I said “Woah, what's on your mind?!” She turned around and smiled. Dammit, I was feeling too good, she wasn't mine...but she was my drug at that point and nothing else mattered. A half hour passed. We were both clearly aroused. She leaned into my ear and said, “Baby, I need to make peepee!” I offered to escort her to the women's room and wait. She replied, “No no no, I pee right here, no one notice. We have fun!” I said, “Are you crazy?!” With the fast music thumping and tons of people dancing inches from us on all sides, she lifted her skirt, showing me her red thong and guided my hand to it. “Let my pussy out” she said. I couldn't believe this woman. I was nervous someone would see us and we would be thrown out or charged with vandalism. She was laughing and then I figured what the hell, new experiences and shit, so I slid my finger inside her underwear and pulled it aside. The lighting wasn't good, but I could make out a beautiful beefy pair of light brown pussy lips. I touched them and they were so warm and moist, and freshly shaven, so smooth. My blood pressure surged with excitement as she stood with her legs a bit farther apart while still dancing and swaying her hips. Then she hugged me and I felt warmth against my leg. With her mouth right at my ear, she said, “I'm peeing baby! Feels so good!” I felt more warm pressure soaking my leg. She guided my hand back down and her stream splashed through my fingers. I took charge and inserted them inside her hungry pussy and massaged with vigor. Her piss splashed in every direction and pooled on the floor under our feet as she moaned and licked my ear in ecstasy. She bucked her hips into my hand to the beat of the music, while piss wet her legs. The puddle grew bigger and spread out to be stepped on by others. Her sexual breathing was intoxicating and I kept massaging her as she thrust into me. More piss soaked my pants, but I didn't care. It sprayed over my hand at an angle far enough to hit some guy next to us but he didn't notice. I fingered faster, my forearm was sore but I kept going, faster and harder for the next twenty seconds. Her stream slowed to a trickle and died. I kept fingering, her moans got deeper and she lost her rhythm. She wrapped her arms tight around my neck, left leg around my right leg and her body seized hard in a powerful orgasm. She screamed into my ear and came on my hand, soaked in her piss. No one noticed, just like she said. We looked at each other and kissed like animals, tasting each others tongues, then the strange woman said, “Thank you, my love” and walked away. I stood there confused for a moment before going to look for her. I looked at the bar, among the crowd on the dance floor, in the women's restroom, looked outside and asked around, with my pants soaked. Nothing, she was gone. I came back a few times in the following weeks and sat at the bar hoping she'd find me. Never saw her again.
  14. When a great voyeur shot is ruined by a brain-dead camera man. There is a series of hidden cam videos where the dumbass operating the camera always pans all the way down to their shoes while they are mid stream and by the time he pans back up, half the action is over. Where the hell did he get the idea that those watching want to see shoes? Or when a woman is clearly spraying a massive strong stream, dumbass zooms in so close that the only thing on screen is the hair follicles on her labia. Another one some guy was literally hiding down inside a cesspool for footage and every time a woman squatted down over the hole and started peeing, he got scared and started moving around and the screen was just a complete blur. Like dude, if you've gone to the extreme of sitting in a damn cesspool, you're going to get pissed on, so sit still and get the damn shot. Makes my blood boil.
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