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  1. This led to Debbie telling us about a pub she had been to with her husband. The y were only serving drinks through window to drink in the beer garden. No one was allowed in side the pub. The gents toilets were open as they had a door to the outside, but the ladies had a portaloo. Debbie was not impressed. I think lots of other ladies would also not have been. I wondered if it might lead to alley way peeing by ladies on their way home especially in the evening after the 10pm close down. Wishful thinking perhaps....
  2. I was out walking with my group of retired colleagues last week. As you know many public toilets are closed in the UK as a result of CoronaVirus. We started at a cafe for a coffee sitting out side socially distanced. There were four women and myself. As we got up to leave Lesley said she was just going for a wee. However the toilets were closed. Lesley decided she could manage. Sue told us about recently having climbed mount Snowden in Wales with several other friends. Her friend Julie was in dire need of a wee as the reached the summit and expected to be able to use the cafe toilets. The enti
  3. Welcome to Peefans. I see you have already made some interesting posts. I look forward to hearing more from you.
  4. @privatewiddle Thank you for these great stories I hope you can write some more soon
  5. Brilliant articles @Paulypeeps and Somedood123. Thank you
  6. My ex-wife and her mother always stood, back to the toilet legs slightly astride the bowl and knickers around the calves or ankles, and leant over a little to let their streams go in the toilet. My wife showed me this and I saw my mother-in-law through frosted glass of a downstairs toilet in the same pose. I imagine this lady used a similar technique.
  7. I would love to read another of your stories. You have a great talent for writing.
  8. Steamlover. Are you able to remember any details and post them here please.
  9. Could you describe how you managed it and the circumstances please.

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