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  1. Ante, if you have any descriptions of what you have seen it would be great if you could share them
  2. I would love to know which book this is. Please let me know @steamlover6
  3. Probably because women need to undress much more to pee so a changing room is a secluded place to do it.
  4. I haven't worked in hospitality, but I would greatly appreciate it if you could describe what you have seen.
  5. She did let me watch occasionally, but generally she was very much against me seeing her peeing
  6. I will answer on behalf of my ex-wife. She always hovered when peeing. (well it was almost standing). She said that she could move her body to keep her pee as quiet as possible and also it kept her pussy drier and led to less wiping.
  7. A Great story. Thank you, hope you can write more.
  8. I do not seem to be able to access either. It just brings up a blank screen.
  9. I am sure what other people have said about upper class people as horsey people is true. However, certainly in the UK, a lot of of upper class people men and women are used to spending much of their days in the country (hunting shooting and fishing). So I think that finding a discrete quiet spot to wee is probably common place for them.
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