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  1. I agree @Foobar. I think this is the most erotic. You probably right about the lack of a market.
  2. Enjoy, and tell us what happens please.
  3. Excellent reports @Alfresco. Thanks for all the details and pictures
  4. @Big BearHow old would you estimate the lady was?
  5. Same here. Also from there Patches and Sprinklesgold
  6. Do you know where these are?
  7. I would certainly have loved to have seen that as well. Thank you for the story
  8. When I was still working for a living, I commuted by train into the nearest city. The journey took an hour and a quarter. I used to travel with friends I met as a result of travelling regularly. Two of these were women. One was April, a lady in her late 50s. Most days when we arrived at the destination I would see her make a quick exit to the Ladies toilets. One morning we were waiting for a delayed train. It was a dark morning and April arrived almost exactly at the departure time. She noticed the train was late and before she saw us she walked to the end of the platform down the ramp
  9. Yes please Big Bear. I would love to hear desperation sightings
  10. This led to Debbie telling us about a pub she had been to with her husband. The y were only serving drinks through window to drink in the beer garden. No one was allowed in side the pub. The gents toilets were open as they had a door to the outside, but the ladies had a portaloo. Debbie was not impressed. I think lots of other ladies would also not have been. I wondered if it might lead to alley way peeing by ladies on their way home especially in the evening after the 10pm close down. Wishful thinking perhaps....
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