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  1. Generally the urinal , but as others have stated the stall if it is very busy or outside if I can and not observed.
  2. Used to be very common in the UK. Usually wall washing type with the trough at the floor. With and without dividers. Now increasingly less common. They were much better for shorter men, as some urinals are set too high, especially when still growing up.
  3. There seem to be pictures of this kind of arrangement in the far east. (Although usually with dividers making stalls). I cannot see British women using it!
  4. Thanks for another great story @whiskey35
  5. Thank you @whiskey35 a brilliant story
  6. Mrs K only seems to use a single sheet for a pee. She folds it in half and half again. However Mrs K comments on how much my sister uses in total when staying with us!
  7. If these are the right height they would work for women backing up to them.
  8. Totally agree with @JDG and @Alfresco. I am also very much interested in these type of stories.
  9. I agree @Foobar. I think this is the most erotic. You probably right about the lack of a market.
  10. Enjoy, and tell us what happens please.
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