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  1. About 2 hours ago. Pulled into a layby with a little burger van for something to eat. After i'd finished my food, i ducked into the treeline for a piss. Instantly got hard so my stream sprayed a good several feet, i walked up to a tree and gave it a good soaking, i finished up, gave it a good few shakes and got back in the car. I was only maybe 10 feet away from the other people at the burger van so if they didn't hear, they knew what i was doing. Felt good to do it again, haven't pissed outside for years lol
  2. i don't mind lily too much, or at least i don't when she's doing the more public ones. There are much hotter girls who do scenes though
  3. just type in ftvgirls or atkgirlfriends and it brings up some videos. Someone often uploads the most recent ones so i'd advise checking their respective websites to see which ones have got peeing content
  4. First time i ever had what i'd consider a naughty pee was when i was quite young, i had a friend round, we'd been playing in the yard all evening and drinking a lot. When her mum came to pick her up we were chasing each other in the yard, i ran off down an alleyway to hide from her. I could hear her running around, shouting my name. For whatever reason, at this very moment, i decided, ya know what? I'm gonna wee against this bin, so i sort of bent my knees so i wasn't visible, pulled my penis out and started peeing against our wheelie bin. I could still hear her trying to find me, i was about
  5. Very nice accounts as usual Alfresco! Loved the accompanying images too,
  6. AVF is one of my go-tos tbh, always check there along with PeeFans. Lots of good 'hidden' stuff like youtube and instagram etc.
  7. Always love reading your posts BB. Makes me insanely jealous too lol
  8. Oh yeah for sure, it's super gone down hill. Porntrex is a great site for ftv and atk
  9. Honestly, i really just want to piss on the wall, preferably one that will show the piss. I enjoy seeing puddles and signs of someone pissing and i think that would extend to me too. I have pissed on the carpet before but it had far too much cleanup for me to ever do it again. Likewise with anywhere in the house tbh
  10. My favourites are the girls from Got2Pee and lovewetting. Main ones are Victoria Daniels, Foxy Sanie, Licky Lex, Chrissy Fox, Tina Gold. Though most of the recent girls that they're got are super hot and produce great streams. There are a few American actresses that have done a few scenes in the past that i enjoy, and these are: Winter Jade, Gina Valentina, Leah Gotti, Emily Willis and Adria Rae. I'm also partial to a few UK girls: Faye Taylor (AKA GoldenGirlFaye), Misha Mayfair, Pixie (from Uk flashers when she was younger, no clue on her name though), Ashley Rider
  11. I've never bought either, but i've seen plenty of clips online. FTV has had some fairly decent scenes recently, some hot girls and some quite public pisses. ATK GFs used to be one of my favourite sites for pee clips as it was often quite public, but recently they've shifted to in the garden or in the toilet and while the garden isn't too bad, i'm not too bothered about the toilet ones. But honestly, and as crappy as this is for the industry, you can find recent clips from both if you look hard enough, so honestly, i'd say neither are worth paying for atm
  12. Near one of my old houses, there is a supermarket that backs onto some houses. So the back yards of these houses are walled off but can easily see what's going on, i would often go to these walls, kneel down and piss and wank onto these walls, i used to do this until i was caught by an old lady who wasn't too pleased. I used to walk to and from this location with my dick out, it was fun. Though, i think my naughtiest was into someone's front yard. Around the back of my house was a series of alleyways that linked my road to the next one over. I used to exit through my back gate and piss i
  13. When i was first discovering things, i tried out a lot of things to see what interested me. On a whim i googled girls peeing. I'm sure i saw others first, but the stand out one was a girl hanging her bum over the edge of a fountain and peeing onto the pavement, you couldn't really see anything, just her stream and puddle but that sparked something in me lol. Youtube was my go to after that, when i finally got my own laptop, i started going elsewhere
  14. fantastic stories @JDG! I'm incredibly jealous. Though it sounds like we have similar partners in that they're not into it really, but enjoy it because we do. I look forward to more stories!
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