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  1. Yeah I have been in a few situations like that too x
  2. Not really couldn’t make out much between her bush, it was also quite dark I’m afraid x
  3. Unfortunately not, being around my managers got me very shy lol x
  4. Hi everyone thanks for the super positive feedback of my last retelling, I’m glad everyone enjoyed it so I’d thought I’d tell you about another experience I had. So we had just left a pub after a little work get together, all of us deciding to head over to one of our mangers flats for a little after party, Only catch was we were all going to the shops first on the way. The managers were Chloe a mid 20s heavier girl, long ginger hair and a fiery temper to match. Always in an all black Boots and cargo combo. And Maria a little more older early 30s Spanish woman, she was a more casual bl
  5. The best way is to get yourself all covered in sand. The only way to get it off is to towel yourself down, during you can “accidentally” reveal yourself and pretend you’re too busy rubbing your body with the towel to notice. You can even turn it into a sexy routine x
  6. So after lurking on these forums for sometime I thought I would share some experiences with you, mainly from the various nights out with work friends and personal experiences after late finishes in hospitality x I’d you like these I can continue as a I have soooo many stories to share, usually after a Sunday finish we’ll all go out for the night and these are when most of these occur. Let’s start off with the most recent and most entertaining Sunday. So last Sunday we had finished closing and had all decided to go out, it was a fairly big group of us, some r
  7. Hiya just introducing myself, my name is LeatherGrrl but you can call me Lucy x I have been lurking here for some time but I thought I would join and say hey. You shall see me pop up and post from time to time and see my kinky side lol x feel free to ask me anything or ping me a message babes x
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