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    I have been into pee for 50 years. Really enjoy listening and watching women drain out. Prefer toilet passing to outdoors as the sound effects are better. Always wanted to explore drinking pee but have never done it. Thinking about drinking straight out of my girlfriend sometimes.

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  1. I had a girlfriend years ago who knew I liked pee and she would always come over ever the house with a full bladder or drink and hold while with me. We would then have deep sex and she would moan about how good it felt. She then would pee very slowly in the toilet for a long time- 3 minutes or so. She had the slowest flow I have ever heard and very consistent with no off and on switch, always in the water. It got me so excited that I would want her again an hour later.
  2. MIL will be around per her report as her daughters live here. MIL does not officially live here she just stays over quite a bit so does not have to drink and drive and my house is closer to her work. She is hot and heavy for this guy and things are very new. However, she is close to me and her daughters. In fact, she came over here after work lady Friday just to empty her bladder as she was in agony and could not make it home without wetting her panties. A very nice woman indeed.
  3. All, MIL continues to dazzle the world. She went on a diet 2 months ago and lost 10 pounds. She looks even more amazing than before. She bought a new outfit as was recently promoted to the VP level in Sales. I am not sure how long she is going to remain single as has been casually dating a man. She is a knockout at age 55 so I am not surprised. MIL wore a silky white long sleeve blouse with ruffle, dark blue blazer and tight pencil skirt. Hair and makeup were perfect with choke necklace, bracelets, gold hoop earrings etc. A lot of bling to go with her hot body and full "C" cup bra wi
  4. Here you go. I will describe a few others. Had another woman over, 62 yo, 5.5.135, nice tight figure and classy with lots of bling. Short wavy brunette, full "C" cup, white tight t-shirt with white lace bra underneath, tan tight short skirt. Very sophisticated and interesting and a joy to talk to. She had one nice healthy pee 2.5 hours in as drinking wine. Only stayed 4 hours so not quite full when she left. She strutted casually to the upstairs toilet, left the door open so I sneaked up the stairs quietly to check things out. She quickly pulled her white lace panties down and let out 25 secon
  5. All, I had the pleasure of entertaining many women over the 4th of July weekend. One in particular really got me going in addition to my girls who were fantastic as well in the bathroom. This woman was about 55, wearing a tight white halter top and Jean short skirt short wave blonde hair, full "C" cup bra, 5.5.135. A nice athletic build with muscular arms and legs. She was drinking tonic water the whole time of 6 hours that she was over. When she used the toilet for the first time three hours in I was sure to be close to the bathroom door to listen. She nonchalantly strolled to
  6. I am not a real big pisser usually but with my girls around and watching and peeing in front of me when I need to go I always have a semi erection. My piss comes out real slow as I am aroused so volume is probably a liter only. My girls are far superior to me in that and every category. MIL just had a monster piss this evening when she came home from a dinner and shopping with girlfriends. She hates public toilets. She was wearing a black short tight skirt, pink silk blouse with black lace bra. The wife and SIL were upstairs so I got to get a nice look and listen to MIL. From the start sh
  7. All, Just this past week my wife had a kinky request- she wanted to piss on my face. I said, "I can hardly wait, make your bladder full and hold it till I tell you to release it". She went to work in a slinky short light blue dress with 3 inch heels and white lace silk panties at 8 am. Was back home at 5 pm and held her piss all day!! She has a huge bladder just like my SIL and MIL. Upon arriving home we went to the basement where I had an air mattress on the floor and a bunch of towels and disinfectant to clean up after. Both MIL and SIL would not be home for a couple of hours.
  8. All, MIL this morning was very naughty. At about 7 am after a good 8 hours of sleep MIL stumbles into the bathroom with her surgically enhanced nipples/boobs poking through her pink nightie and very visible. She was desperate as usual and held her pee all night. As soon as her butt hit the toilet she let out a very loud hissing/whistling pee of various ppitcher almost sounded like she was playing a musical instrument with her labia. While doing this I coughed briefly as I was wide awake in bed so I know she knew I was awake and she was aiming to please with her body and bladder. This
  9. Never asked her to speed up her flow. I have just made comments that it takes her a long time to drain out. She acknowledged that her bladder is very large and she has good holding capacity. Yes, MIL is a hissy, splattering type of girl mixed with a ton of tinkling mid and late stream. She is the most desperate of the three. When she needs to empty out she is literally running for the toilet to drain out. The wife has two types of pees: she often will splat for 25 seconds very hard on the porcelain then stop and then resumes with a hard pour for another 30 seconds followed by light tinkling OR
  10. I get to see my wife. SIL, MIL piss every day. The girls in my house don't shut the door when peeing. They all have very large bladders and different pee styles so I know who is going without even watching. They are very open mi ded and compete with each other's in who can hold the most urine and how much attention they can get from me. Still, I always listen to others women when we have parties or dinners at the house. I have heard everything from a 12 second tinkle to my SIL draining out for over 4 minutes to my wife dumping a three inch stream of urine standing g up straight into the. Owl f
  11. Hi All, The others day my SIL went to work at 7 am dressed up in a nice black mini skirt, 3 inch heels, long wavy blonde hair, red frilly low cut sleeveless blouse with plenty of bling bracelets, earrings and a gold choke collar. She stands 5.9.125 lbs now so a very nice tall and beautiful woman. From past history she hates to use public toilets but does during her long work days. She usually gets home before the wife and MIL. Sge called me at 2 pm to ask me what we are having for supper. This is quite a common occurrence as she does go out with friends after work on some days. She d
  12. All, As many of you I am a lucky man as I have a hot wife, SIL and MIL who pee like race horses. A very rare treat indeed. MIL stepped over the proverbial line of appropriateness but I did not care however my bladder was not happy. After 9 hours of sleep my bladder was very full and my cock semi erect as I was very full. SIL was at work and without realizing MIL was still crashed in the bedroom down the hall. I barely got to the toilet and started draining out my semi erect cock that was about 7 inches long. The piss started flowing out slowly and steadily into the toilet water
  13. The wife, MIL and SIL do comment on each other's peeing styles. The SIL especially will raz her mother for hissing and tinkling so long and make comments to the wife that she sounds like an elephant when pissing. I am always aroused when around these three. I will write about an interesting story I had with my very horney and sexy MIL very recently. Yes, all the girls wait for each other in the women's toilets. Wife will apply makeup and fluff her hair while the other two continue to drain out.
  14. No, no and no. I pushed her to clean, she was running around pretty good with vacuum, scrubbing toilets. Did not clean showers as they did not need it. She was afraid to go outside without me arming myself with a rifle because of grizzly bears. I escorted her off the mountain. A scared little girl. This is a timid girl. Could have worn and wetted a diaper without a change as she wore baggy sweats or king size bladder. I may ask her the next time she cleans my other home and say she can use the bathroom. She spends 4 to 5 hours every two weeks at that house. Party tomorrow night with many ladi
  15. Cabin is 6 rooms with 2 bathrooms. This is my mountain home not the home I write from on Puget Sound. Yes, I can hear and see everything and my radar is always on high for pee. No evidence of pee outside. She was cleaning toilets with the door open so no chance. She held it. Probably too shy to piss at my house. I have the girls up here for the holiday weekend so good pee coming. Horney Old Owl
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