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    With a new partner I suspected she was becoming interested. While at a fire one night I said I had to piss, it was just the two of us. I stood up and started paying right next to her chair. She had a hungry look of interest, grabbed my cock and directed my stream all over her chest. I aimed it towards her face and we immediately jumped each other right there on the ground.

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  1. Personally love that you're sharing no matter where it is 😊
  2. Goodness, you are truly a pioneer! Kudos to you 😊
  3. Greetings all, So the scene is like this, it is quite often I have friends over and we just casually drink in the garage or yard and hang out for the day. All various mix of male/female, If we are outside the men pretty much exclusively are peeing outside, and lately my female friends have joined in that practice. It has been a lot of fun and on more than one occasion when its mostly me and the girls, one of them has recorded me on Snapchat and sent it to me later. She claims it is purely comical to her, but I wonder... Another friend in this same group who I am closer with and know
  4. Absolutely excellent thread 🥰 Ohio is not so far from NY 😉
  5. My cousins and I would find places to go when they would visit. Sneak behind the couch and make a puddle. Or go outside in our fort. Was definitely a mutual curiosity as we watched each other.
  6. Very glad you are trying it out. Nothing like that ultimate release with a helping of naughty. ☺️
  7. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5efa19c412765
  8. Pretty awesome, I hope that opens the door to some fun experiences for you and her 🙂
  9. Burnzie


    Welcome and awesome pic!! ☺️
  10. Perfect place to let your freak flag fly!
  11. Was at a fire last night dining with friends, they have a tree line that we all go to piss. Great kind of night. It seems though that when I came home I decided I was going to piss on my nightstand. This was not an intentional decision, but my only conclusion finding it soaking wet when I woke up. 😂😂
  12. Love that, definitely keep that up!!
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