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    With a new partner I suspected she was becoming interested. While at a fire one night I said I had to piss, it was just the two of us. I stood up and started paying right next to her chair. She had a hungry look of interest, grabbed my cock and directed my stream all over her chest. I aimed it towards her face and we immediately jumped each other right there on the ground.

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  1. I think I would tell myself the right relationships to invest more time in.
  2. Love this! Sparked an entire conversation with some friends as well!
  3. Having your own space definitely opens up possibilities 😁
  4. Has always been a fantasy of mine too be casually laying on the couch and then have someone come piss on my face. Maybe imagine someone is laying there as you piss all over them? ☺️
  5. I would say good influence, no harm done whatsoever in expanding someone's mind and interests. Especially if she got their on her own and you were not forcing her perspective or actions. 👌👍
  6. This thought comes to me since I generally find myself going pee in the sleeping hours 2-3 times. I can go right back to sleep, just about the convenience of it. So last night I thought, why not have something I can piss into? I live alone so there is no issue here. I decided on a drink plastic thermos type thing I have. Holds about 36 ounces. Worked without issue, except that I damn near filled the whole thing on my first go! What would you use or what do you use?
  7. Yesssss she's back! Sounds like quite an experience and also that you learned to squirt since you were last posting! 😁
  8. @peecurious94 Hope all is well, missing your stories!
  9. Outstanding recap of events and let me also say we miss your stories!!
  10. So wanted to share this story with you all, happened last weekend. Saturday was beautiful outside, was enjoying drinks with a friend, who is aware but not into the fetish. Well many drinks were had and I eventually lost time. Proceeded to come back to myself as my friend was yelling at me that I was peeing on the kitchen floor. She said that I walked in there, lifted up an imaginary toilet seat and just let go! Completely not intentional, and was not enjoyed by present company. However, it was late so they ended up leaving and I told my other friend who does enjoy what we do. She was endi
  11. Absolutely, hearing those magic words does tend send my mind flying through thoughts fantasies of the moment.
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