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  1. I underlooked the possibility of turning into that way but yea thanks for bringing this up for some amendment
  2. I believe this has been asked before but I'd like to dive in a little deeper for such an avid enjoyer like myself. There's quite a lot I can think of - bad angles, half-assed attempt, too much panic over enjoyment, lack of pee, not wet enough, too much teasing, takes too long to get to the climax, poorly executed decisions, too much sounds - sometimes it begs the question if its me that's being too particular or the video potential just can't peak.
  3. You've been invited to the house of peeing along with many others. What 2 rooms would you pick and what would you be peeing on from the 2 rooms you chose? (It can be any room you think of! Get creative!)
  4. How long would you do this for before one sheet change?(every single toilet trip is done on the bed) - Days? Weeks? Months? How committed are you and/or looking forward to be doing this from a scale of 1 to 10 as well?
  5. My first initial game idea was a FNAF(the fourth one to be specific) styled pee game where you had to keep a lookout for rogue housekeeping, binocular stalkers, hijacked cameras etc as you find different places around the hotel room to pee at - with the ability to hide when they're trying to find you. Comes with upgrades that can enhance the immersion rating portion of the game. Of course, character customization should always come with it as well
  6. Probably been asked before by others, but this time with the exclusion of desperation due to that being the most common depiction for a pee game. I don't really have the means to make one just yet but more on getting some ideas to turn out some mechanics first 😃
  7. Collecting your own pee yea. Naughty peeing with pee saved from earlier that is what I meant too. Sorry for not being clear - can get a bit tough to describe! Indeed!
  8. Would there be any situations about naughty peeing that goes by 'the more the merrier'? If yes, would you collect pee without any hesitation for it or for future later use? Additionally, what would be some naughty peeing situations that would need more than what your bladder could hold?
  9. The bladder is an external tank that is driven by a pressure pump in which can be easily accessible for refills In regards to this, sometimes I'm too busy to be into naughty peeing stuff, getting the feeling of wanting to do some naughty peeing but don't really have a plan to it, so I would try to have kind of automation to do part of it so I can come back to enjoy it later
  10. Some kind of oversized shower head that can push volume while being shoved inside a mattress - I've thought about mattresses with zippers could work perfectly in this scenario To answer the second one its more on a 'I want to do it but I don't have the means for it right now' as a way to compensate for empty bladders but in for the wetting moment
  11. I hope I have not lost my mind in terms of creativity but the idea and concept of this has me too mind-invested in it. If I got too lazy to pee the bed myself, perhaps the bed itself could produce its own from the inside that has pee flowing upwards creating a big wet patch for me to feel. Even better yet, it could make a big wet patch that wouldn't lose its wetness while I'm away for me to enjoy with when I'm back at the bed. There's endless ideas of what we can do with self peeing beds and I would probably spend some time of mine trying to make it work when I'm free
  12. Not really just from losing urgency of a full bladder as I see that naughty peeing can happen at any time anywhere and also how much the bladder's got. Sometimes yes applies to all of those above. These questions are alright because it helps understand better of what's going on simplified
  13. The thought of being able to make your pee rain on someone from the above bunk or experience being pee rained on absolutely thrills me, except I’ve never slept in one before let alone trying to pee on one of them. Despite these thrills I always get the concern of the bunk bed not being able to support the top bunk when its getting too heavy from the amount of pee that gets soaked in it. Would love to hear some stories from others who happen to have done this before!
  14. I get this feeling quite often when I first started and always had to be on the lookout for my mom if she caught me making a mess - over time it mattered less but at times I still have that feeling of 'this mess was not how I hoped to be' or 'maybe I should have done it another day'
  15. Does one believe that its an actual thing where after peeing yourselves or onto something you get some weird after-feelings to it? It's like it can be dissatisfaction or calmness but I can't quite scratch my head about this.
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