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  1. Long before the Peefans days(at least for myself), I hung out a lot at experienceproject a lot talking about pee and non pee stuff, and that how many of us at Peefans now used to be from EP before and migrated elsewhere after their closure Wondering if there was anyone I used to know that are friends coincidentally are here too as well
  2. We rarely have any guests over, even when we have guests over they don't seem to take notice of any smell
  3. Depending on the area of the house, yes I honestly forgot that was a thing for a moment there! My mom never really had the thought nor knew about what my aunt did for all these years
  4. Quite the contrary as it more on the spectrum of weak smell of pee, even at the bedrooms where there's fully pee soaked beds it doesn't seem to smell that bad Think you might be referring to my sis, her logic is that 'it looks pissable on, and that it looks too dry and I must piss on it'
  5. A twist I should mention about this babysitter was that she was actually my aunt, wouldn't say we are that close, but definitely on good terms and some talks about 'work' and family life during occasional family gatherings. She had a moment of realizing what she did back then and got us nieces into, we laugh it off as a good old memories
  6. Most of the times I would assume so it was a full bladder release through her clothing as we could see a decent sized puddle on the floor around the chair Don't know how this one got past when I was reading through replies; my parents had no knowledge about babysitter peeing in random different areas of the house, dining chairs were an easy wipe it away and its dry, not so fortunate for the sofa and I took the blame for it once.
  7. What are some pee things you'd done before, or would want to do with a significant other that's worth sharing about?
  8. Thoughts about AI generated pee content (been experimenting and AI generating pee pics for the past few months, yet to share any) and would it ever work out here under a new and permanent sub-forum, while not being disingenuous to what peeing is about?
  9. About 2 hours of drying waiting, this was also with using hair dryers and iron
  10. Would love to hear more about what the best bed wetting moments from others were like; Don't fret if there's anyone out there that hasn't really experienced one of those yet, tell us more about how you envision and like it! Wouldn't suffice if I were to not include my own best moments; my sister and I had a pee contest once on who could soak up the bed more in one go and we ended up having a great time on the bed that got too soaked and flooded that would always be wet
  11. If you could go back to the past or forward into the future, what would you have told with your past/ahead selves with the knowledge you know about peeing or naughty peeing in general? What do you think would change from past/ahead selves with presented new knowledge as well?
  12. Long overdue follow-up from 'First time peeing on a hotel bed' about a year ago. Some history to it, made some friends from school, influenced and convinced them to partake in different types of naughty peeing with me, had the boldest idea to try it on hotel bed. After the first time we tried pulling it off, we learned a lot on how to improvise from the flops. This time round we had it much better to our own but confined to peeing. As simple as it sounds but there had to have some level of planning, same typical 2x bed suite for us to go all out over. Feeling a lot more confiden
  13. You have the ability to portal your pee over anything or even into anything, where would it be and how devious are those naughty peeing portals gonna be?
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