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  1. Gathering/looking into the insights of what makes people just wanna keep doing it- There's so many reasons though! Feeling the nice and warm puddle, soaked-in deep satisfaction, stained sheets and so much more. To me, its about being able to enjoy the warmth wetness and the desire of wanting to pee so much that it would just leak through all the bed, soak up the entire bed in all areas even(expensive and destructive goal however). Would love to hear from the community from what they can think of
  2. Came up with a few categories - would like to hear on where the community puts themselves in Sheepish - A small light puddle is all it takes to get you out of bed and clean up Dreamer - Subconscious and out of control puddle of wetness Squatter - Leaves a long and wide spray puddle of wetness Regular - A nice round and medium sized puddle in the center Serious - Leaving a large round puddle soaked in Drunken - Leaves a brutal puddle of wetness soaked all in while knocked out Floaty - A whole swimming pool as your bed Also open to your own category if yo
  3. I actually love writing about stuff that treasure memories and have sentiment, I'll get to it when I have the time
  4. Based on how many times we sneaked up on her and witnessed, the dining chairs was her most common, sometimes at the sofa. On top of those, I've had speculations that she does more naughty peeing in the bedroom we offered to her when the doors are closed
  5. Most definitely, just where to start 😄 I believe that certain questions asked can help the writing of such stories
  6. This goes back all the way to the younger days when we had a babysitter, and that we caught our babysitter doing naughty peeing and some other stuff. To keep us from snitching she would be completely transparent of what she was up to, and came to the agreement where the dirty secrets are only in between my sister, myself and the babysitter. Due to that the babysitter spoke a lot about her actions we got tempted to try it out. For years my sister stayed on the side of peeing while I ventured beyond it. The naughty peeing phase was a complete headache for our mother when it came to doing the lau
  7. I have a sis that's on a naughty peeing spree as well and it gets crazy enough that I'll have to defend my bedroom from her sometimes, its free real estate in her bedroom with her pee antics 😬
  8. Interestingly I've read a lot about couples being into peeing, but what about family members? Would love to hear about something that isn't talked a lot here.
  9. That's really interesting because it's the first time that I know of its existence, maybe shed some light on it if you know more?
  10. Do people believe in having bigger beds and have more (crazier) bedwetting ideas from it? At the same time, why not share your bed size? I'll start with mine, I have a super single sized bed for a few years now that has been a true eye opener to bedwetting for me.
  11. Not sure if anyone else has done this topic before, but I'll shoot. What were some of the weirdest things you've done while you were peeing and perhaps if there were any bizarre places where you've peed at? Doesn't necessarily has to be just peeing, it can also be others like peeing on something/peeing yourself etc. For me, I have it quite bizarre where I enjoy peeing into blankets and I haven't really thought why I do that even though I've been doing it for quite some time now 🤷‍♀️
  12. (sorry for the late reply, saw the notification and I forgot about it 😅) It was through my relative that I discovered about my pee fetish(I caught her doing something weird and we ended up having a little fun together, she shared her secrets in which I decided to explore on my own) Asides from being interested in pee, I'm also into being a dommy mommy, and a fair share of being into scat(which I will try to not talk too much of on this platform) I study engineering as of right now - in the future I hope to be a concept artist/modeler(asides from being able to contribute to
  13. More of if users have any comments/thoughts about having the ability to control themes itself and the occasion of witnessing people going off at one another on appearance preferences. Some Discord servers(as a context and comparison) I'm in have people roasting light theme users on a regular basis, wondering if that's also a sight to see here.
  14. This feels like something I'd encounter on any site that provides different themes/appearances. What does the people of Peefans think of dark/light mode here(and will it one up the type of dark/light mode preference conversations I see on Discord)?
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