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    Couple open to new sexual experiences. Looking forward to having fun and making friends. We welcome messages.

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  1. I usually shake it but if I'm at home and one of K's tops or pants are available on the top of the laundry pile, I'd use that to wipe.
  2. Your descriptions are so rich in detail, it's almost like a picture 😀
  3. I just came across this thread and it was an amazing read. You sure know how to tell a tale 😉
  4. D-K

    Naughty Pictures

    Will do 😉
  5. K just came out of the bath and wanted to share her boobs with you guys.
  6. I (D) took my morning pee outside today against the wall of my house. Happy Earth Day, I guess 😁
  7. K has a loud flow that shoots straight into the water when she hovers. She doesn't who hears her. I suppose it's a personal preference.
  8. D-K

    New to this

    Hi stpfem. Welcome. I(D) personally find it very hot when girls stand to pee and I look forward to your content. Wrt technique, I think the main thing is forming a tight seal between the STP device and your body so that nothing leaks. As a guy, I don't have a technique per sé. I just whip it out, aim it into whatever/wherever I'm peeing and let go.
  9. I prefer to hold my dick while I pee, like this
  10. Hi and welcome. I'm sure you'll have a great time here 😀
  11. The first person I (D) saw pee was K. We had been dating for a while and she already knew about my pee fetish. We were fooling around on the bed and K said that she needed to pee. I suggested she pee in a container that I had lying around. She agreed and I held the container under her pussy while she peed and I happily watched the feat in front of my eyes 😀
  12. Hi Anja Thank you for sharing your story. Your lifestyle is actually my fantasy lifestyle. Welcome 😀
  13. For K and I, it would usually be an empty cup lying around.
  14. I focus on the feeling of my bladder emptying, which somehow doesn't feel the same in the bathroom 😅 Sometimes I wonder what other people would think if they saw me Most of the time, K would be watching me and then I think about how lucky I am to have my wife watching me pee somewhere naughty
  15. K took these pictures while we were cuddling this morning.
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