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    Couple open to new sexual experiences. Looking forward to having fun and making friends. We welcome messages.

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    K pissing in an airport stairwell after not seeing each other for a month

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  1. https://www.erome.com/a/hocNlRvW Thought I'd share a pee I did in a urinal yesterday
  2. Hi Sophie. Welcome to Peefans. We would love to hear more of your naughty stories as well.
  3. You could try watching some pee porn with him and see what he responds to
  4. It is a public site so there's no way to really keep them safe once they're up. Perhaps have a look at some of the content and see if it's what you're looking for
  5. Hi. K and I also take videos and upload on this profile. The community here is very friendly and welcoming. Share whatever you feel comfortable sharing. It will be appreciated 😀
  6. K and I occasionally pee a little in each other's drinks. Just a small amount, not noticeable by taste
  7. It sounds like your issues are more with intimacy than sex itself. You could try speaking to your husband about other ways you can be intimate, such as spooning, cuddling, kissing, etc. Not sure if it would help but it might be worth a try.
  8. D-K

    short orgasms

    Mine (D) usually last about 5-10 seconds followed by another 10-15 seconds of rubbing to get that last bit of feeling out of it. K's can past up to 30 seconds per orgasm, but usually gets quicker by the time she gets to her 4th or 5th.
  9. D-K


    Hi. Same here. Welcome. 😀 We would love to your about your experiences.
  10. I've pissed in bottles and paper cups while pulled over or at parking lots. Once K and I went to the circus and I needed to pee. I sat in the parking lot in my vehicle and peed into the cup while K watched me. I enjoyed watching the people around me while I peed. I then carried the cup full of pee into the circus and threw it in the bin. I wouldn't pee while the vehicle is moving due to the safety concerns.
  11. I think it's hot when girls pee so openly and casually.
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