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  1. We have had few days of dry sunny weather last week, and so my neighbour and her two kids have tidied their back garden and on Friday afternoon/evening started to set their pool up, it is about the size of a large car,(looking down onto my drive beside it) they had blow it up and the fill it with a holes-pipe. And so on Saturday we had thunder and lightning and rain all day. When I came home on Sunday about noon they were all in the garden, the two kids in the pool and mother in a summer dress sitting on a lounger. As the afternoon went on they were joined by another female also in a
  2. Someone is having a new bathroom fitted as they have dumped their old toilet and washbasin in the back lane just up from me and across the lane. The toilet is side on facing down the lane. Saturday someone was having a party in the club near the top of the lane, (one of the few days it as not rained).About ten at night it started to close down, and about eleven it was quiet until I heard females coming down the lane. So I looked out of my top room window to see three females staggering down the lane. One of them saw the toilet and ran over to it, dropped her jean and in a high squat start
  3. but for the pain in my arm after the jab
  4. Last week I was sent to a pharmacy in a part of town that I did not know to well for a flu jab, using my sat nav I drove to the area of the pharmacy and parked in the first place I found, walking to the pharmacy, I got there about 45 minutes to early, so I walked past and around the block to find somewhere to sit and wait, I came to a road that had been blocked with a big stone planter, so I sat on the left corner of it looking up the road to the street the pharmacy was in. On my side of the road the pavement went from one end to the over, but on the right hand side it stopped to my 2 o’c
  5. My gf and I use to have that set-up in one of my old cars about 50 years ago
  6. About 10am Monday morning I just glanced out of my living room window to see a male and female sitting on the bottom step of the steps up to the house opposite, I did not think anything about that. A little later I looked again just as a car parked on my side of the road and the mother and daughter who live there got out and went to go up the steps, they spoke to the pair and the mother went up and in but the daughter stayed and then female stood up and move to the edge of the pavement and laid down, after a few moments the daughter went up and in. The female laid there for a minute
  7. There was a street party at the top of my back lane to the right in a cul-de-sac. As the afternoon went on more and move men and kids came and peed at the top on the lane. A few females came down the lane a little and peed but as the walls are higher at the top of the lane they went out of my view as they squatted down. Around 4pm a female with a kid came down the lane to a surface water drain about three doors up from me were the walls are replaced with driveway gates. She stopped with her back to me and then held the kids bum over the drain, (I think the kid did more the pee) when the k
  8. The house across the back lane from my house as had there back garden divided into two. The part nearest to the lane is having a small house built on it by a man that is living on site in an old van. On Saturday night at about 3am I hear the rear door of the van creak open, so I looked out my bedroom window. There was a female in a cream coloured satin night shirt with a slit up to her waist, and over it she had pink pullover, she also had on flip flops. I thought she was going to walk past the van and over to the porter loo, but no she just stop by the side of the van nearest to the
  9. A few weeks ago during the cold spell, I was awaken by a loud bang and the sound of gushing water, I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to find the toilet broken and water gushing out, I went out side in my PJ to the road and turned of my water supply, returning to the bathroom and putting towels to try and mop up some of the before returning to bed. In the morning I phone a few plumber only to be told I would have to wait till the New Year. I got to work removing the broke toilet and tank, and blanking of the inlet pipe so that I could put the main back on. The water had come down thro
  10. Saturday night I was laying on my bed but could not sleep due to the heat. When at about 2am I hear shouting in the back lane, being nosy I went to the window and look out. The shouting came closer and I heard a man tell someone to go away, then I saw a tall thin man come running down the lane. With that a female shouted to wait. Soon a female in a light summer dress came into view, I think she had been drinking as she was staggering down the lane. As she got closer she lifted the hem of her dress up around her waist, she staggered down the lane to a telegraph pole opposite to my next-door n
  11. We have had a few hot sunny days lately. On one of them I was walking up my back service lane from a friends house about ten down from mine, when I saw a black BMW car parked about three house above mine. Where was a female in a blue bikini standing on the passages side with her hands on the roof of the car and her head down to the door window and ass in the air with legs apart. My thoughts were:- 1. Were as she come from. 2. She as big tits. 3. Her bikini bottoms are not covering her bum cheek. At I got closer to my gate she looked down the lane at me and moved close
  12. My girlfriend and I went for a day on a Devon beach. This beach is of shingle with big shelves down to and under the water, so that when you were in the sea you could be in 2ft of water and one step more your in 10ft of water. We arrived at the beach in my car and parked as close to the beach as we could, we took our deckchairs and swimming things and walked along the beach to the bottom of the cliffs as to get out of the wind, we did not change into our swimming gear as it was to cold, so we just sat in our chairs in a little curved bay, talking about what to do for the rest of the day. W
  13. Amsterdam cont. (Hotel cont.) The toilets for the bar were under the stairs and had a sign for both men and women on the door, I went in to pee and as you entered there was a urinal up a big step, ( I think the step was to cover the waste pipe from the toilet) then to the left of the urinal was the toilet cubicle, the top of which was about waist high to me at the urinal and chest high to anyone in the cubicle. The first time I peed I was there on my own, when I returned to my girlfriend in the bar I told her about the layout, Later when she needed a pee she got me to go with her so that n
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