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  1. Saturday night I was laying on my bed but could not sleep due to the heat. When at about 2am I hear shouting in the back lane, being nosy I went to the window and look out. The shouting came closer and I heard a man tell someone to go away, then I saw a tall thin man come running down the lane. With that a female shouted to wait. Soon a female in a light summer dress came into view, I think she had been drinking as she was staggering down the lane. As she got closer she lifted the hem of her dress up around her waist, she staggered down the lane to a telegraph pole opposite to my next-door n
  2. We have had a few hot sunny days lately. On one of them I was walking up my back service lane from a friends house about ten down from mine, when I saw a black BMW car parked about three house above mine. Where was a female in a blue bikini standing on the passages side with her hands on the roof of the car and her head down to the door window and ass in the air with legs apart. My thoughts were:- 1. Were as she come from. 2. She as big tits. 3. Her bikini bottoms are not covering her bum cheek. At I got closer to my gate she looked down the lane at me and moved close
  3. I was driving through a small shopping road near were I used to live, but there had been a car accident so the main road was closed. I thought that I could get around it by turning off to my right and through some side roads. After passing the post-office, the green, then the school, and some new houses on what used to be a children’s play park, I turned left onto a now two lane road only to find that was also closed for road works. This road used to be a single lane with a roundabout in the middle to allow two cars to pas one on ether side of it. A group of us used to hang out on the swin
  4. My girlfriend and I went for a day on a Devon beach. This beach is of shingle with big shelves down to and under the water, so that when you were in the sea you could be in 2ft of water and one step more your in 10ft of water. We arrived at the beach in my car and parked as close to the beach as we could, we took our deckchairs and swimming things and walked along the beach to the bottom of the cliffs as to get out of the wind, we did not change into our swimming gear as it was to cold, so we just sat in our chairs in a little curved bay, talking about what to do for the rest of the day. W
  5. Amsterdam cont. (Hotel cont.) The toilets for the bar were under the stairs and had a sign for both men and women on the door, I went in to pee and as you entered there was a urinal up a big step, ( I think the step was to cover the waste pipe from the toilet) then to the left of the urinal was the toilet cubicle, the top of which was about waist high to me at the urinal and chest high to anyone in the cubicle. The first time I peed I was there on my own, when I returned to my girlfriend in the bar I told her about the layout, Later when she needed a pee she got me to go with her so that n
  6. Amsterdam cont. (The Hotel) The hotel that we stayed in in Amsterdam was on the corner of a street of shops, the ground floor was a bar, above that was the restaurant, with the rooms along to the right above all the shops, on the left-hand side of the corridor it was all bedrooms, and on the right between bedrooms were single occupies toilets and also all the fire escapes. We had a room on the left, as you entered our room there was a wall about a metre long then the bedroom, beside the bed behind this wall partly hidden by a glass partition was only a wash-hand basin and a bidet, the bidet
  7. Amsterdam cont. (Journey Back) On our coach there was a young couple who sat at the back by the emergency exit which they used as there own door on and off the coach, she wore light summer dresses above the knees and was always straddling him, facing him at one stop as he sat on a bolled with her on him and she was bouncing up and down. I thought that she did not have any knickers on, ( was to find out that I was right). As they climbed up into the coach using this door and the haft-round foot holes in the side of the coach, she always went first and him second I got a look at a lot of her l
  8. Amsterdam cont. (Journey To.) On the way to Amsterdam our coach stopped at a motorway services somewhere in France. After a bite to eat both me and my girlfriend went to the toilets, these were down a spiral staircase, past the little desk for the attenuate to collect the money, the first door was the ladies and my girlfriend went in the second door which was open was the gents, the toilet cubicles were down the right side of the room with the urinals down the left side, and wash hand basins to the left of the door. The urinals had a mirror at about chest height running the full length of
  9. Today (Sunday) as I was walking to church I did not see the paper girl, but when I got to the park I saw that the city had finished cutting the bushes to about knee high (around 18 inch's tall) and pulled up about every 2nd and 3rd bush. So when I see the paper girl again I will ask her if she as found a new place to pee or is she using an adult nappy. FYI. when I got to the church some female had left a puddle and tissue in the alcove of the side doorway, I wonder if it was the paper girl????
  10. Paper Girl cont. Yesterday (Sunday) as I was walking to church I again bumped into the paper girl just as she was potting her paper trolley behind one of the old gate pillars at the entrance to the park. I said good morning and she replied you just caught me about to go for a wee. To my surprise she walked with me towards the children's play equipment and the bushes beyond. As we walked she tolled me how her boyfriend drops her and half of the papers at the start of her round and that at about halfway he meets her with the other half and a hot drink, in the cold weather, and so when she ge
  11. A few years ago on a trip to Amsterdam with a coach, we were being lead around the red light area as a group, when my girlfriend said ' a man just stopped his car, jumped out and pissed into the canal, shook the drips of and got back into his car and drove off, two other females in the group also saw him. Later in the week we were all on a glass topped boat on the canals when on my girlfriends side of the boat at the landing place, a man just stood and peed from the landing place onto the glass roof of the boat, the gents loo on the landing place was only a hand basin. Later when we returned
  12. I was at a brewery museum a few week ago and after the tour had a visit to the tap room. Later as I walked around the vehicles in the brewery yard I needed a pee, I saw there was a cast iron gents urinal ( cast in Glasgow) in the yard with a sign and arrow pointing to in saying GENTS. So I walked over to it and went in the entrance on turning to my left I was glad to see the urinal was not just for show, so I turned left and stood at the mid point of the urinal wall, the flush pipe was flushing down this wall into the channel along the bottom of the wall, the drain was at this mid point, I sta
  13. 16 0r 17 I would say I know she is friends with a six form female across the road from my house who is also a paper girl
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