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    I'm a young girl who loves music, hanging out with friends... and peeing everywhere i shouldn't do.
    I really love hissing in my pants or on towels :shy:
    I also really love diapers cuz it's really usefull, nothing to clean afterwards.
    Don't be afraid to ask questions :)

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    Floor peeing, naughty peeing, pants wetting, help peeing, the hissing sound, wetting diapers
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    When i was smoking on my balcony and felt the urge to pee. I just squat with my underware on and let go. It made a quit big puddle.

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  1. I love peeing while laying on my belly and feeling the warmth spreading everywhere
  2. Definitely on a pad on my couch when i'm working from home. Bur as i pee pretty a lot, i can only pee twice before i have to clean it all.
  3. When i was a kid i used to pee a lot here ^^
  4. Hey ! Have you tried ABU or Tykables brands ? I find them perfect for what you're looking for. They can hold even more than only one full bladder whatever the position you're in.
  5. I"ve only peed once during an urbex and, as was afraid to be seen, i went in what was looking like a garage. But most of the time, we stay for a too short period of time to have the need to go to the bathroom. Soon, i plan to do more with other friends, so maybe.... i'll have naughty pee somewhere. I won't forget to tell you if that happen
  6. I haven't yet but it's definetly something i wanna try one day. On the other side, i'm too afraid to be caught and get in trouble.
  7. I'd say that, most of the time i pee for 25-30 seconds. But I can often pee for over 1 min.
  8. Hi! Been on the site a a lot of times but only created an account now. I'm a girl who have few lonely experiences but would be happy to try other things. Btw I do have a big bladder (i often pee at least 1 min)
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