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    I'm a young girl who loves music, hanging out with friends... and peeing everywhere i shouldn't do.
    I really love hissing in my pants or on towels :shy:
    I also really love diapers cuz it's really usefull, nothing to clean afterwards.
    Don't be afraid to ask questions :)

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    Floor peeing, naughty peeing, pants wetting, help peeing, the hissing sound, wetting diapers
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    When i was smoking on my balcony and felt the urge to pee. I just squat with my underware on and let go. It made a quit big puddle.

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  1. In the morning, most of the time, I can only pee once. During the day I can pee 3 to 4 times before I have to change.
  2. I also love peeing in diapers (or pants) standing up. It hiss a lot when I do it.
  3. I love wearing diapers when I'm working from home or on weekends so I can release my (very big🤭) morning pee in it without having to wake up. Sometimes I even wake up in the night, pee and go back to sleep 🙂
  4. I love peeing while laying on my belly and feeling the warmth spreading everywhere
  5. Definitely on a pad on my couch when i'm working from home. Bur as i pee pretty a lot, i can only pee twice before i have to clean it all.
  6. When i was a kid i used to pee a lot here ^^
  7. I"ve only peed once during an urbex and, as was afraid to be seen, i went in what was looking like a garage. But most of the time, we stay for a too short period of time to have the need to go to the bathroom. Soon, i plan to do more with other friends, so maybe.... i'll have naughty pee somewhere. I won't forget to tell you if that happen
  8. I haven't yet but it's definetly something i wanna try one day. On the other side, i'm too afraid to be caught and get in trouble.
  9. I'd say that, most of the time i pee for 25-30 seconds. But I can often pee for over 1 min.
  10. Hi! Been on the site a a lot of times but only created an account now. I'm a girl who have few lonely experiences but would be happy to try other things. Btw I do have a big bladder (i often pee at least 1 min)
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