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    I am George. Not new in pee as I ve always been into watersports. More to follow later about me.

    If anyone wants to ask me anything feel free to message me.

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    Well everything. But if I had to pick it would be naughty peeing and Golden showers
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    Probably with an ex gf who was deep into that and we used to pee everywhere and anywhere (well mostly on each other) in the most spontaneous places

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  1. In Ancient Egypt women planted seeds on jars and peed on them if they believed to be pregnant. If the seeds grew to little plants in few days that was evidence that they were pregnant. It was a primitive pregnancy test and they were right. Pregnant's women pee is full of certain hormones that act as a fertilizer for the seeeds. These hormones are so strong that seeds would grow in a matter of 1-2 days.
  2. 1. Bedroom as its good to pee while on the bed (also too lazy to get up) 2. Propably living room peeing while relaxing/watching tv/talking etc. on the sofa or the carpet (ok who am i kidding everywhere would be good to pee).
  3. Well now they have to discover how to extinguish it. By peeing on it... lol
  4. Well most of them are already marked but renewal is good.
  5. True that. But it was pretty much spontaneous. Didnt think twice. Just let it go while doing chores.
  6. I tend to believe thats one of the best positions for female pee. Especially when you are on a bed or at the beach.
  7. Done it once with ex gf. Dark clothing didn't gave us away (at least at first glance) only the puddle but nobody noticed it. Don't know what happened after we left train though. Lol
  8. Done both of these with ex gf. Crossed from our list early on lol Super hot I agree.
  9. Then u ll like the myth of how Orion the Hunter was born. It is said that one time the Gods visited King Yrieus in Greece. The king let them stay in his Palace and while they were there they heard the king's plea about giving him a son and heir as he was a widower and old. The Gods took pity on him and asked for the skin of the bull that the king sacrificed in their honor. The King brought the skin of the animal and then all the gods and goddesses urinated on it. (In some other versions its onlyb3 Gods who urinate the skin but in most version all the Gods pee on the skin)
  10. Ι will eventually. For now I am kinda busy at work since my vacations time ended yesterday.
  11. For today the last place I peed was my balcony. Had to pick up the laundry but I was bursting so I let it go there.
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