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  1. i read this a while ago now and forget all about it. today i was at the hospital and was people watching outside and this story came back to me when i saw some female paramedics and wondered if they needed a pee. had to come back and read this story again
  2. no fun peeing in the toilet love to see women pee outdoors so horny
  3. shame i was in the wrong place at the wrong time would loved to have seen yr golden arch
  4. i have a fetish for ladies dirty knickers. i like to see the sticky gusset and sniff the aroma. its such a turn on
  5. desperation isnt my main focus but thought would write a bit of a mixed story bit of desperation and wetting
  6. Louise, Rachael, Rebecca and Natasha clambered aboard the 14:57 train from Liverpool Lime street to Nottingham after what had been one of the best weekends of their lives. Creamfields music festival had smashed it once again but it had taken a lot out of the girls so the morning was spent drinking coffees to try and get them through the day. All 4 girls were attractive, Louise, wore cut off denim hotpants with a white t-shirt. Rachael was more conservative and went for jeans with a black top. Rebecca, like Rachael, was wearing Jeans but a bright pink top and Natasha, was wearing Trousers wit
  7. thanks for replying. will sort out premium membership when i get paid nest week :)
  8. thanks glad1. have more pictures to come.
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