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    I love any full bladder exams for example Ultrasound, xray.

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    Wetting myself during a full bladder xray

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  1. It wasn't the worst but it was definitely up there.
  2. I am, I wonder if this happened now if I could hold it.
  3. I do replay the moment sometimes and I do think about how I could've tried to hold it.
  4. I wasn't embarrassed, I don't think the EMT was very happy though.
  5. When I was 16 I was in the hospital because I was really sick, they put me on IV fluids which made me need to pee every 30 to 40 minutes. After a couple hours they decided to transfer me to a children's hospital 2 hours away, 5 minutes before we left I went pee. They loaded me into the ambulance and off we went, as we got on the highway I told the EMT that I really needed to pee, she told me that I could hold it. 10 minutes later I told her I REALLY had to go pee but I got the same response. 20 minutes later I was absolutely BURSTING and I was leaking over bumps, the leaks were getting bigger
  6. July 25th, 2023 - Isabelle woke up that day, worried about her xray, she decided to put on black lace panties, black bra, black leather leggings and a red leather jacket. The leather leggings made her ass look bigger and her thighs look thicker than they already were. She then walked to her front door, put her shoes on and walked outside to her car, got in her car and began the short drive to the hospital. When she arrived at the hospital she parked her car and walked inside and to the xray waiting room, the room was completely full of people. Isabelle walked up to the receptionist desk "I'm h
  7. Mine is a doctor fetish and a pregnancy fetish. I love any doctor appointment that involves a full bladder including ultrasound, xray, CT scans and so on.
  8. I had a really noticeable wet spot on my crotch and my red leggings didn't help. I was BURSTING by the time I reached the toilet.
  9. Has anyone ever had their full bladder deliberately or accidentally pressed on?
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