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    Straight male
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    I have a good job
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    I'm a panty and pee lover

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    peeing in general is a turn on .so when it comes to pee I'm in. watching women peeing is amazing and having a woman squatting over my mouth and giving me all she has is a love of mine. ladies feel free to message me if you like. I love chatting about our common intrests.

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  1. Would love to hear from some women on this topic
  2. I just dont know what the big deal is my mom and my sisters seen my dick all through my growing up its Gods creation
  3. The one in pink panties really does it for me wow beautiful
  4. This is what happens when i read others enjoyment
  5. Yes all the time growing up till i left home. My mom
  6. Sounds like you are going to have some fun honey 🙂
  7. Nice ya I just like peeing in my panties period lol
  8. Love peeing in my silky panties. Love the feel of that wet material
  9. pantylover


    Love the pics being I have a panty fetish these pics are wonderful. and a panty line is very sexy .
  10. Hello Amanda welcome to the community I hope you have now found a home here. I don't have all the answers but message me anytime if you need anything I will help if I can. Again welcome and enjoy yourself. And most of all keep smiling and peeing :)
  11. I would leave a turd in the toilet every day and take my punishment. oh yes everyday
  12. Would love to see the pics you have in your collection
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