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    Straight male
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    I have a good job
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    I'm a panty and pee lover

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    peeing in general is a turn on .so when it comes to pee I'm in. watching women peeing is amazing and having a woman squatting over my mouth and giving me all she has is a love of mine. ladies feel free to message me if you like. I love chatting about our common intrests.

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  1. pantylover


    Love the pics being I have a panty fetish these pics are wonderful. and a panty line is very sexy .
  2. pantylover

    The new girl lol

    Hello Amanda welcome to the community I hope you have now found a home here. I don't have all the answers but message me anytime if you need anything I will help if I can. Again welcome and enjoy yourself. And most of all keep smiling and peeing :)
  3. Would love to see the pics you have in your collection
  4. I see where you are coming from. I agree
  5. I have seen many profiles that don't show if there male or female. but I do agree with you no matter it will be miss used
  6. Personally I think it should be mandatory to answer what gender you are. Maybe a drop down window with options and you must pick one to sign up. ... just a thought from a newbie
  7. pantylover

    Penis avatars!

    Totally agree . But we need to find away to bring more women to the site. I know there are a lot of women that love peeing. we just need to find them.
  8. pantylover

    Where did you find us?

    I was searching for peeing sites and found it. So far glad I did you have a great site here. Before I found it I was thinking about starting my own site. You saved me a lot of time lol
  9. Hello everyone. I'm new here signed up yesterday. Been looking around for awhile trying to find a place to land and get to know others that love peeing. Well after looking into this site and liked what I seen I landed yesterday. my name is Steve I have a pee and panty fetish the two go together very good for me lol ....
  10. If we are into peeing I'm sure you have other kinks that you enjoy along with your peeing let's hear what they are. I will start off. For me I have a panty fetish. So peeing and panties is what really makes it all work for me . Panties are as much of a turn on as seeing a woman pee. And a woman peeing her panties omg it sends me over the edge.