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    the feeling of it leaking out after holding
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  1. starting to leak

  2. you go down on my pretty pussy, pushing down on my full bladder, you've told me don't pee in Sirs face but you're pushing and licking my little pp hole and a hot spurt of pp comes out. you stop licking and tell me I am a bad girl. you give my spread wet pussy a very hard slap and I cry out. you immediately start softly rubbing and licking and I settle down. I know I've got so much more in me and that by the end of this session I will be punished and also fucked and forgiven. I leak as you push down and lick my clit. you reach up and grasp my tit, squeezing a warning but you already know your girl loves pain and my moans please you. I tell you I can't help it as my leak is a trickle now. you lick my cunt and also slap it hard and I cry as I feel you move down and over me . entering me as I pee. you tell me not to cum, for being disobedient but we know I will. I clinch around you and try to hide my orgasm. I still have pee but the pressure is less so I can hold it. you finish in me and roughly move me to the corner and tell me spread my legs. I hear you snap the belt and fear mixes with excitement. you spank me till my ass is hot and thighs too. you tell me im a naughty girl but I hear the pleasure in your voice. I know it's just our power play games. and I tell you I'msorry,knowing when you fuck me again. I'll do it again. ♡ good morning
  3. I need a mouth around my per hole , someone to drink me in ... waking up full always makes me so horny. 

    1. pee01


      I wake up skip morning pee and filling up. I am drinking water, juice and coffee. 

  4. soooo  full this morning 

  5. so full... trying to hold till I have no control  

  6. Looking for the right guy for sexy pee chat with... 

  7. I just like to do it while he pleases me. He uses his tongue while I lay down... Relaxed. Fingers added. A leak becomes a hot stream.
  8. If you told me to pee in your mouth , I'd be a good girl and obey. Hopefully, I'd be rewarded with an orgasm while being cleaned up.
  9. Stopping by to say hi. 

    1. likesToLick


      Hi drinkmein. Nice to hear from you. I like your posts about wanting to pee while a man licks your pussy. That's really sexy.

    2. drinkmein


      Thank you. That's the bigger part of my interest in pre 

  10. No one around who wants a face full of piss?
  11. Just saying hi :)

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