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  1. Could you please tell us what do you like to do with pissing men? We are interesting in knowing about pissing preferences of women like you. Anything you would like may be highly appreciated by the male friends here.

  2. Always nice to meet female friends who are interesting in pissing pleasure.

  3. Welcome....

    Thanks for following...


  4. Please!  Tell us what you are into.  This sport is so facetted.  There are dozens of ways many of us get off on the golden waters.  Tell us about yours.

  5. Thanks for following!

  6. Hi how are you. I am new to this. How long have you been a member

  7. Thanks for the follow 

  8. Hi! Welcome and thanks for following!

  9. I would like to welcome you to this site. I have some pee videos and stories too.

  10. Welcome to the site!  Hope you like our friendly group. 


  11. I am always fascinated by people who choose to follow me. I see that you have chosen to follow quite a number of people. What is it that attracted you to me?
  12. I would like to welcome you to this site here. I have some pee stories on this site. I am into female desperation and holding it.
    1. wetpantie4me


      Great I will check them out would love to chat
    2. pee01


      I would love to chat with you anytime you want to.
  13. Hiya how are you doing. I have really enjoyed the site so far looking to have some more adventures how about you
    1. wetpantie4me


      What kind of Adventure would you like to have
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