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  1. Thanks for all the new and wet finds!
  2. Glad you liked it. I actually wrote it while staying at a hotel. It didn't come true however!
  3. Mary watched from her second story hotel window for minutes as the man looked up into the stars. All of a sudden he dropped to his knees and appeared to be in pain. She rushed outside to see if she could help. "Are you alright?" she asked. "They are not coming tonight. I haven't honored them recently." he replied. "Who's not coming?" She asked. "My friends from outer space." Mary always believed in aliens and desperately wanted to meet one. "What's your name and how can we make them come?" she asked. Thomas was tired of constantly being asked how to bring the aliens by various people. "My name is Thomas. What is required to bring the aliens down is considered taboo and too dirty for most people. I'm going to my room now. Goodnight." he said. "Please tell me, I'm a kinky girl." Mary replied. Thomas considered her words. "All women think they're kinky, few truly are. Here's fifty dollars, go buy water, beer, and alcohol. Meet me in the lobby in an hour. If you feel the urge to pee, you must wait." he said. An hour later Mary appeared in the lobby with various drinks. "Come with me to get some coffee." Thomas said. Mary watched as Thomas poured coffee into two paper cups. They were only half full. "Can you please fill mine?" she asked. "I will fill yours and you will fill mine. Go into the lobby bathroom and fill it to the top with your warm salty pee. Stop pissing when it's full. Don't pee anymore than necessary. I will fill yours with my pee." Thomas said. Mary found it strange, but wanted to cooperate. "Okay, I'll be back in a minute." she replied. She went to the bathroom and entered the stall. She took off her shorts and panties. She put the lid to the toilet down and squatted on top of it. She held the steaming coffee under her pussy. It felt warm on her pussy. She carefully filled it the top and wiped her pussy with the rim of the paper cup. Thomas was waiting when Mary came out of the bathroom. He handed her his cup and she gave him her cup. "What now?" she asked. "We will sit and drink our pee coffee and I will explain to you what must be done to bring the alien Gods. You must remember, that they are always watching us." he said. "Can I add creamer to mine?" she asked. "Yes, but you will need to take a few sips first, there's no room for creamer right now." Thomas replied. Mary took a drink. "It's not too bad, but it does need some creamer." she said. For the next half hour she listened and drank her pee coffee. Thomas appeared to be wrapping it up. "The aliens have an open society and very few taboos. They do what turns them on. Are you ready to honor them?" he asked. Mary wasn't sure she completely understood, but nodded her head in agreement. She entered the spacious room on the top floor. It was time to follow the instructions, if she could remember them. She took off her clothes and went to the balcony. She opened the curtains and then the sliding door. "We are here to honor you!" she screamed into the nighttime sky. She returned inside and found Thomas on his knees. She joined him on the ground. He placed is forehead against hers and he placed his hands on top of her head. She put her hands on top of his head. "Remember to focus your thoughts on our friends. In time you will be able to communicate telepathically. For the next ten minutes, neither of them moved. It was time for the next step. They both went to the bar and selected large wine glasses. "Does it matter what the mix is?" Mary asked. "It does not, just make me a good drink." Thomas replied. Mary poured coke and a dash of whisky into the glass. It was about a quarter full. She stood on top of the bar and squatted. She filled the rest of the glass with pee. "Do you have a paper towel?" she asked. "It's not necessary." Thomas replied as he licked the pee off her pussy. "That feels so good. Don't stop." Mary said. "It's not time for that yet." Thomas replied. Mary watched as Thomas made her drink. He made her a margarita and added his pee. She licked the wet head of his cock. "Come, it's time to make a toast." he said and led her to the balcony. She sat down next to him. "Raise your glass to the sky. We honor you and wish for you to come!" he screamed. Mary was horny, but knew patience was required. Her margarita was surprisingly good. She sat naked on the balcony with Thomas drinking her drink. She needed to pee again badly. She still hadn't completely emptied her bladder yet. "Our drinks are gone. It's time for the next step." Thomas said as they went back inside. It was about time. She was allowed to be pleasured first. She remembered to talk dirty like she was instructed. "Human, I want you to lick my butthole." she said. Thomas did an admirable job licking her ass and trying to stick his tongue inside her butthole. She was so horny but really had to pee. It was time. "Lie on your back, it's time to please the Gods. I will now feed you my golden nectar." she said. Thomas was in position. She squatted over him and spread her wet pussy lips. His mouth was open wide. She peed into his mouth until it was full. He swallowed and she pissed into his mouth again. She kept on peeing and he kept drinking. When she finally ran out of pee she rode his face hard and had multiple orgasms. She fell over onto the floor with her legs shaking. Thomas was excited, if things continued properly the Gods would come back. Mary was shaking on the floor next to him. "Drink a liter of water now, we're not done yet." he said. Thomas came back with the water and his cock was hard. "It's your turn now." he said. Mary took his hard cock into her mouth. She wanted to see the Gods and knew it was time to abandon the ways of the past. She licked his ass, sucked on his balls, and began sucking his cock. She wanted his cum. After a few more minutes, Thomas shot his sticky load into her mouth. She gladly swallowed the load of cum. "It's time for you to receive my tribute to the Gods." Thomas said as he stood up. Mary opened her mouth and Thomas peed into it. She swallowed all of his piss and didn't spill a drop. She was beginning to feel different and was suddenly enjoying the taste of his pee. It was time for the next step. "Make us both drinks. You just swallowed all my pee. I'm out right now." Thomas said. Mary decided to make it simple. She poured half a beer into her glass and the rest into his. She topped them both off with pee. Thomas was nice enough to clean the piss off her pussy with his tongue. She pissed out a few more drops for him to swallow. She joined him again on the balcony. "You are doing well so far, but the ending is the most important part." he said. Mary felt she was growing within the universe and was understanding more clearly. A brief image of an alien ship entered her consciousness." I'm ready to continue my training." she said as she finished drinking the beer mixed with her own pee. Thomas led her inside once again. She got into position with Thomas. Both laid down with their backs on the floor. Both of them had their legs and asses against the bed and up in the air. He kissed her hard. She kissed him back and began to pee. Her pee landed on their faces and they continued to kiss. Thomas began to pee as well. They continued to kiss as their pee rained down and entered their mouths. Mary saw more visions but was still a little confused about the next part. It had something to do with nurturing. Thomas stood up and went to get something. He came back with a diaper, a pacifier, and a bottle. He gently lifted her up and put the diaper under her ass. "That's a good girl. Daddy will change your diaper when it's time. You go play while daddy reads the paper. The pacifier will be up your ass if you need it." Thomas said as he opened the daily paper and began to read. Mary didn't know what to do. She didn't have anything to play with and decided to play with his balls. "Don't play with those, play with something else." Thomas said. Mary decided it was time for a diaper change. She peed just a little into her diaper and began to whimper. "I guess it's time to change your diaper and give you bottle. For now, you can suck on your pacifier." he said as he took the pacifier out of her ass and put it in her mouth. Thomas took off her diaper. As soon as the diaper was off, Mary pissed everywhere. "You're a naughty girl. We're out of wipes, so now I have to clean you with my mouth so you don't get a rash." He licked her pussy and ass clean. "Now it's time for your bottle," he said. Mary watched as Thomas pissed into the bottle and put the nipple back on. He took her into his arms and fed her the bottle of pee. The images of aliens in her head grew stronger. She finished the bottle and now it was her turn to nurture. "It's feeding time." she said as she drew Thomas into her tits. Thomas sucked and sucked, but she knew he wasn't getting anything. Her tits had been dry for a long time. His cock was semi hard and he began to pee. His piss landed on her face and breasts. Some trickled into his own mouth. "It's time for you to learn how to go pee properly. Mommy will show you. But instead of using a toilet, I'm going to use your mouth. Make sure my pee goes down your throat, just like it would go down a toilet." Mary said. Thomas let go of her tit and went down to her pussy. "Watch and learn. This is how to pee." Mary said as she pissed into his mouth. "I hope you're learning, keep swallowing my sweet warm pee." she said and continued to piss into his mouth as his cock grew larger. Mary was feeling more confident and knew a day of enlightenment was coming. She was out of pee so Thomas made the drinks. "It's a straight shot." he said, "I don't mind. I'm enjoying it more and more." she said as he handed her a glass of pee. Thomas was excited but worried. The last part was the most important. "I know you're feeling better about yourself and growing more confident. If we screw up this last part you will forget everything you've learned. When you finish the glass of pee, drink a liter or water. Show me your sexy butthole before you go back inside." he said. Mary desperately wanted to meet the aliens and would do whatever was necessary. She spread her ass and Thomas licked it before she went inside. Thomas was on his back and in position. Her pussy was wet and red. She climbed on top of him and tried to position herself correctly. "Open your mouth wide and make sure you form a seal around my pussy." she said. She looked back and it appeared Thomas was ready. If the aliens were to come, a drop wasn't allowed in the open air. Pee had to go directly from one body into the other. Her bladder was full. She couldn't remember the last time she had to pee so bad. "Whenever you're ready." she said as she took his cock into her mouth. She tried to pee slowly but it was hard. She had to pee so bad. Her pee came and she heard Thomas swallowing as quickly as possible. Suddenly her mouth was filled with pee. She began swallowing as she continued to pee into his mouth. The sensation was almost more than she could have thought possible. She peed for a long time and drank his piss for almost the same amount of time. Thomas finally stopped peeing into her mouth. She wiped her mouth and sat up. Her pee was still trickling out. Thomas swallowed the last few drops and licked her ass. She squirted her warm urine into his mouth one last time. He gratefully swallowed. Back on the balcony Mary felt at peace. "What's next?" she asked as lights appeared on the horizon. "The real fun begins." Thomas replied. Mary felt an alien presence and the sudden urge to piss.
  4. Very enjoyable. Reminds me of a couple of stories I wrote which are buried by now!
  5. That's a lot of writing and very impressive! I've posted a few short stories here and write science fiction elsewhere.
  6. No, I meant include you as a character in a new story.
  7. No, I mean writing a story like the ones I already wrote and you commented on in fictional stories.
  8. Yes, very much so. I love to turn reality into fantasy fiction. Yours would be a good one, but I wouldn't want to offend!
  9. How about pee into an ice tray to share? Nice pics!
  10. Zovad


    Glad to hear it. Hopefully I write more which will turn you on. I like extreme too.
  11. Zovad


    Good to know. I'll keep it up.
  12. Zovad


    It's too much for most.
  13. I'm glad you enjoyed it spywareonya. I stopped writing for awhile. I figured nobody was enjoying my work!
  14. Zovad


    It's good to know my stories are being enjoyed. Feedback is the best!

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