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    I am a single 53 YO straight male that has always been fascinated and extremely turned on by peeing. I love to see a woman wet her panties or pants and I love to to do so myself.....sometimes even while wearing panties. My interest is mainly in people who do this intentionally for the sexual pleasure, not so much real accidents. I like ON purpose I do not like to pee in the toilet if at all possible. I pee in my pants, in a cup, in the shower, outside in my back yard in my pants when i can get away with it and of course in the house sitting on a towel. I have had some partners in the past accommodate this passion of mine but i finally wanted to reach out to a community that embraced it.

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    Intentional panty/pants wetting, golden showers wearing panties
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    Getting peed on and peeing in my pants at the same time while we were both fully dressed outside in the yard.

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  1. I simply not remember how I became fascinated with pee. From a very young age I was into naughty peeing, outside, sinks, cups, etc. And wetting anything I could, even into wash clothes, etc. Then about puberty and my 1st experiences masturbating I found a pair of panties and my fetish of wetting panties and pants was set. Once I lived on my own this all really took hold. I rarely pee ion the toilet when I am home. 😎
  2. Went to the movies last night wearing a diaper, it was very wet by the time I left!
  3. I have peed lots of different ways. I will sit with my legs in the water and just pee, I have gotten out of the pool, gone in the restroom and peed on the floor, peed in the pool, stood in the yard and peed by the pool, I pee in the sand at the beach, a lot! All while still wearing my suit of course! I try really hard not to pee in a toilet.
  4. Currently slowly wetting my pants while doing stuff around the house!
  5. I use diapers a lot, gives you the feeling of peeing you pants without the laundry 😀 I even went to the store while wearing diapers so I could wet myself in public! Later in the day I put on panties and jeans and slowly wet my pants while cruising this site. A fun wet day! Today might me similar. I hope you have a wet day!
  6. I went to the movies by myself, the theater was almost empty. I decided to just pee whenever the need struck, just slowly wetting myself the whole movie. It was awesome! Before I left I let it all out, I could here it running onto the floor! Good thing it was dark out when I left!
  7. I have been slowly wetting myself for a couple of hours now, just relaxing, surfing this site and watching TV and letting some out as the pressure builds. So nice!
  8. Yes, many times! I have my red wings too! 🙂
  9. What a hot experience! Maybe try it outside next time?
  10. Very hot story! Keep us up to date on how your practice is going!
  11. Usually in the sink. One time years ago I peed in a pile of dirty towels, never did hear anything so I guess I got away with it! 🙂
  12. Sundays are my inside day and therefore tend to be VERY wet! Anyone else planning on some wet fun today??
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