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  1. Welcome πŸ‘‹
  2. A few evenings ago whilst out cycling.
  3. Hey @Contra you need to clear out your inbox. πŸ˜„
  4. I must admit a number of times, some out go necessity other times for fun. The beach is one of those places where you can have a little outside fun without causing any real offence to anyone or damage to any property.
  5. A very adventurous ex of mine that like to tease and start things whilst out and about.
  6. I think another consideration in regards to the chat here are that the conversations (and history) are available to everyone regardless of being a member or not. When members post into the forum I suspect they think about what they are posting and aware that it may be read by anyone. When in chat what is posted is more instant/flowing and probably doesn’t allow for the the same consideration so may put some off joining. Well the above is certainly true for myself anyway, I happily chat in PM (on topic or otherwise) but not so keen when open to public view. #mytwopence
  7. LukeDZ


    I have a few, some big some small but all coverable if I choose (i.e. no hands/neck/face/lower arms). Often hear the argument about what will they look like in 40 years, well if i'm in my 80s and the the only thing I can find to worry about is the state of my tattoos then I will be happy to consider my life to have been stress free.
  8. I'm not into the whole desperation thing from a fetish perspective however when I've normally been that desperate its been related to going out drinking so usually when on a train home after a night out, iirc only on a couple of times I've been that busting that I'm had to get off a train/tube to find a loo (or some alternative). Many moons back I used to do a lot overnight on call work requiring me to coordinate activities over conference calls, I was once on one of those where I was so busting but couldn't leave the call that I had to pee into a bottle whilst talking on the phone and not let anyone else know what I was doing, very stressful at the time IIRC.
  9. What got you interested in this in the first place?
  10. If you do find it again please share, it sounds...interesting. πŸ˜‰
  11. One piece bike leathers in the middle of summer, not the easiest thing to get out of quickly.
  12. LukeDZ


    Wow Mr 'YummyCouple' does indeed have plenty in the pipe as they say! πŸ˜„
  13. That's probably not going to be one of those fantasies you would struggle to make reality, sure there would be a queue of obliging candidates! 😁

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