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  1. Used to date someone who had done this a good number of times, although normally in pubs with a beer garden where is would be on wooden benches sat either on stone or grass floors.
  2. Just a reminder for those browsing via private/incognito mode at home, it only hides the evidence from the device you are using, so if you have a wifi router at home all that traffic is being logged in that. Something to consider if others in the household have access to your internet/network equipment. And not to forget your ISP and the likes of google/Facebook see everything unless you are using a VPN! 😄
  3. Well that's worrying, scored 59. 🤣
  4. From one Luke to another, welcome! 😄
  5. It's fun when they are but there are a lot more other aspects of a relationship that are more important. So for me, yeah great when they are but not a deal breaker if they aren't.
  6. Combo of towels and a puppy pad or alternatively a hire car! 😆
  7. Pretty much this, the idea of getting caught is fun, the reality not so much.
  8. For me same as a number of the above, the whole pampers thing doesn't do anything for me sexually however if I I met someone I liked that needed to wear them then it wouldn't bother me at all. If that person only wore them for for pleasure then again "live and let live" who am I to judge, but....if that pleasure related requirement became something that got in the way of other things in the relationship then it may become an issue. Relationships are complicated enough at the best of times, so I guess you can only really know when in that actual situation.
  9. An old ex of mine from years back, she had a habit of doing the most inappropriate things in the most inappropriate of places, whether this was a good or a bad thing I suppose depends on what you like. 😄 We were watching a film in a half empty cinema after going for some drinks earlier, mid way through she moaned about needing the loo, I told her to go then if needed but rather taking the sensible route of nipping off to the bathrooms like any normal person she saw it as an excuse for some mischievous fun. She attempted to sit on the edge of her chair and pee into her empty drink c
  10. I haven't myself but I have been with someone who did it whilst we were in there. 🙂
  11. A few evenings ago whilst out cycling.
  12. Hey @Contra you need to clear out your inbox. 😄
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