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    Just your average girl who has made the decision to never pee in a toilet again. Every time I go it's in my pants, in my bed or in my pamper.

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    Feeling it on my body.
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    I like to be seen in public places with a visible wet spot.

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  1. Thanks!! Yea, me and my sweet tinkle are on this side of the pond. 😇
  2. Interesting question... I am not into hurting people.. but then again my tinkle is pure magic..so it prolly would help, not hurt, her. So yes.. I would bless her with a cleansing of my tinkle! Stay wet, Mia 🤗😘💓💕
  3. "nectar of a fine woman" Ha!! Have you been reading my posts?? That's what I call my tinkle! Anyway... welcome! Stay wet, Mia 🤗😘💓💕
  4. Yea... one of the MANY benefits of having a pampered partner! 😊😊
  5. Thank you!! I agree! My feeling about wearing them is if you don't want to see my pamper then don't look at it! 😊
  6. Thank you for responding to my post. I'm happy to have your perspective.
  7. Thank you!! I agree!! The more of my tinkle, the better! 😊
  8. Thank you!! Yea, I do not wear pampers for incontinence.. I wear them cos I like my warm pee against my body. So, I wear them for pleasure as opposed to need. But then again... they bring me so much pleasure that they I guess have become a need. 😊
  9. Thanks Pauly! I like both. Wetting my pants and wetting my bed are very, very enjoyable for me and I would not want that aspect excluded... but my pampers take 90% of my peeing. 😊💕
  10. Such a well thought out and honest perspective! Thank you so much for sharing your response with all of us!! Others agree as well! You have a good soul and a kind heart!! 😘

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