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  1. Hi Pauly, My apologies but I'm gonna opt out on being part of this. I don't wanna have my pictures used, and you can probably find someone else in the listing of people that post on the "diaper pictures" post to contribute content for that part of the magazine. I wasn't part of the original magazine and I don't plan on posting here anymore. My content will all be on the ab/dl forums that I post on and on my fans page(s). That's where me, my "kink", and my content belong. I hope for much success for you with the magazine, but I'm going to withdraw my name, pictures and content from it. Pl
  2. A cover photo is fine.. just not a face pic.. we can choose a current one here or I can always upload a new one. And I DEFINITELY would want Pampers or Pampered for the title. Prolly Pampered cos "Pampers" might be an issue for Kimberly Clarke... but Pampered for sure because, no offense to anyone's language, but I don't call them nappies or diapers so Perfectly Pampered or the Pampered Princess or something like that would be more fitting.
  3. Hi Pauly... So... what would you need from me? I see my name twice. The cover photo ( I assume you wanted to use one of my pamper pictures from one of my posts? ) .. and the news would be what? Some type of column or did I have an existing post you wanted to use? I'm open to the idea, I'm just not sure what you would need and what my expected role would be. Let me know. Stay wet, Mia 🤗😘💓💕
  4. Only if Daddy doesn't mind being tinkled on.
  5. Haha! Sorry! It was prolly a bit too naughty. 😪
  6. I woke up this morning and with my bink still in my mouth, my wet pamper sagging from my bum, and dragging my blankie along with me, I walk into Daddy's office. He's busy with his work but I still quietly sit on the floor between his legs. I'm trying not to make noise or be disruptive as my bum is still a little sore from bothering Daddy yesterday. I know when he is working he is not to be disturbed, but sometimes I still need reminders. I sit there quietly but after a bit I cannot help but put my little hand on Daddy's thumper and just softly move my hand around on it. My eyes go b
  7. Onlyfans does have more limitations on the content models can post than other sites that are available. As far as if it is worth it??....I guess it comes down to how much of someone you want to see. For example... let's say you came across a beautiful Pampered Princess and you saw a good amount of her in the free content she posted on websites you frequent... but then you found out there is much more ...Umm... intimate.. context of her available such as full body, face, temp.. err... vagina, and even custom or requested content along with merchandise. You may find becoming a member of her's w
  8. Did you see me from this morning?? 😊😊😊😊
  9. Whew! Ok good. ( sometimes text can be deceiving )
  10. Thanks! That wasn't supposed to be part of the post but I was telling kalle in chat that I got a early Easter present ( the pink bunny ) and I was trying to show him and that is the only way i know how to post pics. My pics don't have URL's, they are just taken with my phone. 😊
  11. I was just checking. I know my tinkling is fine with most people in this group.. but tinkling is becoming one of the least noticed aspects of my personality. I just wanted to check. Sorry if my post annoyed you.
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