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  1. I use aquaphor and lavender powder so I keep my skin... pardon the pun... baby soft, and smooth. Also, I wet a little at a time so it's not like I soak it and then sit in it. When my diaper is really soaked, I change.
  2. Well.... I'll openly admit my interest in this "fetish" is different than most people's here. I'm not into pee stories, or watching people pee or any of that kinda stuff... ( no offense, I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that ) but my interest is very much a self interest. I love my diapers and wetting myself. That my "fetish"..I spend 90% of my life in a wet diaper. But I have learned from a lot of friends I've made here that not only do I Iove my tinkle.. but lots and lots of people love my tinkle too! 😇😇😇
  3. There is soooo much tinkle in there!! Did you bring your straw?? Haha.. jk.
  4. I have other posts here. I love my diapers!! 😊
  5. Ok so... I know this is called Pee pictures... but can we make an exception and call this one "Pamper full of pee, pictures??". 😊 Oh btw.. did you notice the clouds and balloons on my diaper?? It's because it's heaven in here!! 😇 Stay wet, Mia 🤗😘💓💕💓 [Edit - although originally posted in Pictures, this is one of those threads which has migrated more into a discussion thread, so here it is now - in Pee Talk. And let the talking continue - and the peeing!]
  6. I don't really post much here anymore because my "pee fetish" centers around me enjoying my pampers and I know that isn't what most people here like about pee so I just kinda keep that to myself now, and just come to chat with some friends I've made here. However this post isn't really about me so I figured I'd share this since I am STILL stunned at what I saw. Just for context... especially for anyone reading this that doesn't know me. I am incontinent and cannot control my..... "voiding". Because of that, my bladder has atrophied a significant amount because your bladder is much like a
  7. I'm gonna cheat and tie my answer and follow up question together.. Bucket list thing: Tinkle in another girls mouth.. Next person question: Any girls open to a mouth full??
  8. I have to say the first one because I tinkle wherever I am because I CAN'T hold it.. and because of that I'm in pampers so no underwear for this girl! ( and I wouldn't want it any other way ) Stay wet, Mia 🤗😘💓💕
  9. Most people I work with kinda know so this isn't "risky"... but being in pampers everyday I wet, was wetting, or about to wet again, all day at work. And obviously I have to change in the ladies room so I have had other women come in the restroom while I was in a stall changing. If that is anything of note?? Not sure?? Idk?? But there is that... Stay wet, Mia 🤗😘💓💕
  10. I know dance isn't a "sport" so not sure if I can chime in here... but it IS athletic so... I am a lifelong ballet practitioner ( and in the past did some teaching.. ) and before every class I change into a new pamper and after every class I am in need of another change. So I tinkle myself all throughout class. Does that count?? Stay wet, Mia 🤗😘💓💕
  11. No.. my Daddy isn't a member here so that person you are referring to had some other girl he was with, but not me. And to your other question... I do not have any continence control so I do not use toilets. ( and I don't want to either )
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