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  1. I have almost the same fear as you, hoping to one day get over it.
  2. I’m a bit proud to tell that It was a wish from me that she would make a video where she peed on a white towel, preferably with a yellow coloured stream but that part disappeared unfortunately.
  3. Too bad the link doesn’t work…
  4. Wow! I believe you really enjoyed it! too bad I wasn’t able to see it, but I respect your privacy.
  5. I see, guess it was worth it! Was the car parked so no one from the outside was able to look into the car when they were peeing?
  6. I would like to see U peeing in a bowl filled with crushed/lumps of ice. It is best if your pee is as yellow as possible.
  7. How did you clean it afterwards? No smell?
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