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  1. Perhaps it’s not the pressure, I mean that it will be an arc sometimes but mostly it will fall more, even if the pressure is ok. I apologise if it’s the wrong place to discuss this.
  2. Hi and welcome!
  3. Hi, perhaps this is mostly for guys, but I’m not sure. I experience often low pressure when I pee, perhaps depending on stress and age, but sometimes it’s a lot higher (normal?). I think it is after I have been exercising and eaten something special, but I don’t know what. Anyone else who have the same experience?
  4. It’s always fun to pee from heights, tried that? perhaps on the other side of a wall or something, when people are on the other side…
  5. Have you tried peeing in a dish or something? Perhaps a bowl after you have finished your meal?
  6. Does glimpse-it still exist?
  7. I don’t get the link to work..
  8. I have almost the same fear as you, hoping to one day get over it.
  9. I’m a bit proud to tell that It was a wish from me that she would make a video where she peed on a white towel, preferably with a yellow coloured stream but that part disappeared unfortunately.
  10. Too bad the link doesn’t work…
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