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    Medical (ER and EMS)
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    Father, divorced, single, work full time and full time student.
    I will work more on this at a later time.

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    Golden Showers, watching a woman pee.
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    I have yet to truly have my fantasy fulfilled but have had three women (at different times) attempt to pee (more of a small, short trickle) on my chest.

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  1. Some memes I've hung into for awhile and haven't had anyone to share them with...until now!
  2. Happy to have found this place and be here!
  3. I used to always go in one stream and done. It was around my college years when I started drinking that I would need to finish with 3 to 4 streams, however the first stream was about 80-90 percent of my bladder. It may sound weird but pinching and a single stroke along the bottom of my penis, basically the urethra, helps get everything out (think of getting the last of the toothpaste out of a tube).
  4. Hello PeeFans, I'm Jake and new here from Colorado. Just want to introduce myself (please feel free to let me know if my introduction makes me look like an asshole...haha) and thank you all for this wonderful forum. I am a 36 straight male, born and raised in Colorado. I've had a pee Fetish/Kink/Fantasy for well over 20 years and have not been comfortable, and otherwise embarrassed about sharing my interest of watersports. My interest simply came from knowing that peeing was such a common everyday necessity for everyone. I became so curious, intrigued and even infatuated with
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