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  1. oh, yes, I certainly would! I did start an onlyfans!
  2. @PeeFan do you have an article you can link to? I'm an evidence hound, I'd like to see the source if possible. Definitely not expecting you to link to a video. This sounds like a serious issue and I'd like to treat it as such.
  3. oh I am positively BUZZING with ideas!! Definitely have to do some negotiating first, I do have some devious ideas 😈Alas I don't have it in me right now to write up a fully fledged story but I will jot down a few, potentially convoluted, stream of consciousness ideas: Starting the day with breakfast out at a cafe, each encouraging the other to have just //one more// cup of coffee/tea, building up flirting, and tension, eventually moving to sit next to each other, closer and closer, hands starting to graze thighs, my fingers delicately pushing the hem of your skirt just an inch higher, another inch, placing my hand on your thigh... you might seem to be getting a little squirmy, I place a gentle hand on your belly and lock eyes with you as I ever so gently start to press, making you squirm more. We pay, you move to get up, but I grip your thigh just a little tighter. I place my hand under your chin, guiding you to look me in the eyes, and I hold your gaze for just a moment. I move my face in closer to yours, just a fraction, but enough that you're ready for a kiss... I halt, look you up and down with my eyes, making you wait. You squirm an imperceptible amount, jut out your chin ever so slightly in a wordless request for my lips to meet yours... and I release my hand from your chin, nudging you to get up out of your seat. My breath is quick and heavy in my chest, my head feels hot, my body buzzy. The bathroom is a single, we dart in together. You're visibly squirming as you lock the door behind us. My mind is racing with how we can make use of this single room when you push me up against the wall, our lips connecting in a hard passionate kiss, one your hands in my hair and the other pinning my shoulder against the wall. My hands find your hips, your ribs, your face, your hair... you moan, and the spreading warmth hits my thigh before I hear the sound of dripping morph into rushing fluid... you guide my hand from its place on your hip down between your legs into your stream... and up to meet the flesh of your bare pussy, heel of my hand meeting your clit, fingers wrapping into your folds... rubbing firmly... your stream stops abruptly, I loosen my grip and the stream returns, splashing onto our shoes... repeat... until you finally reach your last drops. I take my hand from between your legs, holding your hair with my other hand to tip your head back, and part your lips with my wet hand, fingers sliding into your mouth, urging your tongue to taste your sweet mix of fluids, because we both know this wetness is slicker than just piss. Your eyes close as you indulge... until I start to feel your hip bone pushing insistently on my belly, reminding me of my need. you take my hand and guide me to the toilet, but lift your skirt and sit before my panties are off. Beckon for me towards you, smiling mischievously, and pat your lap... I willingly comply, straddling you, my breasts about at face level. you part my low v-neck and expose me, your hands exploring... I lose control as your fingers graze my perky nipples, and let out an unabashed sigh and release my flow directly onto your exposed clit... welp, I got carried away! I'll report back with the rest of the day another time...
  4. I actually am terrible at staying hydrated when left to my own devices haha but that's one benefit of having this kink! forces me to hydrate if I wanna participate 🙂
  5. probably fairly small, I'd venture to guess
  6. ooh why haven't I thought about that?! great idea 🙂
  7. I've tried to upload to erome but it seems like they just get stuck uploading for an entire day. Pornhub.... possibly, but I have some hang-ups.
  8. love the prompt! I'll have to work out the logistics being that my only phone is also my camera...
  9. I hope this is a little more what you were thinking! https://peefans.com/topic/15310-innocent-red-frills-wont-stop-me-from-being-a-dirty-girl/
  10. I misunderstood! Shall make arrangements 🙂

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