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  1. I'm on Fetlife! I don't post a lot of piss content there, tbh, I guess I still feel shy about it amongst the general public (even amongst fetishists). In terms of downloading content, Fetlife is not the place for that. Fetlife basically runs on the same kinda concept as a personal Facebook page and is intended to be a safe space for people to network/build community, find events, and share personal photos/videos/stories/etc. Content is the personal property of the person who posts it and it is NOT designed for public sharing or reproduction.
  2. I always fantasize about pissing all over hotel rooms but I get worried that they'll charge me an extra cleaning fee, does that ever happen to you?
  3. oh, yes, I certainly would! I did start an onlyfans!
  4. @PeeFan do you have an article you can link to? I'm an evidence hound, I'd like to see the source if possible. Definitely not expecting you to link to a video. This sounds like a serious issue and I'd like to treat it as such.
  5. oh I am positively BUZZING with ideas!! Definitely have to do some negotiating first, I do have some devious ideas 😈Alas I don't have it in me right now to write up a fully fledged story but I will jot down a few, potentially convoluted, stream of consciousness ideas: Starting the day with breakfast out at a cafe, each encouraging the other to have just //one more// cup of coffee/tea, building up flirting, and tension, eventually moving to sit next to each other, closer and closer, hands starting to graze thighs, my fingers delicately pushing the hem of your skirt just an inch higher, ano
  6. I actually am terrible at staying hydrated when left to my own devices haha but that's one benefit of having this kink! forces me to hydrate if I wanna participate 🙂
  7. probably fairly small, I'd venture to guess
  8. ooh why haven't I thought about that?! great idea 🙂
  9. I've tried to upload to erome but it seems like they just get stuck uploading for an entire day. Pornhub.... possibly, but I have some hang-ups.
  10. love the prompt! I'll have to work out the logistics being that my only phone is also my camera...
  11. I hope this is a little more what you were thinking! https://peefans.com/topic/15310-innocent-red-frills-wont-stop-me-from-being-a-dirty-girl/
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