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  1. My gf is employed part time in hospital and said they use it a lot after surgeries or for patients that are immobile. It holds around 2L of pee
  2. I think they need to be lined up and do a puddle making competition to see how they perform
  3. sounds like this SIL can hold some serious amounts of liquid. 4 minutes is simply crazy
  4. welcome Lisa and hope you find lots of enjoyment here!
  5. sounds like your friend is a "gifted woman". hope she enjoys pushing out some long pees
  6. Male and my own capacity is right around 1000ml, usually if I'm doing a hold it's a bit less 800-1000ml. few times I swear i exceeded these volumes but a las they were not measured. Of course I am into females particularly that can pee insane amounts so if anyone has experiences to share on that front, I'm all ears
  7. Seriously what a piss! 4 minutes is incredible
  8. My ex who was able to piss about 60oz
  9. I'm surprised that the world record might be a female pissing a 30 foot arc. Can't imagine how she accomplished that but I would love to see it
  10. That's quite a piss. Must have felt amazing to release that. And 1500ml is simply incredible. Hope you can get to that level again
  11. That's quite a bit of pee! Next time you should try to overfill it. Just make sure you have a towel on the floor.
  12. That's some seriously impressive capacity
  13. 3 minutes and 12 seconds! OMG you should have her go in a cup next time. that's enough to flood some low lying parts of town
  14. Would have loved to meet her to prove I can handle her urine haha!
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