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  1. 1.2L is feasible but difficult for the average person. There are videos of some women going even more than that. Little over 2L is the biggest one I've seen on video.
  2. I can do 28-32 oz at my most desperate. Not a big bladder by any stretch. I do enjoy holding it though and an enamored with girls that can really hold a lot.
  3. That was a nice stream! Hope to see more of these from you especially if you are full.
  4. Have you peed alongside anyone since then? Or had similar experience.
  5. Almost seemed like she was challenging you. Honestly maybe she shared the fetish as well.
  6. Hi Keri. Great story. sounds like she wanted to demonstrate her bladder capacity to you.
  7. This here likely the one of the best wetandpissy videos https://xhamster.com/videos/seductress-takes-huge-pee-in-jug-xh3IjJR
  8. My ex way back in the day did this in a way that took me a while to fully comprehend. I detailed it in another post but she filled a soft drink cup and a coffee cup three times during one particularly desperate situation.
  9. Go for it foxy. We'd love to hear of your results. You might be pleasantly surprised.
  10. Does anyone have life experience with huge bladders? I'll be visiting my ex in 2 weeks who has or at least had a very large bladder. Sadly I only saw her pee one time, but it was memorable for all the right reasons and still the primary reason I am a pee fetishist. She was able to fill a medium soft drink cup and a Starbucks tall three times while we were stuck on the highway - about 60oz of pee. I've yet to meet another chick who can come close to her in that department so hoping my visit will be fruitful.
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