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    I love peeing outside

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    Peeing outside and basically anywhere but the toilet
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  1. When’s the last time you peed outside
  2. Does anyone know you pee there lol, I usually pee in the yard but I have gone in the woods, parking lot, beach
  3. I pee in my yard a lot to but I have to go behind the bushes or the shed
  4. Awesome. Yeah peeing outside is just so freeing lmao (I did it twice today lol)
  5. I’ve had this account for awhile but recently logged in again. I love peeing outside or in cups, feel free to show or tell about you doing the same!
  6. So I went to the movies with my friend and I got popcorn and a soda. Once we said our goodbyes I got into my car realizing that I really needed to take a piss and didn’t feel like going back inside so I dumped the ice out of the soda cup and took a piss in it.
  7. Guys, tell me about times you’ve had to go pee outside. Like where you were, who was with you or caught you etc...
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