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  1. So yesterday I was in the house, and I happened to look out the window and saw my step dad looking all around the yard before going behind the shed. He was gone for a good amount of time then came back in to go run some errands so right when he left I went out there and saw he took a fat piss behind the shed
  2. I pee standing up in the shower. And if I’m in a bathing suit I’ll just pull it to the side and pee standing up
  3. At school I had to piss so I drove to the back of the parking lot pissed in a bottle in the back of my car. Also anytime I went over my friends house in the summer when we were swimming I would pretend to go pee in the house but really go behind a tree on the side of the house. Lastly at another friends house we were in her yard which is really big and I kept saying how I really had to pee until she suggested to go pee in the bushes 😂
  4. Damn I’d love to catch u pissin in the parking lot at college
  5. Have u ever peed somewhere other than the bathroom while gaming??
  6. I have a very similar experience, when I was in college there was a group of us walking to a party and one of the guys was like “I gotta take a piss” and proceeded to piss on the side of someone’s house
  7. When’s the last time u pissed outside?
  8. Damn lol the most public place I peed was a target parking lot. I drove to the back and legit peed from the car to the parking lot
  9. I love peeing outside, if I’m in a bathing suit I’ll just pull it to the side and take a piss standing
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