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  1. Little brother peed on the sidewalk
  2. When I was like 14 I was at my friends house and we were all playing hide and seek and I was on a team with her little brother so we were trying to find somewhere to hide when all of a sudden he said he had to go pee. Before I could say anything he had his pants down peeing on the ground lol. We were all at my house once playing the same game and he ended up peeing in the bushes in my front yard
  3. I was never encouraged but once I was at my neighbors house in her pool and she just foot out and started pissing in the grass. She said her mom told her to pee there so the house wouldn’t get wet. I also ended up taking a piss in the grass to another time i was at my cousins house for a party and all of a sudden i saw my aunt bring my little cousin to the edge of the yard and she started squatting. Me and my sister were like what is she doing but then she was very obviously peeing in the grass lol
  4. I was playing games and realized I really had to take a piss but i was so high i dint think I would have made it to the bathroom so i cut the top off a plastic bottle and peed in it from my chair
  5. I used to hold my ex’s dick while he peed all the time. I did it when he peed in the toilet, outside, and when he peed into the tub while we were drunk lol (I was also peeing in the tub lol)
  6. Ya he did. Him and his brother will always just whip it out and go wherever
  7. Once I was at a park with my little cousin watching fireworks and all of a sudden he said he had to piss so bad and proceeded to whip it out and go on a fence pole. He had to go so bad that it sprayed and I def felt it. I was like 15 and he was 11
  8. Earlier I pulled into a McDonald’s and noticed a car all by itself with a guy standing near it but he was facing the woods. At first I couldn’t tell if his hands were in his pockets or if he was getting ready to take a leak but then I saw the stream lol
  9. I do all three lol. I pee standing in the shower or if I’m in a bathing suit outside, I’ll just pull the suit to the side and go. If I’m in normal clothes I’ll squat to take a piss outside. And if I’m taking a bath I’ll pee sitting right in it
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