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    I love watching women peeing mainly outdoors but also naughty places like sinks or floors. I also hate using toilets properly and getting into holding

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    Love watching women peeing on concrete and seeing puddles left behind
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    Watching a random girl take a massive piss next to my car while i was sat in it

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  1. Thank you for sharing and writing so well, can just picture it 😊
  2. I do have my regular outdoor places where I piss but always on the lookout for new places
  3. Very hot story, thank you for sharing! I hope your stream wasn't too hard and caused any splash back onto you, if it was like it would burn somewhat!!
  4. Hi Olivia and welcome to peefans! That's an awesome introduction picture 🔥 Do you enjoy peeing outside at all?
  5. Hi and welcome here, like @gldenwetgoose says a lot of us here would love to watch someone peeing especially knowing they are enjoying being watched too! It has become a fantasy of mine to be peeing in the woods one day and a women catches me and asks if I mind if she joins me and starts peeing next to me then on me and we have wet sex after.
  6. I did take a picture of the first lady and was going to post it Monday but it was more than 5mb so couldn't upload it.
  7. I've been meaning to start a thread about all my sightings for some time now but haven't got round to it but after this week I finally realised I need to share with you. I will start with the 3 sightings I had this week then work back from there over time. I drive a lot through work so if I ever get the chance I will pull up in a layby to breaks or teams meetings etc. Until last week I have been very unsuccessful with any female pee sightings with lots of male lorry and van drivers pulling in to pee by there vehicles. However last week I had 3 good female experience's with 1 on Monday and 2 Fr
  8. Today was a first for me since being a toddler and I wet myself uncontrollably!! While at work I had my usual 2 large coffees and preceded on my journey to visit 2 contractors in Derbyshire, usually takes an hour and half and I have a few lay-bys and other spots I like to pee on when I get there. This time there was an accident on the A1 though and it took over an hour to move 10 miles. By this time I was bursting but had reached the junction off I needed but to my horror the A1 was closed off and all vehicles had to take the exit so once we got over the roundabout I decided I wasn't going to
  9. Thanks for sharing your story, sorry it wasn't as you planned but it makes the story even hotter from my perspective 😜
  10. Another hot story thanks for sharing. Bet it was a thrill with people about but not knowing what you was doing, apart from your friend 👍
  11. Amazing story thank you for sharing I can just picture the scene 😊
  12. Very hot story, thank you for sharing. Would have loved to have been waiting to go in there after you!
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