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    I love watching women peeing mainly outdoors but also naughty places like sinks or floors. I also hate using toilets properly and getting into holding

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    Love watching women peeing on concrete and seeing puddles left behind
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    Watching a random girl take a massive piss next to my car while i was sat in it

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  1. Today was a first for me since being a toddler and I wet myself uncontrollably!! While at work I had my usual 2 large coffees and preceded on my journey to visit 2 contractors in Derbyshire, usually takes an hour and half and I have a few lay-bys and other spots I like to pee on when I get there. This time there was an accident on the A1 though and it took over an hour to move 10 miles. By this time I was bursting but had reached the junction off I needed but to my horror the A1 was closed off and all vehicles had to take the exit so once we got over the roundabout I decided I wasn't going to
  2. Thanks for sharing your story, sorry it wasn't as you planned but it makes the story even hotter from my perspective 😜
  3. Another hot story thanks for sharing. Bet it was a thrill with people about but not knowing what you was doing, apart from your friend 👍
  4. Amazing story thank you for sharing I can just picture the scene 😊
  5. Very hot story, thank you for sharing. Would have loved to have been waiting to go in there after you!
  6. What a lovely picture and pussy, thank you so much for sharing
  7. What an amazing story, who enjoyed it most you or him??
  8. Inspired by all the antics on here this is my first ever piss inside, moved the bin in our office after everyone had left and soaked the floor.
  9. Amazing stories and vids, thanks for sharing. Lucky bin 😍
  10. What a great story thank you for sharing, so hot! It reminds me of a similar situation i had one New Years eve a few years ago where we went to our local cathedral for midnight after drinking in the pubs, on the way back into town i was bursting so popped down a side street and stood next to a garden gate and peed forever up the wall next to it. As i finished and turned and zipped up some middle aged lady was stood on the other side of the gate and said feel better now do you? I just said yes and ran off embarrassed.
  11. This is my puddle from this afternoon after a long drive back i couldn't find a layby so pulled over near a field in a back road and decided to piss on the road rather than the grass.
  12. Thanks for sharing your hot story, there is something very sexy about peeing in lay bys and on the floor
  13. Brokedown palace had Claire Danes squatting in a prison cell and giving a guard the finger as he saw her. A scene i remember well from my younger days 💦
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